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The City presents

Buskirk-Chumley Theater
March 28, 2017

Community and Family Resources Department

A Celebration of Volunteerism
Welcome Master and Mistress of Ceremonies:
Joe Hren, Anchor of WTIUs Indiana Newsdesk and
Bet Savich, Director of the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network

Community Portrait 2017 Honoree Photo Show

Presentation of the 2017 Be More Awards

Be More Healthy Award Be More Compassionate Award
(Health/Wellness) (Animal Welfare)
Presenter: Barry Lessow, Executive Presenter: Brian Richardson,
Director, United Way of Monroe Assistant Director, Office of
County Student Diversity and Inclusion, IU
School of Public Health
Be More Committed Award
Presenter: Beverly Calendar- Be More Knowledgeable Award
Anderson, Director, Community (Education/Literacy)
and Family Resources Dept., City Presenter: Bryan Price, President
of Bloomington and CEO, IU Credit Union
Be More Energized Award Be More Involved Award
(Youth) (College student)
Presenter: Brent Molnar, Station Presenter: Dr. Lori Reesor, Vice
Operations and Content Director, Provost for Student Affairs, Indiana
WTIU University
Be More Sustainable Award Be More Creative Award
(Environmental Sustainability) (Arts/Culture)
Presenter: Marc McAleavey, State Presenter: William Morris,
Service Director, Serve Indiana Attorney at Law and WFIU Host,
Just You and Me
Be More Phenomenal Award
(Board Member/Administrative) Be More Dedicated Award
Presenter: Tina Peterson, (Lifetime of Service)
President and CEO, Community Presenter: John Hamilton, Mayor,
Foundation of Bloomington and City of Bloomington
Monroe County


Susan Ashburn
IU Health Bloomington
Susan Ashburns commitment to the Cuddler Program at IU
Health Bloomington has helped establish a pool of well-trained
and reliable volunteers. Babies born drug addicted experience
extreme pain and distress in their first days, and their mothers,
experiencing the same unbearable withdrawal, are unable to
be with them through recovery. The Cuddler Program allows
volunteers to hold and comfort these babies, offering them connection, love, and security that they
truly need in the first days of their lives. Susan has been smart about formalizing the volunteer
training process and organizing volunteers to meet the diverse needs of the Cuddler Program. Susans
efforts have been formative for the program, and her continued involvement is critical to maintaining
the high quality care that community members can offer these babies.

Joy Bhattacharya
Global Gifts
Joy Bhattacharya is a supporter and advocate that any
organization would be lucky to have. She is curious,
hardworking, and can be counted on to go the extra mile. Her
work with Global Gifts Fair Trade store, Habitat for Humanity,
and Wonderlab shows only one small part of why Joy can give
us all hope for our future. She has dedicated over 60 hours to
Wonderlab alone. Joy balances her dedicated volunteerism with a strong academic standing. Her
thirst for knowledge extends to all aspects of her life, as does her passion for engaging others in
learning processes. This thirst makes her an amazing contributor to Global Gifts and an amazing
member of the Bloomington community. Joys maturity and engagement are rare to witness in a
person her age.
Mary Blizzard
Unitarian Universalist Church - Hunger,
Habitat & Homelessness Task Force
Mary Blizzard is committed to providing relief to those
experiencing hunger and homelessness, in every capacity
she can. Mary participates primarily through the Unitarian
Universalist Church, Hoosier Hills Food Bank, Shalom Center,
Habitat for Humanity, and the food pantry at Monroe County
United Ministries, to name a few. Mary goes beyond simply filling a volunteer shift; she gets actively
involved in organizations, sometimes providing assistance to individuals on her own. Due to her long
history with multiple agencies, she has a good sense of what is needed when and where connections
can be made. Marys impact is invaluable due to the intersection of her knowledge, her role as a
changemaker, and her commitment to improve the structures Bloomington residents work within to
improve the lives of others.

Keith Bobay
Community Kitchen
Keith Bobay serves the Community Kitchen and many other
organizations in countless capacities. Keith is committed to the
betterment of Bloomington; his own individual contributions of
time and talent have had measurable impacts. In 2016 alone,
he helped to feed almost 3000 individuals. He has dedicated
over 700 hours to Community Kitchen alone, and that is only
one of the many organizations privileged to benefit from his enthusiastive contributions. His passion
and spirit of giving are infectious. His connections to nonprofits across Bloomington allow him to
help those nonprofit organizations coordinate more seamlessly as well. Keith is an essential part of
Bloomingtons network of organizations working for economic justice.

Michelle Burns
Monroe County Youth Soccer
Michelle Burns has committed her time in a variety of roles at
Cutters Soccer Club through Monroe County Youth Soccer for
many years. Her fundraising activities have enabled the club to
award approximately $35,000 in scholarships to approximately
150 children with financial need. The importance of sports in
the lives of young people cannot be overstated. They encourage
healthy living, staying in school, and refraining from unhealthy behaviors. Involvement in a fulfilling
sport community allows children to grow into happy and healthy individuals. Michelles hard work
and her positive energy make a difference for everyone involved. Her primary roles include serving as

a board member, team manager, and concessions coordinator. Her impact springs from her passion,
organization, and thoughtfulness.

