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The Alchemist (musician)

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The Alchemist
The Alchemist performing in March 2014
Background information
Birth name Daniel Alan Maman[1]
Also known as Mudfoot, Alchemist, Pigpen
Born October 25, 1977 (age 39)[2]
Beverly Hills, California, United States
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Record producer, DJ, Rapper
Years active 1993 present
Labels ALC, Decon
Associated acts The Whooliganz, Gangrene, Nas, Jadakiss, Styles P, Prodigy, Fash
awn, Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, Curren$y, Dilated Peoples, Domo Genesis, D
urag Dynasty, Eminem, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Evidence, Oh No, Roc Marciano, Willie t
he Kid, Westside GunnJoey Fatts
Daniel Alan Maman (born October 25, 1977), professionally known as The Alchemist
(or simply Alchemist), is an American record producer, disc jockey (DJ) and rap
per from Beverly Hills, California.[3] He began his music career in 1991 in the
hip hop duo The Whooliganz under the moniker Mudfoot, along with now-actor Scott
Caan (whose moniker was "Mad Skillz"). After rising to prominence in the late 1
990s, as a close associate of Dilated Peoples and Mobb Deep, he went on to produ
ce for many of hip hop's leading artists in the 2000s, and has been hailed as on
e of the genre's leading producers. He is currently working as a DJ with Action
Bronson. He produces for many artists, most of his recent production is for a cl
ose group of frequent collaborative rappers. He focuses on producing entire albu
ms for rappers and Instrumental projects of his own.
Together with his long time collaborator Oh No (that together they form the grou
p Gangrene), Woody Jackson and Tangerine Dream, he composed the official score t
o the highly acclaimed game GTA V.
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1.2 Other projects
1.3 Shady Records
2 Collaboration Projects
3 Upcoming projects
4 Personal life
5 Musical signature
6 Discography
6.1 Studio albums
6.2 Extended plays and Other Media
6.3 Mixtapes
6.4 Instrumentals
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As a teenager, Maman began to identify strongly with the rebellious lyrics and u
rban sounds of hip-hop, and he began writing his own lyrics. He joined up with o
ther like-minded artists who wrote lyrics and rebelled against their suburban su
rroundings. These included Shifty Shellshock of Crazy Town, Evidence and Scott C
aan, son of James Caan. In 1991, a 14-year-old Maman and Scott Caan decided to b
ecome a duo named The Whooliganz.[3][4] While rhyming at a party in L.A., they a
ttracted the attention of B-Real of Cypress Hill. He invited the teens to join h
is crew, The Soul Assassins, which also included the groups House of Pain and Fu
nkdoobiest.[3] In 1993, the Whooliganz released their first single, "Put Your Ha
ndz Up." The song received little radio airplay and their record label, Tommy Bo
y Records, decided to shelve their album.[3] Rejected, Scott focused his creativ
e energy on acting while Al became interested in process of making hip-hop beats
DJ Muggs took Al under his wing and taught him how to use a sampler and mixing b
oard.[3] After helping to produce a few tracks for Cypress Hill, Al became the m
ain producer for his childhood friend, Evidence and his group Dilated Peoples.
When Dilated Peoples debuted in 1998, they helped promote Maman as a key part of
their sound. Alchemist also produced several tracks on the debut album Focused
Daily by Defari, another Dilated and Alkaholik affiliate. In 1999, Muggs introdu
ced Al to his good friends, the popular hip-hop group Mobb Deep. Al produced two
songs for their Murda Muzik album.[3] Impressed by his production skills and st
reet smarts, Mobb Deep took him under their wing, using his beats on all their s
ubsequent albums. As Alchemist's profile increased, he went on to produce for ma
ny of hip hop's most successful and prominent artists, such as Nas, Fat Joe, Jad
akiss, Ghostface Killah and Snoop Dogg.[3] He has also remixed songs for bands a
nd artists in other genres such as Linkin Park and Morcheeba.[3] Al stayed loyal
to his old friends, continuing to produce for Dilated, Cypress Hill and Crazy T
own. He also enjoys producing for lesser-known underground rappers, often giving
them some of his best beats.
