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Decades of deferred maintenance have left the citys most
esteemed icon, the Queen Mary, in a state of disrepair.
Officials estimate it would take $235 million-$289 million
to restore the ship to former levels of safety and beauty.
Here is a snapshot of the work that needs to be done.
By PAUL PENZELLA | Southern California News Group

Sports deck Promenade A deck R deck F deck

Sun deck M deck B deck D deck G deck

Highly problematic areas

Expansion joints
All three expansion joints are coming apart at the seams. Although non-functional,
the joints have completely deteriorated and may present a safety hazard from
falling sections of rusted steel. Pictured here is the promenade deck forward
expansion joint, which is near collapse.

Severe corrosion is eating through thick steel plates in the
inside of the double-bottom hull. Depicted here is
corrosion on the outside of the hull, at the tip of the bow
above the waterline.

The stairs from the sun deck
to the sports deck are rotted and
split through the middle. This area
has been closed off to the public.

Teak decks
Teak decking is rotted and lifting,
creating trip-and-fall hazards.

Lifeboats dotting the ships
perimeter are rotted, and in total
failure. Engineers warn the
structure supporting them are
also unstable.

The ships steel structure is corroded
throughout. Depicted here is corroded
steel framing below portlights on the
promenade deck.

RMS Queen
Notes: cks: 12 eet
u m b er of deestack: 181 f rsons
N s m o k 4 5 p e
Keel to at capacity: 1
Interior architecture Lifebo Piping and plumbing
181 ft.

Image of a collapsed portion of Sewage system and

a ceiling (due to active leaks) domestic water lines leak

in the concession stand. constantly throughout the

1,020 ft.
Length: ship. Depicted here is a
Sources: City of Long Beach, QSDI financial water-logged air handler and
statements, Queen Mary historical records, an active sewage leak.
Walt Disney Co., Hostmark Hospitality Group
Photo: SCNG Photo Dept.