Lillian Casillas
El Centro Comunal Latino
The support of Bloomingtons growing Latino population
has soared with the hard work of Lillian Casillas. Her work
for the past sixteen years with El Centro Comunal Latino and
the AMIGOS Club has been transformative for Latino families
integrating into the Bloomington community. Lillians personal
experiences allow her to bring both a warm lightheartedness
and a grounding understanding to her encounters with new families to the area. Lillian has
established, supported, and catalyzed the growth of many resources and organizations for the Latino
community, in addition to securing opportunities for these families by establishing connections with
organizations across Bloomington. Lillians work has shown a determination to overcome barriers,
create pathways to resources and opportunities, and create a Bloomington in which all families can

Jeanette Clausen
Jeanette Clausen volunteers with Cubamistad and Bloomington
Sister Cities International, educating others about the work of
the group and keeping internal operations straightened out.
She keeps track of Cubamistads meeting notes and updates the
public about changes and activities. The partnership between
Bloomington, Indiana and Santa Clara, Cuba depends heavily
on Jeanette, especially with regard to education. Jeanette coordinated an exchange of art and
stories with schools in Santa Clara, exposing children in Bloomington schools to a culture otherwise
unknown to them. The sharing of culture, art, and storytelling is a human tradition that Jeanette is
supporting each day.

Lasserina Dowell
Justice Unlocked
Lasserina Dowell served as the volunteer deputy development
director at Justice Unlocked in their first year of operation. Justice
Unlocked bridges a gap in legal service accessibility, typically
providing services to victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse,
or domestic violence, which aids in their recovery. Lassserinas
attention to the branding and sustainability of the organization
was extremely important in the first year of Justice Unlocked in order to build a solid base to ensure a
strong future. Lasserina spent 20 hours each week working through Justice Unlocked both with clients
and on development objectives. Lasserinas commitment to both the present and the future of Justice
Unlocked will allow some of Bloomingtons most vulnerable to have access to the legal consultation
that is critical to upholding their human rights.

Mary Goetze
New Leaf - New Life
Mary Goetzes work through New Leaf-New Life is marked
by compassion and intelligence. Over the years, she has also
worked with LOTUS, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and
American Red Cross. Mary pays attention to the obstacles
inmates face, and this challenges her to problem solve with
them. The struggle of inmates to remain connected with their
young children inspired Mary to create the Read To Me program. Marys Read To Me program has
enabled 500 incarcerated parents to send recordings of themselves reading a book to their children,
improving morale for the parents and providing a bridge over which they can send love to their
children. Mary also began a program to support inmates pursuing additional education. Mary steps
in when needed in order so New Leaf-New Life can best serve inmates, and has consistently found
creative ways to improve inmates quality of life.

Julie Gray
Bloomington Animal Shelter
Julie Grays work as an adoption counselor through the
Bloomington Animal Shelter has initiated over 180 adoptions.
It is no stretch to say that her commitment over the years
has touched every aspect of the shelter. Julies support and
flexibility allow her to work where and when she is needed.
Julies work often goes unseen and under appreciated. She is a
huge support to the staff at the shelter, assisting staff members overwhelmed by heavy workloads or
emotional situations with neglected or abused animals. She also ensures that photo advertisements
of adoptable pets capture the personality and beauty of each pet. Julie wears many hats at the
Bloomington Animal Shelter that support staff and pets alike.

Israel Fernando Herrera

City of Bloomington Commission on
Hispanic and Latino Affairs
Israel Fernando Herreras participation in leadership and other
important roles has vastly improved the visibility and embrace
of the Latino and Hispanic members of the Bloomington
community. Israels service has touched the City of Bloomington
Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs, at WFHB for the Hola Bloomington program, Lotus,
Bloomington Worldwide Friendship, Grupo de Teatro Vida, and countless other groups. Israel makes it
a point to be personally involved in the lives of Latino and Hispanic families in Bloomington. He works
to make Bloomington a better place for families, and to empower them to be involved in the civic life
of the Bloomington community. Israel is a catalyst for community-building in Bloomington. His hard
work makes our city a better place for everyone.

Sarah Hetrick
WFHB Community Radio
Sarah Hetrick has been supporting WFHB Community Radio as
a volunteer for four years. She has applied her production skills
to the Daily Local News programs by directing, engineering, and
editing. Sarahs skills have been invaluable, and her direction
in tackling new challenges has been inspiring. Sarah works on
the production of Indianas only LGBTQ+ public affairs radio
program, BloomingOUT. In addition to Sarahs important role in production, she is also the volunteer
coordinator -- the first point of contact for new members of the WFHB volunteer team. Most of Sarahs
work is performed behind the scenes and is largely invisible. Bloomington may never hear her voice
on air, but Sarahs hard work ensures that WFHB programming consistently exceeds listener needs and

LuAnne Holladay
Lotus Education & Arts Foundation
LuAnne Holladay has contributed to the Lotus Education &
Arts Foundation in many, many capacities, always with an
inspirational level of energy and dedication that allows Lotus
to reach a level of professionalism and organization otherwise
nearly impossible. LuAnne makes sure every tiny detail is
attended to, often by her, and goes the extra mile to ensure
that the hard work of others is recognized. LuAnne applies herself without pause. If she can offer her
skills to strengthen and support the LOTUS mission, she will. LuAnne is everywhere in our community,
rolling up her sleeves to do the dirty work, the hard work, and the beautiful work that makes our
Bloomington community such a gem.

