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Lesson Plan Template

Date Sunday 12. March 2017 Student teacher

Time 8:30 9:00 am School Al khan primary school for girls.

Theme/Topic Letters r and s. Class KG2; Class 2

No of students: 24.

Context of the lesson (what happened this week/yesterday)

Last week the children learnt the letter e. We briefly introduced the letters s and r using a mind map.

My Aim: (what do you want to do well?)

For all children to understand the lesson objective. For all children to behave. For all children to be
actively learning..

Teaching goal:

1- To get an experience of teaching for the future.

2- To create an environment which allows active learning to take place.

Learning objectives (Students will be able to):

1- By the end of the lesson all the students will be able to read, write and say the letters: r and s.
2- Some of the students will be able to write words beginning with letters: r and s.

Assumptions about prior learning

Some of the students know how to read the letters, say its sound and say the words that begin with the
letters: R and S.

Possible problems and solutions

The possible problem is the students may behave badly, so my solution is to give the good behavior
students a sticker, so the bad students will behave well to take the stickers too; I am therefore
promoting good learning by praising the expected behavior in the classroom.

Students Language (what they will say/write) Teachers language (what you will say/write)

1- Good morning teacher. 1- Good morning students.

2- Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 2- Can you tell me the days of the week ? if
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Today is yesterday was Saturday what is today? And
Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday. what is tomorrow ?
3- Letter formation, s and r (lower case only). 3- Then I order the students to sit in groups..
4- Saying the letter s and r and words which Elephants first etc.
begin with these letters, 4- I will write (WALT) and I will say what are we
5- Some children will try and put the words learning today?
into sentences during the plenary (HA 5- I will point out the learning objective
only). 6- I will explain in detail the 4 different stations
and the activities that the children will do at
7- I will tell the children to write their names in
English on their work
ACTIVITY PURPOSE / (Activity and Language) (Activity and Language)

Starter 1- Good morning teacher. 1- Good morning students. White board, marker,
2- Says the days 2- What are the days of the week? What day is today? weather chart, cards
(in the Circle Introduction 3- Students do sit in groups. 3- Tell the students to sit in groups. with letter R and S.
time) 8:30-8:35 Children to be 4- Repeats after the teacher. 4- What are we learning today?
(5 minutes) (To begin the engaged. 5- The students will tell the teacher what letter is on the 5- Show the students the letter cards and ask them what letter is this?
lesson) card and sing the song. can you sing the song
6- Says that words that starts with letter S, R. 6- Can you give me words that starts with letter S? R?
7- Students do lesson and then each group goes to an 7- Explains the areas that the students will go in the next activity.
Station 1: 8:35-8:55 Main activity To reach the Snake activity. Children will create a collage using glue and cut up I will explain in detail the station and the expected learning outcome. Paper. Cut up pieces of
(20 minutes) lesson outcome (1) pieces of paper. They will write the letters s on the page. collage. Scissors. Glue.
Activity area Pencils.

Station 2: Main activity Learning through Children will color and cut rabbit and snake role play masks. They I will explain in detail the station and the expected learning outcome. Rabbit and snake
play will go to the role-play area and act out the different song of masks. Coloring pencils.
Role play 8:35-8:55 (20 sound songs. Rabbits are rascals r, r, r. Sausages are sizzling s, s, s. Scissors.
area minutes)

Station 3: Main activity To reach the Children Will write the words from the board and use the correct I will explain in detail the station and the expected learning outcome. Paper & pencils.
lesson outcome (2) letter formation. They may talk among themselves about the Whiteboard.
Circle time 8:35-8:55 (20 words they are learning.
area minutes)

Station 4: Main activity To use activities to Children will use the playdough and sand tray to practice their I will explain in detail the station and the expected learning outcome. Sand tray and
help with their letter formation. playdough activates.
Playdough 8:35-8:55 (20 letter formation.
and sand minutes)
tray area.

Plenary 8:55-9:00 (5 The end of the To collect the Children will say and talk about what they have learnt. They will I will ask the children about what they have learnt. I will ask them to tell me about words Whiteboard,
minutes) lesson. children and show they have learnt the lesson objective. beginning with s and r. I will ask them to write the letters correctly. I will show their work microphone, stickers.
(in the Circle discos about to the class. I will tell them to use peer and self-assessment to assess their work. I will
time) today. choose children who are behaving correctly and ask them to come up and sing the song
of sounds songs for s and r on the microphone.