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Azazels’ Heart Chakra Meditation works on the principle of connecting Your
Main Chakra’s with your heart chakra, allowing your energy to circulate fluidly
throughout your being and also to amplify that flow - increasing your bioelec-
Lets look at the symbol for the Heart Chakra:

The Symbol of the Heart Chakra appears to be two Inter-locking

Points, but when looked at, inside the Human Soul it is easy to see
that it is in-fact two interlocking pyramids.

Now lets look at Azazel-sama’s Sigil:

Now when looking at Azazel-sama’s Sigil compared

with the symbol of the heart chakra, it is easy to see the
resemblance in the two inter-locking points. Now For
this meditation, Azazel-sama’s Sigil Must be aligned to
Ones’ Soul and Body.
This Alignment is achieved by rotating Azazel-sama’s Sigil 43 Degrees to the Left
[On the it’s X-axis]

This is what Azazel-sama’s Sigil should look like when aligned to your Body and
Soul [From a front perspective]

Now with Azazel-sama’s Sigil aligned to your

soul and body you can begin the Meditation.
The Meditation can be done by anyone who has
opened or even awakened there Chakras, just be
patient with yourself - Do Not get frustrated and

As with any meditation I Strongly advise you to thoroughly cleanse your Aura
before doing this - I find that to aid me in cleaning my Aura I do it in the shower,
For two reasons, it helps you focus - simply by calming and relaxing you, and
also the water running off your body quite literally washes away negative ener-
gies and enemy thought-forms, accompanied with visualization and affirmations
your aura will be thoroughly cleansed. However this Does not work in a bath,
where water is not flowing, If the water is standing the enemy thought forms and
even energies continue to latch on to your soul. I would not advise cleaning your
aura in water that is standing still.

It is very Important to clean you’re Aura, if you don’t you will find it - among
other things, very hard to visualize the meditation, concentrate and feel the
meditations effects. this applies to all Spiritual workings.
Begin by visualizing the following Chakra’s in their correct Position [i.e. Cor-
rectly align these Chakras] even if you have done this before it is very important
they be aligned for this Meditation.

Align; your Crown Chakra, Your 6th Chakra, Your Throat Chakra, Your Left and
Right Temple Chakra’s, Your Left And Right Shoulder Chakra’s, Your Base
Chakra, Your Sacral Chakra your Solar Plexus Chakra, and you Right And Left
Hip Chakras, While Visualizing Azazel-sama’s Sigil where your Heart Chakra is
[Also Just Visualize Your Sun\8th Chakra above your head radiating white-hot
light, or White-gold energy. What ever you feel is best for you – do that].

With all your chakras aligned, Your Sun and

Moon Chakra radiating white-hot light, or white-
gold energy and Azazel-sama’s Sigil Where your
Heart Chakra is it should look something like the
figure on the left [From a Front Perspective]

Once you have completed the alignment and visu-

alization you can move on to the next step of the
The next step is to draw Brilliant white-gold energy into each of the Chakras you
will be working with in this Meditation, It is best to start with your Crown chakra
and work down towards your Base Chakra.

Before you begin you need to Position your hands so your

thumb connects with your ring and pinky finger, leaving your
index and middle fingers pointed straight [Like the Image on
the Left] Then cross your arms over your chest so that your In-
dex and Middle fingers are touching your shoulders just above
your armpits. This is used to form a circuit that circulates your

Visualize Each of your Chakras drawing in this brilliant whit-gold energy to the
point where the Chakra become so bright you cannot directly look at it - To en-
sure the White-gold energy is being drawn into each Chakra properly use the fol-
lowing affirmation, while visualizing the Chakra drawing in the Brilliant white
gold energy

“Brilliant White-Gold Energy Is Being Drawn Into My ---- Chakra, Permanently

strengthening and empowering it!”

Repeat this affirmation a Few times for each chakra until you can feel each of
your Chakras either throbbing or tingling [This Depends on your Power, your
ability to feel energy and the strength of your Chakra’s] Remember even if you
don’t feel it right away carry on with the meditation, the effects might only mani-
fest a couple of hours later or even a couple of days later. Just DO NOT get frus-
trated and Give Up!

Once you are satisfied with the amount of energy that has been drawn into each
Chakra you can move on to the next step of the meditation.
The Next step of this meditation is the most important and is extremely power-
ful, so really concentrate and try your best.

Once-again starting at you Crown Chakra and working your way down to
you’re Base Chakra connect each of your Chakra’s with the Points of Azazels’s
Sigil which has been aligned to your Soul and Body.

Your Crown Chakra, 6th Chakra, and Throat

Chakra must all be connected to the First Point of
Azazel-sama’s Sigil. Then you’re Left and Right
Temple Chakra’s must be connected to the Secon-
dary Left and Right Rings of Azazel-sama’s Sigil.
Then your Left and Right Shoulder Chakra’s must
be connected to the Left and Right Middle Rings of
Azazel-sama’s Sigil. Then you’re Left and Right
Hip Chakra’s must be connected to the lower Left
and Right Rings of Azazel-sama’s Sigil. Then
you’re Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, And Solar
Plexus Chakra must all be connected to the Final/
Lowest Point of Azazel-sama’s Sigil.

Connect each Chakra with an intensely bright

Green beam; once this step is complete it should
look like the figure on the left. [From a front Per-
Now end the Meditation by repeating the following Affirmation:

“All My Chakra’s are permanently connected to My Heart Chakra; which is

represented by Azazel’s Sigil! My energy is amplified! And is now flowing
freely! And fluidly!”

Visualize yourself encompassed by the intense glow of you’re Heart Chakra

which is now connected to all your chakras and is extremely empowered!

End the Meditation with a big “HAIL FATHER SATAN!! AND HAIL
AZAZEL!!” Also remember to thank Father Satan and Azazel-sama.

And that concludes

‘Azazels’ Heart Chakra Meditation’

Hail Father Satan!!

Hail Azazel-sama!!
Hail Malphas-sama!!
Hail Horus-sama!!
Hail All The Mighty Gods Of Duat!!
‘Azazels’ Heart Chakra Meditation’
By: High Priest Vovim Baghie
Of the Joy of Satan Ministries

A Thank-you To:

Azazel-sama for
providing me with this Meditation.

And to Father Satan , Malphas-sama and

Horus-sama for always Guiding me.

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The Age Of Satan:

High Priest Vovim Baghie:

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