Ellen Jacquart
MC-IRIS (Monroe County Identify and
Reduce Invasive Species)
Ellen Jacquart has dedicated her life, professionally and now as
a volunteer, to the restoration of natural plant communities in
the Midwest. This takes a great deal of education, as invasive
plants create little-known costs to our governmental systems that manage public spaces, and to the
environment itself. Ellen has joined, led, and created several groups dedicated to the education of
the public and of plant retailers. She has taught others for many years about the impacts of invasive
plants, as well as how to identify and replace invasive species with species native to the region. Her
positive impact over the years has been monumental, and inspires others to apply themselves with
similar passion and vigor.

Christiane Jung Terrell (In Memoriam)

My Sisters Closet of Monroe County
Christiane Jung Terrells presence in the Bloomington community
was compassionate, humorous, and energetic. Among her many
roles in community life was her work at My Sisters Closet, which
touched many lives. Her organization and forethought supported
over 700 women as they interviewed successfully for jobs. At My
Sisters Closet, Chris organized all shoes and purses for several
years, and helped women make choices about how they would dress for interviews. Chris made sure
each woman knew that she believed in them, so they felt they could succeed. Her hard work at My
Sisters Closet was matched by her friendship to all. Chris had a personality marked by humor, energy,
kindness, and dedication. Chriss memory continues to inspire volunteers at My Sisters Closet. Her
hard work and the spirit of her service was contagious. Bloomington is a better place for Chris.

Michael Kelsey
WFHB Community Radio
Michael Kelsey has been a volunteer DJ at WFHB Community
Radio for over 22 years, as host of Old Time Train 45, Wednesday
Morning Music Mix, and many other shows throughout the
years. Mike has hosted some of WFHBs most popular shows,
and has used that platform to feature and support many local
artists, personalities, and sound effects experts. It is difficult to
fully measure the impact of Mike on his listening audience. It is clear he is a well-loved personality
in Bloomington and that the choices he has made on the show have influenced the values and
landscape of our arts culture. His positive influence on the Bloomington listening community is the
fruit of unmatched dedication and enthusiasm.

Alejandra Martinez
Reimagining Opera for Kids
Alejandra Martinez donation of time and talent gives
Bloomington children exposure to and instruction in music.
Alejandra works with Reimagining Opera for Kids, Musical Arts
Youth Organization, Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, Musical
Beginnings, and other groups to bring music to over 6000 Bloomington youth, plus many more
adults. Whether its organizing, performing, writing lyrics, being a teaching artist, driving a van, or
providing leadership on a board of directors, Alejandra cheerfully and without fanfare lends her skills
to facilitate cultural experiences for community members of many backgrounds and ages. Alejandra is
very generous with her time, and Bloomington children benefit greatly from her knowledge, skill, and
warm presence.

Deborah Meader
All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center
Deborah Meaders hard work at All-Options Pregnancy
Resource Center is one small part of a lifetime commitment to
reproductive justice. Deborahs involvement in community work
throughout Bloomington make her an asset to such a young
organization as All Options. She is able and willing to help the
center form relationships with community members and partner
organizations and to guide them in understanding the All-Options Pregnancy Resource Centers
judgement-free, welcoming approach to clients. Deborahs kindness as a first point of contact is a
warm welcome to clients. She personally serves 20-30 clients each month, and she also organizes
other community members. Deborahs commitment to reproductive justice in Bloomington, Indiana
has influenced many organizations, clients, and other volunteers.

Reova Meredith
Center for Womens Ministries
Reova Meredith began the Center for Womens Ministries,
offering Bloomington women 30 years of excellent, free
counseling. Having experienced the value of professional
counseling herself, Reova was struck by the unfair reality that
many others do not have the financial resources to access this
type of care. By founding and supporting this organization,
Reova has allowed countless women access to counseling they sought. The course of women through
the program provides an opportunity for them to give back through volunteer counseling. Reova has
expertly designed a pairing system that other professionals in the field refer to and utilize. Reova sets
a beautiful example for others in the Bloomington community to step up and address a need they see.
Her hard work and innovative approach have allowed many women to get the assistance they desire.

Happy National Volunteer Month!

(April 2017)

Valerie Merriam
Monroe County United Ministries
Valerie Merriams work with the food pantry at Monroe County
United Ministries has been nothing short of foundational. Her
tenure, efforts, and experience is second to none. Through
more than a decade of institutional change, Valerie has been
a constant, carrying forward programmatic and institutional
knowledge that continues to inform their staff. Her service is
almost immeasurable, as the role she fulfills is equal parts manager, adviser, and program specialist.
Valerie spends about ten hours each week supervising the pantrys structure and services. Through its
dynamic and changing volunteer base, Valerie ensures that the food pantry is reliable and helpful to
families. Valeries commitment allows the pantry to serve 2,500 Monroe County families each year.

