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When have I How have I

experienced used this

Strategy Focus questions
this in the strategy as
past? a teacher?

information that
Are higher-order thinking and critical When learning new needs to be
analysis occurring? software languages retained and
retrieve for future

Deep Does the lesson sequence cover Following implicated When teaching
people the correct
knowledge and operational fields in any depth, detail instructions for how procedures for food
higher order or level of specificity? to operate machinery service

Does the work and response of the

When viewing
students provide evidence of depth Assessment for
results of a task
of understanding of concepts or photography class prescribed

Does classroom talk break out of the In theatre studies,

Collaborative initiation/response/evaluation pattern discussing
and social and lead to sustained dialogue motivations, sub text
learning between students, and between and character
teachers and students? development

Are students critiquing and second-

guessing texts, ideas and A blue wale Previous box

Knowledge as
complex and
Does the lesson sequence range
linked to When working on
across diverse fields, disciplines and Film script writing
interests and film development

Stage theatre Food preparation in

Is there an attempt to connect with
Technical commercial
students background knowledge? kitchen

Problems that Do the lesson sequence and the

This is a bit
are real and assigned work have any resemblance
relevant to or connection to real-life contexts?
Application Comparing end
Is there a focus on identifying and development project results of art work
solving intellectual and/or real-world

Do students have any say in the

pace, direction or outcomes of the Rehearsals Rehearsals
lesson sequence?

Explicit quality Some university

Are the criteria for judging student
performance courses, not so much Driver training
performance made explicit?
criteria in education

Are diverse cultural knowledges

Cultural Theatre studies Cooking
brought into play?

citizenship Are attempts made to foster active