In 2004, six years after his rapping career folded, The Alchemist put out his de
but album, 1st Infantry. The album yielded the single "Hold You Down" (featuring
Prodigy, Illa Ghee and Nina Sky), which hit number ninety-five on the Billboard
Hot 100 in 2005.
Ras Kass feud[edit]
In 1999, The Alchemist was set to produce three tracks for American rapper Ras K
ass' then-upcoming album Van Gogh, which was scheduled for a late 2000 release a
t the time. One of the said tracks was "Home Sweet Home", which was to be the le
ad single for Ras Kass' album. After The Alchemist received the first half of th
e payment for the beat, he said Ras Kass' record label (Priority) was ignoring h
im. They later met up in August, at the Source Awards in Pasadena, California, w
here Alchemist informed Kass that he'd been showcasing the beat to other artists
. Jadakiss would then go on to record "We Gonna Make It" over the same beat, on
his 2001 release, Kiss Tha Game Goodbye. When Ras Kass took notice, he attempted
to stop the release by releasing his version of the song on mixtapes, but to no
success.[5] This prompted Ras to diss Alchemist in freestyles and on a track fr
om Van Gogh. Eventually the beef ended so he could concentrate on his legal prob
lems but still cited a loss of respect for the producer. In an interview with ww, Ras admitted that he was being stubborn and refused to listen
to what the Alchemist was trying to tell him. The two have since squashed the be
ef and Alchemist produced the song "Past, Future, and Present" and did the intro
for the song that appeared on the 2006 mixtape Revenge of the Spit. In 2011, Ra
s Kass appeared (together with rapper Raekwon) on fellow rapper Evidence's album
Cats & Dogs, on a song called "The Red Carpet", which was produced by The Alche
Other projects[edit]
The Alchemist is one of the music producers behind the 10th installment of Grand
Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars released by Rockstar Games. He was also on Tim Westw
ood TV, when Eminem, Royce Da 5'9" and Mr. Porter freestyled. During an intervie
w with Worldwide Conspiracy Radio, The Alchemist revealed he would be dropping a
2-part project with fellow west coast producer Oh No entitled Gangrene, the fir
st to be released in July, the second in November, both on Decon. Alchemist was
also the DJ for the Eminem set on the BBC1 chat-show Jonathan Ross on June 4, 20
Shady Records[edit]
Alchemist is Eminem's official DJ, since DJ Green Lantern departed from Shady Re
cords in 2005 because of a dispute related to the feud of 50 Cent and Jadakiss.
In 2006, Eminem released a collaboration album with Shady Records called Eminem
Presents: The Re-Up. Since the Alchemist is his official DJ, he produced some of
tracks on the mixtape, as well as compiling the album in a mixtape fashion. On
December 18, 2013, he was named the runner-up for producer of the year by HipHop
Collaboration Projects[edit]
"Return of the Mac" (2007)
In 2007, the Alchemist and rapper Prodigy came together for a studio album title
d Return of the Mac, that was released on March 27, 2007. The album was intended
to be a mixtape serving as a prequel to Prodigy's next album, H.N.I.C. Pt. 2, b
ut was released as a traditional album due to the unexpected level of quality of
the record. The album features songs sampled from the Blaxploitation era.
Return of the Mac debuted at number thirty-two on the Billboard 200, selling 27,
000 copies in its first week.[7] As of December 2007, the album has sold 130,000
copies.[8] The album received notable critical acclaim, and is considered somew
hat of a return to form for Prodigy, as many considered him to have "fallen off"
after the 2001 Mobb Deep release Infamy. Return of the Mac was supported by thr
ee singles with music videos: "Mac 10 Handle", "New York Shit", and "Stuck on Yo
"The Antidote" (2009)
In 2009, The Alchemist produced an entire mixtape with rapper Fashawn, called Th
e Antidote.[9]
"Covert Coup" (2011)
The Alchemist and the rapper Curren$y came together for the mixtape Covert Coup,
which was released April 20, 2011. The Alchemist produced the whole mixtape, an
d even released an instrumental version of it.