Marcela Miranda Garcia

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Marcela Miranda Garcia supports the Habitat for Humanity
ReStore with her time, working with the staff there to sell
household items, which raises funds for Habitat to build
more homes with people in need. Marcelas work for Habitat
for Humanity extends from the ReStore to the construction
sites. Habitat is critically necessary to improving access to
affordable housing in Bloomington. Marcelas work with Habitat shows only one small aspect of
her contributions to the Bloomington community. Marcela also participates in the Bradford Woods
Leadership Opportunities through Service program, Monroe County Youth Council, her schools
Diversity Club, and the National Honor Society.

Alice Oestreich
Global Gifts Bloomington
Alice Oestreich serves the Bloomington community through
Global Gifts, Girl Scouts, and the Bloomington Commission on
Aging. Alice has worked with Girl Scouts for most of her life,
serving in many capacities to improve the lives of girls in Monroe
County. She has also been instrumental as the enthusiastic
chairperson of the Commission on Aging. Her work with Global
Gifts since 2009 sets the tone for the wonderful, high-energy spirit of volunteers there. There is no
telling how many more organizations and communities Alice has touched. Her high standards and
spirit are contagious! Alice is charismatic, friendly, loving, and dedicated. Alices joy as she gives of
herself is a beautiful thing to experience!

Shelia Pain
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana
Shelia Pains work with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana allows
girls to have memorable experiences that embody both the
courage to try new things and the tradition of female friendship
through shared cultural elements of the Girl Scouts. Shelia
supports leaders through training and personal accessibility,
to empower many troops and leaders to continuously improve
programming. Shelia is making an impact on a broad community of Girl Scouts, but she also takes
mentorship very seriously, having mentored nearly 25 girls from kindergarten into their college
years. Shelia has committed years to giving back and to building up girls in Monroe County. Her
actions themselves are incredible, but the example she sets and tools with which she equips others
strengthen the entire community.

Fred Parker
Btown Jazz
Fred Parkers commitment to the solid presence of jazz music
in the Bloomington community is tireless and immeasurably
fruitful. When many jazz venues closed in Bloomington, Fred
found himself energized, seeing this as an opportunity. He
helped an existing organization adapt to a changing music
culture through BTown Jazz. Freds work has allowed jazz to
reach an estimated 20,000 listeners over the last 10 years. Fred handles a great deal of work behind
the scenes of jazz performances around town, from organizing months ahead of time to taking down
equipment after events. Without his long-lasting support of this art form, jazz musicians and jazz
lovers alike would not have the plentiful opportunities they have today.

Brynn Parkinson
Global Gifts Bloomington
Brynn Parkinson extends her spirit of service throughout all
aspects of her life. After a year of serving as an Americorps
member, Brynn has been donating her time at Global Gifts,
furthering the positive impact of fair trade. Community members
are a critical element in meeting Global Gifts mission. Brynn
has a clear leadership role due to her dependability and strong
commitment to fair trade. She also works to influence and support other young people through her
leadership in Phi Theta Kappa. Last year, she educated her peers on global trade, and has since begun
a fair trade campaign at Ivy Tech Community College. Brynns hard work makes its mark on Global
Gifts, and Brynn makes sure to carry the mission she cares for so much to others.

Vonnie Peischl
Vonnie Peischls long-standing involvement at LIFEDesigns has
been instrumental in improving visibility and development
efforts. Vonnies initial involvement was fueled by her sons
utilization of services, and she has served in many roles. Vonnies
perspective as a devoted parent is highly valued everywhere
from smaller committee meetings to representing LIFEDesigns
to the general Bloomington community. The scope and reputation of LIFEDesigns has grown
exponentially, due in large part to Vonnies commitment. Vonnies talent for fundraising has produced
some of the most successful events in townespecially the Week of Chocolate. Her hard and smart
work is matched by a disposition exuding kindness, humility, and optimism. Simply put, Vonnies
contributions have been transformative for the LIFEDesigns community.

Marge Penrod
Opportunity House
Marge Penrod has been donating her time as a volunteer each
Wednesday at Opportunity House for 41 years -- close to 2,000
days! Her knowledge about jewelry and skill in jewelry repair are
invaluable assets to Opportunity House, creating a dependable
income stream that benefits many. The proceeds from the
Opportunity House thrift store supplement child care costs for
families with children in the Monroe County United Ministries day care. This allows parents to work,
knowing their children are safe and involved in developmentally appropriate activities.
Margie offers Opportunity House a unique set of skills and unmatched humility and dedication. She
is one of the pieces of a puzzle that quietly holds our community together and makes it a better place
for those who struggle.

Jennifer Perry
Bloomington Parks and Recreation
Jennifer Perry has served as a volunteer librarian and program
assistant at the Banneker Community Center since June 2014.
Her involvement has stretched over 13 programs and almost a
thousand hours committed to early childhood programming.
She focuses on creating an inclusive environment. Her success is
reflected in the soaring numbers of participants; many families
have made Jennifers programming a part of their weekly schedules! Jennifers ability to engage
participants, partners, and volunteers is invaluable. Her vision has shaped Bannekers future and
made Bloomington a better place to raise children.

