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Adolf Hitler

Nawaporn Itsarasenaruk (Kae)

Grade 9
Carol Sudamani
March 8, .2017
Adolf Hitler

A well-known politician, Adolf Hitler had become a powerful ruler in Germany during 1933.

He became Chancellor faster than others because he was an extraordinary speaker. He also

had the ability to convince many Germans and he attracted a wide following of Germans

desperate for change.


1. Introduction
2. Body
a. Early Life
I. Childhood
II. World War I
III. Joining politics
b. Hobby
I. Arts
II. Music
c. Love life
d. Nazi Party
I. Symbolize
II. Battalion
e. World War II
I. Pearl Harbor of Japan
II. Military
III. End of World War 2
3. conclusion

Nawaporn Itsarasenaruk

T.Carol Sudamani

English I

March 8, 2017

Adolf Hitler, a man who played an outstanding role in the history of the world. He

was known of his dictatorship during his control. Death and survival of people depend on his
order that came out of his lips. However, under his mask of a dictator, he still had gentleness

in art hidden in it.

During Hitlers childhood, he had to bear with the anger and austerity of his father. He put

him under the road, he planned until Hitler felt frustrated. In contrast, there was his beloved

mother who understood and gave him love. Hitler had to deal with pressure from his father

and many adults around him to fight for his dream to become an artist. However, he needs

higher education in studying art, the paths were obscure; together with the fate that every

artist with no reputation had to experience that is poverty. Due to this reason, the woman he

fell in love with left him. Eventually, he had to attend the military during World War I.

Hitlers braveness brought great reputations to the country. However, he was injured and was

sent to the hospital during the World War I ended, which Germany was completely

demolished. The failure of Hitlers beloved country made Hitler longingly grieved. Without

knowing, he was the person who kindled the next WORLD WAR. After the war, Hitler

started making his own great reputations by being a speaker and a lecturer for the military.

Ultimately, his skill in speaking improved gradually within a short period. It became his

identity to motivate people, which led to being a great prime minister and having great power

in Germany.

The second lights that dimmed his life were that he was doted on arts and music. He

dreamed about becoming an artist. At the age of 15, his studies were getting worse. He asked

his mother to resign from the school. Klara adored Hitler so much that he approved to let

Hitler resign from school and follow his dream. Hitler congratulated himself by drinking

alcohol. Even though he knew that drinking is not good, but promised that he will not drink

again. But when desire takeover, he was tempted to drink. Hitler tried to attend the school of

arts, but was rejected because he didnt have the educational transcripts. Then, Hitler was

ashamed to tell his mother about his problem, so he decided to live his life in Vienna and had
told a lie to his mother that he already entered the school of arts. Sometime later, His mother

died of cancer, so he received a large fortune from the family since he was the oldest in his

family. When he had money he was able to do the job he wanted. He hardly strived to

produce many works of arts even though he knew that it is hard become famous and get rich.

He produced many works such as, The Church of Preux-au-Bois. On the other hand, Hitler

loved listening to music like opera. When he was really poor in Vienna, he always visited the

place where they sing opera and he was extremely enthusiastic about the music composer,

Richard Wagner. When he had the power in Germany, he supported his people to listen to the

music composer of Germany such as, Ludwig van Beethoven and others. Beethoven was said

strength is the morality of the man who stands out from the rest." Hitler identified himself

with Beethoven as possessing that heroic German spirit. Beethoven was so loved by the

German people that his legacy of music was unrivaled by any other composer. At the same

time, he banned Jews music and told his people not to listen to the music composed by Jews

and the enemys country. Even though he banned not to listen to Jews music, the enemy who

conquered Berlin told the world that he had the music of Russia and Jew in his workplace.
Under the mask of dictatorship and harsh background and manner like Adolf Hitler,

who will know that he had a very sweet, enchanting love. His love must be kept as a secret

that if we converted into a movie or a romantic novel, it would become really famous. The

life story of Hitler started when he was forty years old and he went into the photo booth of

Nazi party member and he met personnel and fell in love with her when she was only

seventeen years old. The young lady entered Hitlers heart until now, her name was Eva