It was rumored that the pair were going to release a sequel to the mixtape, titl
ed "Re-Conversationalize", which was to be released on April 20, 2012, exactly o
ne year after the first project was released, but this did not happen. In fact i
t was proven by Alchemist (in an interview) that it was all rumors created and d
eveloped by the internet.[10]
"No Idols" (2012)
In August 2013, The Alchemist produced Odd Future member Domo Genesis' mixtape,
No Idols. The mixtape was critically acclaimed upon release and featured guest a
ppearances by Prodigy, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator, Action Bronson, Vince
Staples, Freddie Gibbs, and SpaceGhostPurrp.[11] It was later released on a lim
ited edition vinyl.[12]
"Yacht Rock" (2012)
In October 2012, The Alchemist and 9Five Eyewear collaborated to a project with
an Alchemist edition Sunglasses/Eyeglasses with a 12-minute vinyl with an execlu
sive mix produced by Alchemist, featuring Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Oh No, B
ig Twins, Chuck Inglish and Blu. It was limited for 400 Pieces worldwide. in Oct
ober 31, 2012, The Alchemist released the project for a free download, in 9Five'
s website. Later it was released on a limited edition vinyl.[13]
"Rare Chandeliers"(2012)
A project titled Rare Chandeliers, a collaboration between Alchemist and Action
Bronson, was released on November 15, 2012 as a mixtape. Later an extended versi
on was released, also for free. The mixtape featured guest appearances from Roc
Marciano, Styles P, and Sean Price, among others.[14]
"360 Waves" (2013)
The Alchemist collaborated with the group Durag Dynasty (which are Planet Asia,
TriState and Killer Ben) that also appeared on his album Russian Roulette, for t
heir debut album 360 Waves. He produced the entire album.[15] The album was rele
ased on March 26, after a first video for the first half of the song "360 Waves"
was released a day before.[16] Later, a video for the second single "Fish Meat"
(featuring Prodigy) was released (on July 29)[17] and a video for the second ha
lf of the song was released too (on August 19).[18]
"Albert Einstein"(2013)
Prodigy's second album with the Alchemist, Albert Einstein, was released on June
11, 2013; it featured guest appearances from Roc Marciano, Domo Genesis, Havoc,
Raekwon and Action Bronson.[19] It debuted at number 175 on the Billboard 200 c
hart, with first-week sales of 3,000 copies in the United States.[20] The follow
ing week it fell off the chart.
On February 25, 2014 an extension installment EP for Albert Einstein was release
d under the name "P=MC Deluxe Edition", that contains 4 extra songs, produced by
Alchemist, of course.[21]
"Masterpiece Theatre EP"(2013)
The Alchemist produced the Willie the Kid EP "Masterpiece Theater EP", which was
released for digital download on July 23, 2013. Two singles were released from
the album: "Halal Tuna" and "Medusa".[22]
"My 1st Chemistry Set" (2013)
Detroit Rapper Boldy James signed a record deal with Decon for an all Alchemist
produced album,[23] that later got the name My 1st Chemistry Set, and was releas
ed on October 15, 2013.[24]
"Diagnosis" (2013)
On October 24, 2013, Alchemist released an audio collage for a Coca-Cola and Dr.
Romanelli collection of retro inspired clothing. Called "Diagnosis", he said th
at he was going to "Flip the script and give out a gift on his on birthday" (his
birthday is on October 25).[25] Inside the collage is a song featuring Action B
ronson and producer Twiz The Beat Pro produced one of the beats.