Susan Powell
Monroe County Safe Families for Children
Since 2013, Susan Powell has worked tirelessly to secure the
establishment and successful operation of a Monroe County
branch of Safe Families for Children. Monroe Countys poverty
rate is reflected in the large population entering the child welfare
system. Many families are unable to overcome hurdles that other
families overcome through extended family or other supports.
Acting in such a role, Monroe County Safe Families for Children is critically needed in order to keep
families stable and intact. Susan almost singlehandedly brought this resource to our community,
and she continues to serve its mission in literally every possible role, from board chair to host parent.
Susan has made Monroe County happier and more stable for families and children who are struggling.

Gina Rhodes
Backline/All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center
Gina Rhodes has been answering calls on Talkline for many
years. Her commitment to reproductive rights and justice is a
huge boon to the All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center and
a source of strength to callers on the Talkline. Because of her
experience, she is able to train and support other community
members answering calls. Gina is open-hearted, kind, and
validating to callers at a time when they are facing difficult pregnancy decisions. Gina has spoken to
over 100 callers. She has also integrated her passion for this issue fearlessly into all aspects of her life.
Her leadership is needed in so many respects, and so is the kindness she brings to each caller on the

Ruth Richardson
Monroe County Public Library
Ruth Richardsons work through Volunteers in Tutoring Adult
Learners (VITAL) at the Monroe County Public Library is a
welcoming embrace to new members of the Bloomington
community. After 30 years as a public school teacher, Ruth
continues to live her passion by teaching adults English. Ruths
work with these adults affords them not only increased self-
sufficiency, but also removes barriers to their full participation in the community. Ruths incredible
teaching and personality are encouraging and empowering to her students. Ruth also creates
teaching materials and offers invaluable advice to VITAL staff and volunteers. Her efforts make VITAL a
better program and encourage participation in Bloomingtons civic life by its new citizens.

Wendy Rubin
IU Health Alzheimers Resource Service
Wendy Rubin volunteers with the Alzheimers Resource Services
Service and Support Group, providing support to participants
and their family caregivers. Wendy also chairs the local Walk
to End Alzheimers Committee and is its tireless advocate.
Personal experience supporting her late husband as he lived with
Alzheimers allows Wendy to relate to others with compassion,
insight, and wisdom. Her presence in the lives of those participating in the Service and Support Group
is one of guidance as well as friendship. Wendy is joyful and passionate as she supports families and
individuals who live with dementia.

Brooke Scanlon
Middle Way House
Brooke Scanlon serves as an On Scene Advocate for Middle
Way House, assuring the presence of a face-to-face emergency
response for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and
human trafficking. On a given day, Brookes role as an advocate
may include speaking on the phone to a survivor whose memory
of a years-ago trauma was triggered; rushing to the hospital
to support a survivor assaulted hours earlier; or helping a survivor navigate legal, medical, or other
institutional systems. Middle Way House depends on people like Brooke, who support survivors in
their time of need with no hesitation. The support Brooke offers is under the radar, but each small and
private moment she spends with a survivor restores hope that there is beauty and compassion in the

Janet Schell
Teachers Warehouse
Janet Schells work at the Teachers Warehouse keeps it running
smoothly and spreads awareness about this wonderful
opportunity. The Teachers Warehouse accepts donated school
supplies and books that teachers can pick up to stock their
classrooms. When the Teachers Warehouse is open for business,
Janet is there with a smiling face to assist customers. When
the Warehouse is closed, Janet is there organizing donations. Because of Janets knowledge and
perspective as a former teacher, as well as her hard work and that of other committed community
members, 525 teachers and 7,000 students benefitted last school year from the fantastic resources
available there. The Teachers Warehouse is thriving thanks to Janets leadership.

Keely Schmerber
Classical Connections
Keely Schmerber volunteers through Hoosier Pops Orchestra
and Classical Connections, a student group of musicians from
the Jacobs School of Music. She is a Student Ambassador there,
conducting tours and serving on an undergraduate panel for
prospective students and their parents. She brings the joy of
music with this group to nursing homes and homeless shelters
throughout Bloomington. These programs are always well attended and plentiful. Keelys beautiful
playing reaches over 100 people each month. In addition to giving others the gift of music, Keely also
assists others through academic and spiritual pursuits. Keely exhibits leadership and helpfulness in
all aspects of her life, and her leadership through Classical Connections is one that touches many lives
in the area.

Lindsay Schroeder
Each family celebrates the holidays a little differently; we could
all learn from Lindsay Schroeders commitment to service as
a hallmark of her holiday season. For many years, Lindsay has
designed and created hand-sewn ornaments to raise money
for WildCare. Lindsay works at College Mall Veterinary Hospital,
and is able to sell her ornaments there throughout the holiday
season. Her ornaments are so beautiful and such a long-standing tradition, many times visitors at her
workplace come not to receive veterinary care but specifically to purchase one of Lindsays ornaments!
Lindsays impact is difficult to measure, but her hard work, on top of a full time job and parenting a
four year old, proves that one persons efforts and compassion truly make a difference.

