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(A study with special reference to Palakkad city)

I am undergoing a project work for degree examination. Kindly help me to fill up
this questionnaire. This will kept confidential and will only use for my project.

1. Name :.
2. Age : Below 20 20-40 Above 40
3. Gender : Male Female
4. Marital Status : Married Unmarried
5. Education : School level UG PG Others
6. Occupation : House Wife Business Governments Employee
Professional Others
7. Monthly Income : Below 15000 15000-30000 Above 30000
8. Family Type : Joint Family Nuclear Family
9. Family Members : 2-4 4-6 More than 6
10. Do you consume ITC Product?
Yes No
11. Which type of ITC Product used in daily basis?

Ashirvad atta Sun feast biscuits Vivel soap Fiama face cream
Classmates note book

12. How much amount you spent for ITC product?

Below 100 100-200 200-300 above 500
13. How frequently do you use ITC product?
daily 2-3 times 3-4 times in a week occasionally
14. Which sources of information influenced you to buy ITC product?
Advertisement Consumer Friends and family Retailers
15. Which of the following factors influenced the purchase of ITC Product?
Price Quality Availability Other

16. Your opinion about the quality the of ITC Product?

Very Good Good Average Below average

17. Your opinion about the price of ITC product?

Low Average High
18. Give your rating to the following attributes towards ITC Product?

Particulars Excellent Good Average Bad
Brand image

19. Which media influenced you to buy ITC Product?

News paper Television Banner
20. Which offer you prefer while purchasing the ITC product?
Discount Free Coupons Flexible price
21. Will you check the quality aspects of the ITC Product?
Yes No
22. What is your usage experience ?
Highly satisfied Un satisfied Neutral Satisfied
23. Would you recommend ITC Product to your Friends & Family?
Yes No
24. Are you satisfied ITC product with your all your expectation?
Yes No
25. Give your suggestion to improve ITC product :

(Thank you for your co-operation)