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Bridgewater College Teacher Education Program

Secondary Lesson Plan Format

Course: Unit: Lesson Title: Virginia SOL/National

School Health Social Health Friendships & Social Standard: 8.3
Measurable Lesson Objective(s):
Students will be able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of using social media.
Students will be able to identify the consequences of cyber bullying.
Students will understand strategies for being safe on social media.
Students will develop empathy when analyzing cyberbullying messages.
Students will demonstrate understanding of safe strategies by completing them on their
personal profiles.

Materials/Technologies/Resources Needed:
Computer, projector, paper, pencils, whiteboard, markers
Opening: Brainstorming types of social media, advantages, and disadvantages

Accessing Prior Knowledge: I will ask students to reflect on their past experiences with social
media and what they learned from them.
Teacher will: Students will: Anticipated
Present varies activities that facilitate Actively participate in all Time: 45
students learning, and deliver content activities/discussions and take notes minutes
in a clear and effective fashion on the PowerPoint

Learning Activity 1:
Friendships & Social Media PowerPoint
Teacher will: Students will: Anticipated
Provide a PowerPoint on friendships Take notes on the PowerPoint and Time: 10
and social media actively participate in discussions minutes

Learning Activity 2:
Social Media Scenarios
Teacher will: Students will: Anticipated
Provide students with a list of Split up into groups and have Time: 10
scenarios that require them to discussions about these scenarios minutes
implement the strategies just
discussed in the PowerPoint

Learning Activity 3:
Cyberbullying video
Teacher will: Students will: Anticipated
Provide students with a video that Watch the video and complete a Time: 10
shows the importance of social media reflection about what they learned minutes
safety, as well as the consequences of from the video, and how they will be
being unsafe. This video also illustrates proactive
the negative impact cyberbullying has
on a person.

[copy/paste additional Learning Activity sections as needed]

Concluding Class Activity: Review

Teacher will: Students will: Anticipated

Hit back on key points presented in Participate in class discussions and Time: 5
lecture answer review questions minutes

Homework Assignment:
Privacy Diary
Activity If Extra Time Remains or Technology Fails:
Tips for Protecting Online Privacy Worksheet
Teacher will: Students will: Anticipated
Review concepts from this worksheet, Review the worksheet, and Time: 10
as well as lecture on cyberbullying and participate in all discussions/activities minutes
social relationship on social media.
Accommodations for Students with Special Needs such as ELL, SPED, Gifted:
Students with disabilities will have their own copy of the notes sheet. In addition, this
student will have an aid available to help through any group work.

Formative Assessment--During Class Summative AssessmentStudent Learning

Student Learning Will Be Assessed By: Their Will Be Assessed By: An exam at the end of
completion of the I Can Build a Secure this unit that contains information from this
Online Identity Worksheet. lesson.

Post-Lesson Reflection/Evaluation:

[attach or provide hyperlink to all handouts, external documents, resources, etc.]