Jeff Seet
Mother Hubbards Cupboard
Jeff Seet volunteers at Mother Hubbards Cupboard twice each
week, keeping the pantry organized and clean for patrons. Jeffs
favorite volunteer role for the Hub is to vacuum. He also keeps
shopping bags prepared for patrons and repackages bulk goods.
Every one of the pantrys 4000 patrons, plus volunteers and staff,
are able to enjoy the space and a great sense of community
because of Jeffs contributions and presence. Volunteers, new and old, arrive at the Hub to find a
friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This is in large part because Jeff creates a culture of friendship
among volunteers by sharing his interests with others. Mother Hubbards Cupboard is a stronger
community for Jeffs involvement.

Anna Strout
Middle Way House
Anna Strout is a powerhouse of advocacy for Middle Way House.
Anna helps Middle Way House do their work by contributing her
time and talents to their fundraising and awareness campaigns.
These have raised over $400,000. Anna takes an event meant to
be a fundraiser, and makes it a funraiser, sharing her genuine
enthusiasm for the cause. As the daughter of Toby Strout, Middle
Way House founder and former executive director, Anna has a deep connection to the efforts needed
to address the impact of domestic violence and sexual assault. She started volunteering for the
Middle Way House daycare at age fourteen and has remained committed since that time to making
our community a safer, more loving place to live.

Bridget Sutherland
Middle Way House
What does Bridget Sutherland do at Middle Way House? A
better question is, what doesnt she do? Bridgets hard work
has touched every corner of Middle Way House over the years.
Bridget currently contributes her compassion and expertise in
three ways, through legal advocacy, on-scene advocacy, and
through the crisis line. Bridget is also the first to volunteer at
Middle Way House events and benefits. In addition to these consistent contributions, Bridget can be
called on when an urgent need arises. Bridgets attitude is contagious and keeps everyone working
hard to keep up with her! She sets an example that volunteers and staff follow. Middle Way House is a
better functioning and higher energy organization for her involvement.

Camille Vanden Dries

Backline/All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center
Camille Vanden Dries commitment to the Talkline at All-Options
Pregnancy Resource Center is inspiring. Camille is able to
balance a full time job and time with her kids, and still keeps her
commitment to women facing difficult pregnancy situations.
Callers need a compassionate ear, and Camille is happy to comfort
and listen for as long as it takes. She has spoken to 40-50 callers
from across the U.S., and her calls frequently last over 90 minutes. Her commitment to each caller is
inspirational. Camilles energy and kindness help break stigma and judgement with each moment
she spends on the phone with a caller. She is truly making a difference in each callers life by being a
positive, kind, and listening ear.

Isla Weber
WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology
Isla Webers work through the Monroe County Youth Council
enables her to reach a diverse group of organizations:
Community Kitchen, Asabela, Center for Sustainable Living,
Stone Belt, and local animal shelters among them. Isla doesnt
let her youth prevent her from engaging in her community
in any way she can. She utilizes her talents as an aerialist to
perform at benefits to fundraise for Bloomington organizations. Her hard work has proven what a
valuable member of the Bloomington Community she is. Her service and commitment to academics
make her an incredibly well-rounded member of our community. Isla is always thinking of ways to
make her school and the Bloomington community a better place.

Dave Wright
Monroe County Court Appointed Special Advocates
Dave Wrights service to Monroe County Court Appointed Special
Advocates has been adaptive and critical for over sixteen years.
Dave has many skills and strengths, and he is there to contribute
in any void that develops. His advice and hard work guided the
direction of CASA. Since his retirement, Dave treats CASA as
his full time job and is an irreplaceable asset, especially as the
number of children needing advocates has doubled over the last two years. How can the Bloomington
community even try to measure or understand what he has done? One could count the children for
whom he advocated, as well as the volunteers, staff, and board he has unwaveringly supported. The
broader picture would be the thousands of children that have found permanent and safe homes
through CASA and Dave.

Bloomington Blues & Boogie Woogie

Piano Festival Volunteers
Bloomington Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Festival
Volunteers for the Bloomington Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano
Festival are actively involved in all aspects of the festival since
before the first festival took place in August of 2015, contributing
time, expertise, and labor - before, during and after each festival.
Their hard work and knowledge are essential to creating the
festival each year. They are involved in each decision-making process, raising funds for the festival,
organizing the festival, and setting it up logistically and physically. Those who volunteer with the
festival understand the importance this music has had in the evolution of popular music and strive to

educate others about it. The Bloomington Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Festival relies entirely on the
generosity of volunteers who give their time and expertise.

Bloomington Community Orchard

Bloomington Community Orchard
The Bloomington Community Orchard survives and thrives on the
hard work of volunteers only. These volunteers have a powerful
vision of what growing and sharing fruit can mean for the
community. It can empower people to play a more proactive role
in their local food systems, as well as create more food-secure
and harvest-filled communities. The Bloomington Community Orchard does just that so well that it
serves as a global model, advising other interested people and organizations around the world on
how to create something similar in their communities. The commitment of these volunteers is hard to
replicate! Hundreds of Bloomington residents commit to this vision, and interlacing education into all
aspects of service to the orchard makes it a sustainableand contagiousvision.

