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Lesson Plan Template Spring 2011

Lesson Title: Insert Title Here Grade Level: Insert Grade Level

Long-terms goals

Include the long-term goals for your students that are addressed by these lessons.

Lesson Objectives

Include specific objectives for the lesson(s).

Common Core Standards Addressed

Examine the Core Standards in the English Language Arts for the grade level you have chosen. This
time, definitely do include standards for more than just reading/literature: that is, at
standards from
of the following categories: writing, language, speaking/listening. In other words, the
literature will be, in part, a springboard for expansion into other language processes.

Guiding Principles from Rosenblatt and Gallagher

From your reading of and notes on Rosenblatt, articulate the principles you specifically want to keep
in mind. Do the same with advice eadacide.
from Gallaghers
R NOTE: If these are still relevant for
you in doing a set of lesson plans for your final project, please cite again--or cite any other guiding
principles you consider important.

Resources, Materials, Technology

Indicate what resources you have used, such as Web URLs and other sources. Indicate what
materials you yourself will need, and what the students will need. Indicate any technology you plan
to use with the students.


Lesson Procedures

Context: Are these the first lessons in a unit? The final lessons? Somewhere in between?

Include your name here. EDT246A, Spring 2011

Lesson Plan Template Spring 2011

Describe key steps of your lessons in enough detail that an inexperienced teacher (e.g. student
teacher, substitute) could follow the lessons and implement them with reasonable success. Provide
recommended time allotted for each phase or portion of the lesson.

Be sure to include any homework you decide is necessary.

How lessons address goals and objectives and reflect guiding principles

Include core standards, too, if thats not already obvious.

Differentiation / Accommodations

Describe the manner in which the lesson could be adapted (or is already constructed) to meet the
needs of struggling or extremely slow readers. Be specific, perhaps imagining a particular student
whose needs you will want to address.

This time, please adaptations for English Language Learners and/or students with an
Attention Deficit. Often the needs of such students overlap with--but are not completely identical
to--the needs of struggling/slow readers. There are some of us in the class who can give you
additional help on expanding to adapt for one or both of these additional populations; just ask the
class and me for help.

Assessment of objectives achieved and goals addressed

Indicate how you will determine the degree to which your specific objectives were met and
long-range goals were enhanced.


Not optional this time! Include specific references to the published literature, media, etc. that
support the content or methods of instruction within the lesson. If youve had help from individuals,

Include your name here. EDT246A, Spring 2011

Lesson Plan Template Spring 2011

cite them too.

Include your name here. EDT246A, Spring 2011