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Project Rubric

Criteria 4 3 2 1
Accuracy/Content All information/ Almost all Most of the Some of the
Knowledge content appears to information/content information/ information/
be accurate and in appears to be content is accurate content is accurate
chronological order accurate and in and in chronological and in chronological
chronological order order order
Required Student included Student included all Student most Student included
Elements more information the information that information that some information
than was required was required was required that was required,
but important
information was
Comprehension Student is able to Student is able to Student is able to Student is unable to
accurately answer accurately answer accurately answer a accurately answer
almost all most questions few questions questions posed by
questions posed posed by posed by the classmates
by classmates classmates about classmates about about the topic
about the topic the topic the topic
Final Product The final product is The final product is The final product is The final product
exceptional in very good in good in regard to does not reflect the
regards to meeting regards to meeting meeting the project project instructions
the project the project instructions and or expectations
instructions and instructions and expectations
expectations expectations
Clarity and Graphics/exhibits Almost all Some Few
Relevance are all clear and graphics/exhibits graphics/exhibits graphics/exhibits
relevant, and are clear and are clear and are clear and
make the content relevant and make relevant and make relevant or make
easier to the content easier the content easier the content easier
understand or to understand or to understand or to understand or
more impactful more impactful more impactful more impactful
Originality Project reflects an Project reflects Project reflects Project lacks overall
exceptional degree strong student some creativity by student creativity
of student creativity the student, but
creativity may be based on
the designs/ ideas
of others
Attractiveness The project is The project is The project is The project lacks
exceptionally attractive in terms acceptably attractiveness and
attractive in terms of design, layout, attractive and laid the overall
of design, layout, neatness, and out, although more presentation is
neatness and overall presentation time could have lacking in design,
overall been spent on the neatness, or layout.
presentation overall presentation The project is still in
of the project the draft stage
and not fully
Oral Presentation Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Speaks fairly clearly Lacking in clarity
with confidence, with confidence, and with some when speaking
maintaining eye maintaining eye confidence, lacking in eye
contact during the contact during maintaining eye contact and/or
entire much of the contact during confidence. Not
presentation. Very presentation. some of the prepared to
well prepared to Prepared to present presentation. adequately present
present Student(s) could
have used more
time to prepare

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