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra
The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra educates, enlightens,
and entertains audiences of every age and background through
their many programs. Through concerts, competition, and
exposure, the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra empowers
the Bloomington community to enjoy and participate in the
preservation of the arts. One practice that sets the orchestra
apart is their inclusion of the audience in some educational and engaging activities beyond the usual
involvement of an audience. They find ways to be innovative and make each concert memorable,
while still maintaining high musical standards, and playing the great orchestral pieces they love to
play. The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra is an important part of Bloomingtons culture of music
thanks to its members.

Habitat for Humanity MidWeek Crew

Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County
Habitats Mid-week crew works throughout the week and
weekend instructing groups of unskilled volunteers. This is a
dedicated crew, keeping Habitat on schedule with builds and
assisting ten to twelve families get new homes each year. Habitat
for Humanity relies almost entirely on volunteers in order to
carry out their mission. Many of the volunteers have few or no building skills. Volunteers return or are
recruited because of the joy this crew brings to a volunteers experience. They set a strong example
and connection, especially with younger volunteers. Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County is better
for this team of leaders, as is the entire Habitat community of staff, families, and volunteers.

Interfaith Community of
Environmentalist Youth
Interfaith Community of Environmentalist Youth
The young people involved in the Interfaith Community of
Environmentalist Youth have committed to educating others
about critically important environmental concerns. Their
members work hard and smart to spread information about
addressing these concerns. They also successfully promote
changes everyday households can make, such as installing solar panels and they advocate for
important climate legislation. Negative environmental changes will have disastrous effects for our
global neighbors and for future generations. These young people are incredibly professional and
hardworking and are placing environmentalism at the forefront of community discussions. They have
directly engaged over 1,000 community members, including three members of Congress.

La Escuelita para Todos

Escuelita para Todos
Volunteers through La Escuelita para Todos (Little School for
All) reach out to Bloomington children and engage them in
programs teaching both Spanish and English. La Escuelitas
mission and goals are grounded in the evidence that
bilingualism encourages success and community. Truly bilingual
children are found to perform better in testing and school, and
to grow into incredibly resourceful and valuable adult community members. The programs through
La Escuelita allow native Spanish speakers to learn English more thoroughly and quickly through
exposure to native English speakers, and vice versa. These children also form friendships and bonds
that make the Bloomington community stronger. Grounded in research, the work of these volunteers
is improving the landscape of our Bloomington community by valuing and embracing different
languages and cultures.

Humane Association Clinic Volunteer

Monroe County Humane Association
Clinic volunteers at the Monroe County Humane Association
allow Bloomington residents to access medical care for their pets
at affordable rates. Many clients would not be able to pay for the
services they receive at the clinic. At any given time, at least 50%
of the clinic team is comprised of volunteers, filling administrative, sanitary, and professional roles.
The volume of pets makes it clear that these low cost services are needed, and the volunteers are
happy to meet that need in whatever ways they can.

Monroe County Youth Council

Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County, City of
Bloomington Volunteer Network, Monroe County
Public Library
Members of the Monroe County Youth Council spend 2 to 3 hours
each month volunteering with a local agency of their choice. In
addition to this volunteerism, members bring the attention of
their young peers and of the greater Bloomington community to
important issues that this city faces. An important part of membership of the Monroe County Youth
Council involves identifying areas of focus and intelligently tackling societys daunting problems. This
year, the focus of these teens is food insecurity, the environment, and child literacy. The service of
their members falls in line with these issues, which they established together. Their participation in
the Monroe County Youth Council has an important impact in the present, on their futures, and is a
catalyst for the engagement of their peers.

Monroe Smart Start Volunteers

through RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program
Monroe Smart Start - Community Foundation
Members of the RSVP 55+ volunteer program, housed in the
Area 10 Agency on Aging, contribute to numerous organizations
throughout Bloomington, with an impact that is difficult to
fully measure. One of these programs, Monroe Smart Start,
allows them to contribute to the education of young children.
For example, their work assembling parent materials about childrens reading levels through the Lets
Read program gets 8,000 packets into the hands of parents, empowering children with the gift of
literacy. The capacity of the Lets Read program through Monroe Smart Start has grown exponentially
because of the hard work of these volunteers. Their volunteerism reaches to Stepping Stones, PALS,
The Warehouse, Mother Hubbards Cupboard, Lotus Festival, Area 10 Nutrition Services, and the Boys
and Girls Club.

Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue &
Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
Volunteers at Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
are motivated by the idea that the dogs they rescue and
rehabilitate can live out their lives knowing what it is to be truly
loved and cared for. Focusing on sick, injured, and older dogs,
this rescue & sanctuary is able to save about 100 dogs each year
from euthanasia or neglectful circumstances. The impact of this rescue group is amazing and is one of
the largest in the Midwest. The commitment of volunteers is what makes it so successfulthey have
a hand in almost every aspect of operations, from cleaning kennels to fundraising. These wonderful
community members provide amazing life changes for both dogs and their families.

