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French Menu Project Rubric 35 marks

NAME : ____________________

Rating No/Little Basic Proficiency Proficiency Above

Proficiency Proficiency

2 3 4

Task Completion Minimal attempt Partial completion Completion of Superior

to complete the of the task, the task, content completion of
- Followed task, content content mostly appropriate and the task, content
instructions frequently appropriate yet adequately appropriate and
inappropriate undeveloped developed with elaboration

Creativity and Menu barely Menu Menu mostly Menu readily

comprehensibility comprehensible comprehensible, comprehensible, comprehensible
and frequently requiring some requiring and very creative
inappropriate interpretation on minimal
the part of the interpretation;
reader; minimal some creativity

Vocabulary Inadequate and Somewhat Adequate and Rich use of

inaccurate use of inadequate and accurate use of vocabulary with
- Use of French vocabulary inaccurate use of vocabulary for frequent
vocabulary and this level attempts at
too basic for this elaboration

Grammar Almost no correct Frequent Some minor No or almost no

grammatical grammatical grammatical grammatical
structures errors errors errors

Mechanics Frequent errors in Some errors in Few errors in No or almost no

spelling, spelling, spelling, errors in
- Spelling punctuation, and punctuation, and punctuation, and spelling,
capitalization capitalization capitalization punctuation, and

5 4 3 2
Sentence Excellent Good Fair Poor
Structure All sentencesMost Most Sentences
and usage are well- sentences are sentences are lack structure
of verbs structured well- well- and appear
(5) with varied structured constructed incomplete
structure. with varied but have a
structure similar
Use of Excellent Good Fair Poor
vocabulary Student uses Student uses Student use Student uses
from the varied varied limited very limited
syllabus vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary
(content) with a few with and repeats
(5) repetitions repetitions often

Pronunciatio Excellent Good Fair Poor

n and Very good Good A fair degree Conveys
Fluency pronunciation, pronunciation of fluency and some
(5) intonation and and fluency; accuracy in meaning
fluency; an makes a fair pronunciation despite a lack
occasional attempt at despite quite of fluency and
slight mistake correct a number of many errors;
or hesitation. intonation errors; pronunciation
and some attempt strongly
expression; at intonation influenced by
some and first
mistakes expression. language.