Gangrene performing in March 2014.
Main article: Gangrene (group)
On the album Chemical Warfare, there were two songs, named "Act of Violence" and
"Under Siege", that were collaborations with rapper Oh No, under the collaborat
ion name Gangrene. Since then the group has released two full projects together,
Sawblade EP and the studio album Gutter Water. Following that later in 2011, Ga
ngrene and rapper Roc Marciano released Greneberg EP on July 19, 2011. In Januar
y 2012 they released their second full-length LP, Vodka & Ayahuasca, and then in
April 2012, Gangrene released a 4 track EP called Odditorium EP, for free downl
oad on Redbull USA's official site,[26] and as a Picture disc.
"Grand Theft Auto V Original Score" (2013)
The Alchemist has collaborated with Oh No (Gangrene), Tangerine Dream and Woody
Jackson to score the original score for the highly anticipated game, Grand Theft
Auto V by Rockstar Games.[27][28]
"Lord Steppington" (Step Brothers) (2014)
The Alchemist and fellow rapper Evidence have performed as the duo Step Brothers
. Their debut album was announced to be titled Lord Steppington and released on
the Rhymesayers Entertainment label.[29] Talking about the album in 2010, Alchem
ist said, "I wanna create a sound for it. I don't want Step Brothers songs to so
und like it could've been a Dilated Peoples song, or an Evidence song, that I'd
rap on."[30] A release date for the album was scheduled for November 19, 2013, b
ut later the release date was pushed to January 20, 2014.[31] There is also an I
nstrumental version for the album, that was released on Vinyl.
"The Good Book" (Gospel Project with Budgie) (2014)
In an interview for Dead End Hip-Hop, Alchemist stated that he had been working
on a project related to gospel. Later, on March 2, 2014 he posted a teaser photo
to that project, which will be a collaboration between Alchemist and producer B
udgie, and also retweeted a tweet from Frank The Butcher (the founder of BAU, wh
ich the project is going to be released on) announcing the project and saying th
at more information will be released two days after.
Later, in March 5, They announced that the project is named "The Good Book", and
released the first single "In Heaven's Home", feat. Roc Marciano and Prodigy. I
t will come in a well designed cover in a shape of a bible book, covered in leat
her, and will be limited to 1000. It will be released on March 11. The project w
ill include mostly instrumentals and also some raps featuring Prodigy, Roc Marci
ano, Action Bronson, Blu, A$ton Mathews, Domo Genesis, Mick Luter, and J. Rocc.
All Gospel samples.
"British Knights Which Ways The Beach Mix" (2014)
On September 10, 2014, Alchemist spontaneously wrote on Twitter that producer Sa
miyam and himself has something to release with Dr. Romanelli (that Al previousl
y did something for earlier, the Diagnosis[32] mix with Coca-Cola). Later he pub
lished a new 8 minute mix of beats by himself and beats by Samiyam for the shoe
brand British Knights. The mix has an Action Bronson verse (on an Alchemist beat
) in it too.
FASH-ionably Late (2014)
Completely by surprise, on December 8, 2014, Alchemist tweeted that he and rappe
r Fashawn are going to release an EP together soon, and gave a link to the first
video/single from the album, "Dreams" (featuring Evidence). Fashawn tweeted tha
t the reason for this EP is that sample clearances on his upcoming album, The Ec
ology, were taking too long, and he wanted the fans to have some music to listen
too in the meanwhile. He also said that working with Alchemist is always a uniq
ue, special and different vibe and experience. The EP was set to contain 7 track
s, all produced by Alchemist and to be released on December 18, for Free. On the
day of the release, a second video was released, for the song "Never Waiting In
Vain" (last song on the EP).