Pantry 279 & Girl Scout Troop 69279

Pantry 279 with TLC
Girl Scouts of Central Indianas Troop 69279 created Pantry 279,
converting a truck bay at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ellettsville
into a pantry. This food pantry opened in November of 2015, and
has since become one of the largest in the region. Pantry 279
has served 7,000 households since opening, and currently serves
an average of 2,300 people per month. The troop continues its
involvement in operation of the food pantry through regular volunteerism and donating most of the
revenue from cookie sales. Girl Scout Troop 69279 saw a need within their community and devised a
plan to address this need. Thanks to their hard work, thousands of individuals know that healthy food
and a helping hand are just around the corner from where they live, work and worship.

Special Education Work Study Program

At Bloomington High School North
Community Kitchen
Volunteers through the Special Education Work Study Program
at Bloomington High School North are a huge asset to the
Community Kitchen. These volunteers check in three times
each week. While gaining job skills to carry into their futures,
they impart huge gains and value to the Community Kitchen,
enabling it to feed over 28,000 clients. The value of volunteer work rather than paid staff allows the
Community Kitchen to serve more and more members of the community. The giving, kind spirit of
each volunteer is matched only by the positivity and determination that fuels the work this group
does for the Community Kitchen.

Vanessa Elias and Stephanie Huezo
Bloomington Beacon, Escuelita Para Todos
The important work of Vanessa Elias and Stephanie Huezo
through La Escuelita para Todos (Little School for All) allows
children and adults to become Spanish-English bilingual. Their
work with children has a huge impact - they serve as teachers,
role models, and emotional supports. Their determination
to relate to students and help them meet their goals is an
empowering experience for these children. Vanessa and Stephanie understand the importance of
helping the children improve their English, but also understand how important it is that they embrace
their heritage. The mission of La Escuelita is carried out by inspiring volunteers, and Vanessa and
Stephanie embody the commitment and skill of these community members.

Monroe County Humane Association
VIPaws volunteers at the Monroe County Humane Association
plan and execute meet and greets around Bloomington - in
nursing homes, healthcare facilities, libraries, schools, and at
community events. The strength of the human-animal bond
in reducing stress and enhancing quality of life makes these
visits restorative for many. VIPaws gives a rare gift to people
who cannot have pets of their own, sharing a sense of healing, security, and unconditional love.
VIPaws volunteers brought pets to visit 2,572 people in 2016 alone. They are dedicated to providing
outstanding animal-assisted activities and therapies in our community to improve the quality of
peoples lives.

Volunteers in Medicine
Volunteers in Medicine
Those who volunteer through Volunteers in Medicine of Monroe
County are filling an important gap in medical services to
un-served and under-served adults. Volunteers in Medicine is
able to serve individuals who are between health care plans,
transitioning into health care, and those without health care. Ten
years of this committed volunteerism has resulted in approximately 500 medical and lay volunteers
serving over 12,000 people. In 2016 alone, these volunteers served 1100 people. From health
education and dentistry to primary care and acute walk in, the diversity of the issues Volunteers in
Medicine encounters calls for an amazing amount of organization, professionalism, and compassion.
Volunteers in Medicine volunteers work hard to ensure that each person is able to receive the medical
care that they need.

WonderLab Volunteer Team
WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology
Volunteers at WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and
Technology have allowed it to grow and reach over one million
people. This reach and the strong spirit of curiosity and fun
in learning are nurtured in large part by the steady flow of
community members who volunteer there. Staff and visitors
alike are inspired by the energy of WonderLab volunteers.
They consistently report that the volunteers make their experiences special and memorable. The
intergenerational nature of the learning at WonderLab is moving to witness and motivating for those
doing work behind the scenes. Volunteers not only work as discovery coaches, but can also help with
graphic or web design, designing and creating exhibits, and planning events - each volunteer can
contribute something unique. WonderLab and its volunteers are a rich and rewarding aspect
of the Bloomington community.

Writing for a Change Foundation at the

Monroe County Corrections Center
Writing for a Change Foundation
Volunteers with the Writing for a Change Foundation visit
female inmates at the Monroe County Corrections Center to
provide supportive writing circles. Participants read and write
poetry, write their own stories, listen to the stories of others,
and learn to present their truths while respecting others truths.
The Writing for a Change Bloomington jail circle serves 150 to 200 different women each year. This
work is grounded in the belief that the examined life is necessary for growth and moving forward
out of cycles of addiction, abuse and poverty. Many participants are able to grow from these times
of reflection and communication, finding new paths for themselves. This group fuels their dreams
of leaving jail and never returning. The commitment of these volunteers to incarcerated women is
beautiful and transformative.

Connect to service at
Thank you for being a part of the Bloomington
Volunteer Network! Because of your volunteerism,
you have created lasting change in Bloomington
and Monroe County and made a meaningful
difference in our community!

Thank You!
to all of the volunteers, staff, community organizations and businesses
who make the Be More Awards possible.

2017 Award Selection Committee

Dair Brown, Writer
Mary Ducette, Outreach Coordinator, WTIU
Jennifer Hottell, Community Engagement Director, United Way of Monroe County
David Sipes, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, IU Credit Union
Marcus Whited, Program Director, Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County

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