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Summary sheet for Student X

Grade level: Kindergarten

This student was identified as being above grade level by his classroom teacher.

For this summary sheet, I obtained my grade level expectations from the Kindergarten TEKs.

My students strengths are:

1) Student X is very strong in literacy. During our beautiful books work, he recognizes that when
he tells me a story, I am writing down exactly what he is saying. When he draws pictures, he is
able to label them with words and can write short sentences.

The grade level expectation is that students will be able to recognize that spoken words can be
represented by print for communication.

The documented evidence that supports this claim is:

Tool #1: A work sample, which demonstrates that he not only is drawing pictures from
his memory, but adding words and letters to the page in the correct order, underneath
their corresponding drawings.

Tool #2: A learning photo, which shows that he can draw a picture, write words next to it,
and then orally tell me about it. It shows that his beginning reading skills and awareness
of print are developing because he holds the marker with the correct orientation and
writes right to left.

2) Student X is also strong in math. During math centers, he has shown he knows all the numbers
and can write many of them correctly. He understands the concepts of addition and subtraction
and can use them both on worksheets and in practical situations.

The grade level expectation is that he should be able to understand numbers and operations, and
is developing an understanding of addition and subtraction.

The documented evidence that supports this claim is:

Tool #1: A work sample, which demonstrates that he is efficient and can complete nine
problems in five minutes. It also shows he is conscientious because he did not rush, so he
took more time to think about some, and ended up solving them all correctly.

Tool #2: An anecdotal observation, which demonstrates that he utilizes his outside
resources, like the number line. He is able to count both forwards and backwards, proving
he is aware of number order and can write the numbers 0-20.

My students growth areas are:

1) Student X has difficulty with rhyme. He often thinks that two words rhyme if they have the
same beginning sound or middle sound, instead of the same ending sound.

The grade level expectation is that he will be able to orally generate rhymes in response to
spoken words.

The documented evidence that supports this claim is:

Tool #1: A learning video, in which Ms. Ayala asks him to provide a word that rhymes
with leg and he replies, bed. Through listening to his peers, he ends up changing his
answer to beg.

Tool #2: An anecdotal observation where he had the word bat and needed to find words
that rhyme with bat. He wrote down rat and cat, he got confused by a picture and
wrote down bak (assuming this should have been spelled back).

2) Student X also has trouble generating story ideas, which his teacher and I agree is a skill he
can improve upon. When asked to think about or write a creative story, Student X always
mentions something he is familiar with, such as family or school. He is above grade level in his
abilities to form stories, but has area to grow when it comes to using his imagination and
incorporating creativity.

The grade level expectation is that students will be able to come up with a story using their
imaginations. Additionally, students will be able to use elements of the writing process to
compose text by generating their own ideas for writing.

The documented evidence that supports this claim is:

Tool #1: A documented conversation, which demonstrates that Student X is very

interested in writing and knows how to tell a story, using sequences of events and
including characters. Even when prompted, it is difficult for Student X to come up with a
fictional story, his imagination. He gets stuck and says he does not know, then reverts
back to talking about his family.

Tool #2: Reflective notes, which demonstrate that it is difficult for Student X to branch
out and write about different topics. He takes time to think about what he wants to write
each day and usually decides between either school or his family. In these notes, I reflect
on a session in which he wrote about Spongebob, which is all he said he could think
about when I told him to write about something fictional.

Instructional Plans

My instructional plans for growth area #1 include doing word work during either our beautiful
books time or during literacy centers time. This is a strategy I learned from my cohort leader, Jim
Hoffman. Through word work, we will choose a word, for example bat, and write it down.
Then, we will change the first letter of the word to r and form rat. We will continue doing
this and form a list for the first letter. Afterwards, we will go back to the word bat and change
the middle letter, and finally the last letter, doing the same thing. This can make it more clear for
Student X that as long as a word has the ending sound at, it will rhyme with bat.

My instructional plan for growth area #2 include using our beautiful books time to challenge him
to be more creative. It can be difficult for students to brainstorm ideas or generate a story without
any direction, so I plan to choose a topic of the day (for example, dragons) for him. Using this
topic, he will hopefully feel like he has more direction and can use his imagination to create a

In sum, Student X is very engaged within the classroom. He has continuously been building his
confidence all year, and continues to grow as a learner. He is a classroom helper and makes
friends easily. In terms of grade level expectations, Student X is ready to go to first grade. His
literacy and math skills align with the grade level expectations, along with his social skills, too.
As Student X continues to work on his rhyming and takes more creative risks, he will be even
more prepared to for the upcoming year. There is no doubt in my mind that he works hard, which
is the most important attribute a student can have. It is a pleasure having Student X in class!