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2016 Colegio Evelyn Rogers

CEEB code: 997320

Main office: (502) 6641-7777
Principal: Robert M. Rogers
Counselors: Colleen Rogers, Lissette Rodriguez


Colegio Evelyn Rogers opened in 1951, founded by Evelyn Clark de Rogers who wanted to
offer the Guatemalan population a bilingual education while integrating values. Since then, it has
proudly graduated 44 senior classes.
Colegio Evelyn Rogers is a private, co-educational, bilingual (Spanish-English) school
currently enrolling 552 students in grades Maternal (2 year-olds) through 12th grade. The school is
run on the Guatemalan school calendar, January thru October and is fully accredited by the
Guatemalan Ministry of Education. As a private institution, the school is committed to developing
students skills and values while building their scientific, technological, cultural and athletic
knowledge. Colegio Evelyn Rogers long-term goal is to contribute towards the formation of an
inclusive, just and participative society.


The academic program is organized on a combined rotating block schedule. On average,

students take four 39-minute classes and two 78-minute block classes daily. The course load
varies depending on the grade level with up to 8.5 academic credits per semester. Graduates earn
a Guatemalan Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras degree which is the equivalent of a US high school

The curriculum is well-rounded, based on the constructivist model and dictated by the
Guatemalan Ministry of Education. Colegio Evelyn Rogers is particularly recognized for the quality
of its English program. In addition to the Ministry-required subjects, some of which are taught in
English, students have four years of social studies in English (US history, two years of world history
and a fourth year of Economics). The school also strongly supports the arts, requiring that all
students receive a four-year program which includes the history of painting, sculpture, and
architecture, mythology and archaeology.
Grading and Ranking

A Excellent 90-100 4.0-5.0

B Above average 80-89 3.0-3.9
C Average 70-79 2.0-2.9
D Below average 65-69 1.0-1.9
F - Failure 64 or below 0-0.9

School policy ranks student performance at the end of every unit, twice per semester.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

GPA is currently computed on a 5.0 scale using the above quality points. Beginning with grade
nice, all academic subjects, whether passed or failed, are included in the calculation. Grades are
recorded on the transcript and GPA is computed in June and November.

Class of 2016

There were 35 students in the senior Class of 2016. After the first semester recording in June:

2 earned a 4.0+
8 earned a 3.5 3.9
16 earned a 3.0 3.4
9 earned a 2.5 2.9
0 earned a 2.0 2.4
0 earned less than a 2.0

Post High School Placement

49% matriculated to 4-year universities

51% selected work, technical instruction or were undecided

Awards and Distinctions, 2016

LITERATURE FILGUA: 2016 Annual International Book Fair in Guatemala 1st place in
Literary Analysis and Representation
ROBOTICS 2016 Annual Universidad Galileo Robotics Competition 2nd place
MATHEMATICS Universidad del Istmo de Guatemala: Scientific Olympics 6th place in
Physics; 7th place in Mathematics
ARTS Centro Educativo Solalto: 2016 Intercollegiate Art Festival 1st place in Drawing
and Painting Competition
ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament 1st place during 3 consecutive years
Universities/Colleges Attended by Colegio Evelyn Rogers Graduates from the Last Four Years

Butler University Indiana, USA

Texas Cristian University Texas, USA
Flagler University Florida, USA
Florida Atlantic University Florida, USA
U.S. Air Force Academy Colorado, USA
Lyon College - Arkansas, USA
Hult International Business School Massachusetts, USA
College of Make Up Art and Design - Ontario, Canada
Art Institute of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
University of Victoria British Columbia, Canada
Simon Fraser University British Columbia, Canada
King Juan Carlos University Mstoles, Spain
Alberto Hurtado University Santiago, Chile
Universidad Tecnolgica de Monterrey Monterrey, Mxico
Universidad Francisco Marroquin - Guatemala
Universidad Del Valle - Guatemala
Universidad Rafael Landvar - Guatemala
Universidad del Istmo - Guatemala
Universidad Galileo - Guatemala
Universidad San Pablo - Guatemala
Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala
Universidad Mariano Glvez - Guatemala

Contact Information

Colleen Rogers
English Department Coordinator/School Counselor
(502) 6641-7777 (Guatemala)