Welcome to Los Santos (Gangrene)
On March 6, 2015, a while after Rockstar Games announced the release of the PC G
TA V, it was announced that Alchemist and Oh No (Gangrene) will have a new radio
station in the game. In addition to that, a new song "Play It Cool" (feat. Earl
Sweatshirt and Samuel Herring) was released. The song is a part from a new albu
m of tracks inspired by GTA V named Welcome to Los Santos that was released on A
pril 21, 2015.[33] The album is a compilation album of new songs from a wide ran
ge of artists. The Alchemist and Oh No were involved in the production of the so
ngs, and the album was released for the release of the PC version of the game.
You Disgust Me (Gangrene)
On Twitter, Oh No mentioned that a third project by Gangrene (the collaboration
of Alchemist and Oh No) is in the making. Following the release of the Grand The
ft Auto V score produced by Alchemist and Oh No, they revealed that their focus
was now on a new Gangrene album.[34] In an exclusive interview in the show "Jigg
a Juice" in an Israeli radio station (106.2FM) on June 25, 2014, The Alchemist s
aid that the album is almost finalized.[35] On November 7, 2014, Alchemist tweet
ed again about new Gangrene coming soon and then, Director Jason Goldwatch annou
nced that they are making songs and videos (more specifically, "songs for videos
, instead of the other way around"). On January 14, 2015, Goldwatch said that th
e editing of the first video, for a single named "Driving Gloves" is done, and t
he video is coming soon. The video was released on July 17. Gangrene revealed th
e album title to be "You Disgust Me". The album was first released on iTunes, on
August 7, 2015, and then on physical copy a week or so later.
Craft Singles
On November 18, Alchemist released a single on his SoundCloud, featuring Mac Mil
ler and Migos, titled "Jabroni". Later he said on Twitter that it will be releas
ed on limited 45 vinyl single with an instrumental version, as part of a new sin
gle series, called Craft Singles. On February 11, Alchemist announced the dates
of release of every one of the 4 Craft Singles Vinyls. The tracks were: "Hoover
Street (Original Version)" by Schoolboy Q (March 11, 2016), "Any Means" and "Sup
ply" by MC Eiht & Spice One (April 8), "Cobb" and "Palisades" by Blu (May 6) and
"Jabroni" by Migos and Mac Miller (June 3). Some of those were already released
online and Alchemist released the "Hoover Street Original Version" online on th
e same day of the announcements. On August 11, another song was released: "All f
or It" by Roc Marciano.
The Carrollton Heist
On January 13, 2016, The Alchemist and Curren$y announced their second collabora
tion on twitter, entitled "The Carrollton Heist". The album was all recorded in
one day, January 4, 2016 (Monday).[36][37] Later, Curren$y announced a release d
ate (and cover art) on his Instagram.[38] The release date was set to February 1
4, 2016. This second collaboration of Alchemist and Curren$y was very long-await
ed, since rumors of a Covert Coup sequel (their first collab) were floating onli
ne back in 2012 until Alchemist dismissed them in an interview. The album was, i
ndeed released on February 14, On DatPiff. Later, Alchemist noticed that the ver
sion there was not the final mastered one, so he uploaded the full mastered vers
ion to his SoundCloud page.
Rap and Glorie EP
On March 17, 2016, it was announced that Alchemist and Dutch rapper Kempi will b
e releasing an EP on April 2, 2016. The EP consists of 4 tracks and 4 instrument
al versions of them.[39] On March 25, 2016, a mini-documentary video was uploade
d, showing the making of the EP.[40]
The Silent Partner
On March 2, 2016, Havoc posted a photo on his Instagram[41] stating that his nex
t album is produced by Alchemist, and is coming soon. The title was revealed to
be "The Silent Partner" and the first single, "Maintain", was released later. Th
e album was released on May 20.
