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Neethu C. Shaji

B.Ed Student ( Mathematics)

Mount Carmel College of Teacher Education, Kottayam


Street dogs are usually poorly cared for and often carry diseases and pathogen. Today
they have become a serious problem. Many people especially children have been attacked. A
Survey was conducted to check the awareness of people regarding street dog issues. Trough this
survey it was found that people face so many problems due to street dogs. They need a solution
for this relevant issue.


Now a day street dogs are a common issues. Kerala is an animal friendly and pet loving
state. The relationship between street dogs and the human population in our cities is mostly
harmonious but the rabies is a major concern. Street dogs are a main vector of the deadly
disease , which make them unwanted members of Kerala society leading to in humane means
of dog control in most part of Kerala. Over the past month more than 300 cases of dogs bites
have been registered in the state capital Trivandrum alone. Official records states that over
40,000 people have been bitten by stray in the last eight months.

The open garbage dumps, or the overflowing garbage on road side is over run by stray
dogs that feed and breed around it. By widespread public outrage, the state administration found
quick fix solution to control the fast exalting crisis by large scale calling aggressive stray dog in
the state. Against to the enhance to examinate wondering street dogs animal archivist joint to
convince the government to reverse the stand. While public opinion in Kerala remains sharply
divided with those bitten by dogs, saying for blood and animal activities relaying in alarm and
objective analysis or a survey would help understand the situation better. Street dog problem is
a relevant issue .The public should be aware of this issue and they want to know the safety
measures and also need a solution
Statement of the problem

A Study on Street dog issues in Kerala.

Objectives of the study

To know how the people are affected by the problems caused due to street dogs.
To know about remedial measures taken by the authority towards this problem
To know the opinion of people about the of mass killing of stray dog
To understand whether people are aware of antivirus vaccination.
To know whether the people are aware of Animal right activities.


Survey method was adopted for this study. Investigator collected data from 100 people
from Kottayam, Idukki, Kannur districts . A Self constructed Questionnaire was used for the
study. It included 23 questions.

Analysis and Interpretation of data

The survey was conducted on severe issue of street dogs in Kerala on the month of
September 2015.the survey was mainly conducted in different parts of Kottayam ,Idukki,Kannur
districts. From this study it was revealed that about 82% of the people faced the problem of street
dog in their locality. But the sorrowing fact that about 21%of the sample were direct victims of
the street dog attacks.

The domestic animals of the 50%of the people in the sample were attacked severely by
street dogs.52%of them were the opinion that provocation by human behavior was the major
cause of street dog attacks and the other 48%of the people strongly disagree with the statement.

64% of the people said that the government had to take safety measures in their locality.
But 36%of the people were not satisfied with the instead measures. Even though 69% of the
people disagree with the mass killing of street dogs in the name of street dog attack. 31% of the
people were in a strong decision of killing them.

6%of the people didnt get awareness programme.40%of them are against the opinion of
Animal right activities. 27% of the people strongly support the contraception and fertility control
method. Even though 73% of the people disagree with the methods of controlling fertility
many of them were doubtful about the practicability of the method.

89% of the people had taken antirabies vaccination after the attack of stray dogs but 11%
of the people were in opinion that vaccination is required only when the attacked dog is rabbies
affected. 81% of the people strongly oppose to arrest of the people who kills the dog. They were
in the opinion that there is no other way rather than killing at the time of attack.

29% of the people had noticed many of the people who threw their dogs or puppies to
these streets. They strongly point out this to be a major cause for the increase the number of
street dogs. 60% of the people in the sample says that lower strata of the society is more affected
by this problem 61%of the people in the sample were in the need of reformed animal protection

75% of the people were in a strong belief that the heaps of waste in the open space is
major cause for the healthy survival of the street dogs.80% of the people were against media
with the way of presenting this social issue. They think that the media was making a great fuss
within the social issues .this was the main reason for the fear of dog is the minds of common

63% of the people set a part time for participating in the canine welfare programmes. But
the37% didnt found time to participate in such programmes. 82% % of the people believed that
the rising issue of stray dog can be tackled with the united activities of both government and
general public.

71% of the people didnt take timely vaccination for their pet dogs. Only 29% were
aware about the timely vaccination of the pets. 60% of the people were in the opinion that the
name of stray dog is right and just 40% of the people consider the arising allegation in the
name of stray dogs a baseless and of no use.

The people of kerala are not insisting killing street dogs. They suggest that the
government should allocate proper shelter and domestic care for these stray dogs. Thus there will
be a reduction in the free ranging of dogs. The attitude of public is varying only because of the
fear of insecurity.

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