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1 whole yellow paper. Proper solution is required.

Provide a summary of answers to be placed

in the first page of your answer sheet. Deadline: March 15,2017.

The following data were provided by the estate of Jose Juan, head of family, a resident of
Quezon City. Mr. Juan died intestate.
Land and house (family home) 4,000,000
Agricultural land inherited before marriage from his father-2 years ago 800,000
Other real properties 1,000,000
Properties brought to marriage by Mr.Juan 1,200,000
Properties brought to marriage by Mr.Juans spouse 1,400,000
Property inherited by Mr. Juans spouse before marriage-4 years ago 600,000
Fruits of the agricultural land 400,000
Fruits of exclusive property of Mr. Juans Spouse 350,000
Other tangible personal properties 200,000
Bank deposit, PNB-Manila representing amount received by heirs under RA 4917 500,000
Proceeds from revocable life insurance paid by the decedent before marriage 800,000

Obligations of and charges against certain properties follow:

Medical expenses of last illness(unpaid) 650,000

Actual funeral expense (30% paid for from estate, 70% paid by relatives) 500,000
Judicial expense 100,000
Claims against the estate 250,000
Claims against insolvent person 100,000
Unpaid real estate tax 20,000
Transfer for public use-Part of the other real properties 30,000

The agricultural land was inherited by the present decedent. Its value at the time of inheritance
was 500,000. It had an unpaid mortgage of P130,000 at the time he inherited the property and
paid 50,000 before death.

Compute for the following using the following regimes:

1. Conjugal partnership of gains(#s 45-54

1. Gross estate-exclusive
2. gross estate-conjugal
3. Total gross estate
4. Ordinary deductions
5. Vanishing deduction
6. Net estate before special deductions-exclusive
7. Net estate before special deductions-conjugal
8. Special deductions
9. Net taxable estate
10. Estate tax Due

2. Absolute community of property (#s55-64)

11. Gross estate-exclusive

12. gross estate-conjugal
13. Total gross estate
14. Ordinary deductions
15. Vanishing deduction
16. Net estate before special deductions-exclusive
17. Net estate before special deductions-conjugal
18. Special deductions
19. Net taxable estate
20. Estate tax Due