Upcoming projects[edit]
TBT Mobb Deep and Alchemist album
On March 4, 2015, acclaimed rap duo Mobb Deep (Prodigy and Havoc) surprisingly a
nnounced a collaboration album with The Alchemist. They posted a tweet and also
a picture that announces it too. No more details were revealed yet.[42][43]
Untitled project with Roc Marciano
In an interview with Roc Marciano about his recording process, he mentioned that
he and The Alchemist are working on a full-length album together.[44] On a Redd
it Q&A with Gangrene that took place on August 14, 2015, Alchemist said in an an
swer to a fan's question (about this project and a sequel to Covert Coup) that h
e can neither confirm nor deny this project. "I can neither confirm, nor deny th
at either of these projects exist. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. I'm into the
periodic chart. My favorite element is surprise".
Personal life[edit]
The Alchemist was born Alan Maman in Beverly Hills, California. His father is a
businessman of Israeli descent.[1][45]
On July 13, 2005, the tour bus carrying Eminem's entourage (including rapper Sta
t Quo as well as Alchemist) swerved off the road and turned over. Alchemist was
treated for broken ribs and a collapsed lung.[46]
Musical signature[edit]
"The Alchemist's Signature"
Problems playing this file? See media help.
The Alchemist utilizes a musical signature that he places towards the beginning
(although not always) of many of the songs he produces. The signature is a disto
rted voice recording of rapper Prodigy saying "Alchemist" (in the distorted reco
rding it sounds much like "A-A-A-A-A-Alchemist").
Main article: The Alchemist production discography
Studio albums[edit]
1st Infantry (2004)
Chemical Warfare (2009)
Russian Roulette (2012)
Extended plays and Other Media[edit]
The Alchemist's Cookbook (2008)
Yacht Rock (2012)
SSUR (2013)
Diagnosis (2013)
Nothing to See/Hear (with Evidence) (2014)
British Knights Which Way's The Beach (with Samiyam) (2014)
Craft Singles (2016-present)
The Cutting Room Floor (2003)
Insomnia (2003)
No Days Off (2006)
The Chemistry Files (2006)
The Cutting Room Floor 2 (2008)
The Cutting Room Floor 3 (2013)
Gangster Theme Music (2000)
Action/Drama (2001)
The Ultimate Music Machine (2002)
Lab Tested, Street Approved (2004)
1st Infantry: The Instrumentals (2005)
Rapper's Best Friend (2007)
Greneberg Instrumentals (2011)
Covert Coup Instrumentals (2012)
Rapper's Best Friend 2 (2012)
Lord Steppington Instrumental Version (2014)
Rapper's Best Friend 3 (2014)
Israeli Salad (2015)
Retarded Alligator Beats (2015)
The Silent Partner Instrumentals (2016)
Rapper's Best Friend 4 (2017)
Return of the Mac (2007) (with Prodigy)
The Antidote (2009) (with Fashawn)
Sawblade EP (2010) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
Gutter Water (2010) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
Covert Coup (2011) (with Curren$y)
Greneberg (2011) (with Oh No as Gangrene and Roc Marciano)
How Does It Feel EP (2011) (with ChrisCo)
Vodka & Ayahuasca (2012) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
Odditorium EP (2012) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
No Idols (2012) (with Domo Genesis)
Rare Chandeliers (2012) (with Action Bronson)
360 Waves (2013) (with Durag Dynasty)
Albert Einstein (2013) (with Prodigy)
Masterpiece Theatre EP (2013) (with Willie the Kid)
The Music of Grand Theft Auto V: The Score (2013) (with Tangerine Dream and Wood
y Jackson and Oh No)
My 1st Chemistry Set (2013) (with Boldy James)
Lord Steppington (2014) (with Evidence as Step Brothers)
The Good Book (2014) (with Budgie)[47]
FASH-ionably Late (2014) (with Fashawn)
Welcome to Los Santos (2015) (with Oh No)
You Disgust Me (2015) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
The Carrollton Heist (2016) (with Curren$y)
Rap & Glorie (2016) (with Kempi)
The Silent Partner (2016) (with Havoc)
The Carrollton Heist Remixed (2016) (with Curren$y)
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