Braun. When Hitler had a crush on Eva, it is normal he would come to visit her in the photo

booth frequently. When they started getting close, Hitler invited her for a dinner and travel for

a date. However, the love is not all roses. Evas father discouraged Hitler, because he resisted

the harsh policy of the Nazi Party. Moreover, there was a new that Hitler a secret relationship

between him and his relative, but later his relative committed suicide due to heartbroken. The

death of his relative that have a very deep relationship with Hitler and his occupation that was

increasing made his interest in Eva get lesser. This reason made Eva decided to do self-

annihilation by shooting herself, but luckily her sister saw it and forbid her. Trying to commit

suicide of Eva made Hitler gave interests to Eva even more, including buying her house and

expensive car to use. Besides, the leader was also responsible for the personal expenses of

Eva. However, Hitler didnt ask Eva to marry him due to that being unattached like this made

him had a good manner and made the Germans felt that he was a single person who devoted

himself for the country and his work, which made him get many votes for supporting him and

the Nazi Party. Eva might feel better because of the expensive things Hitler gave her in

replace of his love. However, marriage and staying with the person you love was what every

woman's desire, after three years the relationship between Hitler and Eva still remained the

same. Eva decided to commit suicide once again by eating the sleeping drugs. Hopefully, she

survived for the second time. After she survived, Hitler took Eva to his house in the Bavarian

Alps Mountain. The leader also showed the relationship of Eva and Hitler more than before.
Even though Hitler didnt ask Eva to marry him but the actions made Eva become the number

one lady of Germany on that time and she really happy about it. Hitler planned to officially

marry her after the victory of Germany in World War 2 and live together happily, but the war

ended up the other way, so both of them must live together in Berlin. Eva rejected to escape

alone. The braveness shows the true love between Eva and Hitler even though it was a small

marriage without luxurious things, but it made Hitler understood that even though he was like

a Satan in the world, but he was the best man of Eva. Then Eva had completely changed her

last name into Eva Hitler without a marriage certificate.

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei: NSDAP or Nazi ruled the Germany

that had Adolf Hitler as they head from 1933 to after the World War2 in 1945. Hitler, who had

a mouth as his weapon used advertisement as the way to make him get more professional.

Persuading the Germans to support him, which the Nazi Party ideal was to be the first of the

world and made only Germans be the number one respectable person. The symbol of the Nazi

Party is Swastika, which represented as the mark of the advertisement of Hitler, which

compared the Nazi Party as a general product. The brand of Swastika was like a market. The

swastika was a symbol that used as a symbol of the Nazi Party that they believe that before

Swastika of Nazi will be black Swastika that tilted 45 degrees in the middle of a white circle

in the center of the red flag. We always saw this symbol in the armband of every member in

the Nazi Party in different places. Then, Once Hitler had come to power in 1933, German

military preparations were made for the World War 2. The emphasis in the short term was on

weapons for the war against the western powers, and for the long term, on the weapons of

war against the United States.

When Adolf Hitler is capable of his power in Germany, the next goal was starting the next

war with the adversary to expand the power. With this reason, the World War II started and

brought great damage to many countries around the world once again. The historian had

declared that the world war had only once due to conflict from World War I to World War II,

but only decreased the violence. The warning sign that World War II was going to happen

was the different conflict that was happening around the world, such as the Germany that

craved for their lands that had been conquered in the Treaty of Versailles, including the

militaries that were dead. When Hitler stepped into power, he tore the Treaty of Versailles and

increased the amount of militaries and overwhelmed the democracy. He had planned to

organize the new world using racial factors. Hitler's army began to take over much of Europe.

They attacked quickly in what was called Blitzkrieg or "lightning war". Soon Germany had

captured much of Europe, including France, Denmark, and Belgium. Besides, Hitler dragged

and scourged the Jews in the country to the concentration camp. He proclaimed that Jews are

the people who scrambled the wealth of the Germans. Suddenly, on December 7, Japan

attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Honoring the alliance with Japan, Hitler was now at war

against the Allied powers, a coalition that included Britain, the world's largest empire, led by

Prime Minister Winston Churchill; the United States, the world's greatest financial power, led

by President Franklin D.; and the Soviet Union, which had the world's largest army,

commanded by Stalin. Massive bombs floated towards the ground had made numerous

damages to the ships and ammunitions. The reason that Japan was capable of attacking the

main cantonment of America subconsciously was that the Japan kept the secret even the

Japanese pilot who led the way didnt know the main target of attacking. When the sounds of

the bomb stopped all over the world, the only things left were the pieces of woods of the

peoples houses and the graves of numerous people. Moreover, the nightmare of Nazi had

passed and the golden light shined around the world once again.
1. "Now they say Hitler is dead. Maybe he is. If he is, I don't believe he died

heroically. Mussolini died at least something like a dictator, but somehow I

can't figure Hitler dying in action..."