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Rubric for Assignment 4: Lessons from the classroom

This assignment is linked to your own experiences and progress in teaching practice, your
observation of peers, your live observations of experienced teachers and the filmed lessons in the
Observation Room.

Please organise your assignment under the following headings:

1. Your teaching strengths

Identify at least three areas of teaching which you have improved on during the course
and state how you have achieved this progress. You should include specific examples from
lessons you have taught and feedback comments from trainers, other trainees and your
teaching practice students.

2. Areas for improvement

Identify at least three areas of teaching you need to work on and make suggestions on
how to improve on these after the course. Give examples from your teaching and include
comments from trainers, other trainees and your teaching practice students to justify your

3. Observations of other trainees and experienced teachers

Identify particular strengths and skills you have observed, commenting on both your peers
and experienced teachers. You should include specific examples of skills and techniques
you would like to use in the future, and say how you will incorporate them into your own

4. Further development after the course

Say how you intend to increase your knowledge of ELT after the course. State which
sources you intend to use to find out information about new methods and approaches. You
should also say how you intend to develop your teaching skills in the future.

Assessment criteria

Cambridge ESOL specifies that for the Lessons from the classroom assignment, successful
candidates can demonstrate their learning by:

noting their own strengths and weaknesses in different situations in light of feedback from
learners, teachers and tutors
identifying which ELT areas of knowledge and skills they need further development in
describing in a specific way how they might develop their ELT knowledge and skills beyond
the course
using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task.

Word count: 750 1000 words