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Marking of IECEx equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Subdivisions of gases and vapours Zone classification and equipment protection levels (EPL) Approved IECEx Certification Bodies
Gases and vapours Assignment Temperature Maximum Permissible Flammable Temporary behaviour Classification Permissible EPL Country ExCBs
of gases and vapours class surface temperature materials of explosive atmosphere of hazardous areas as defined in IEC 60079-O
accordance to the temperature classes Australia MSTC, SIMTARS, TestSafe, TRA
ignition temperature of equipment of equipment gases is present continuously or Zone 0 Ga Brazil NCC
vapours for long periods or frequently Canada CSA, Labtest, QPS
ammonia, town gas, hydrogen > 450 C T1 450 C T1 to T6
methane, acrylnitril China CQM
ethane, propane arises in normal Zone 1 Gb or Ga
operation occasionally Croatia EXA
ethyl alcohol, ethylene, ethine > 300 C ... < 450 C T2 300 C T2 to T6
cyclohexane, ethylene oxide (acetylene) Czech Republic FTZU
n-butane is not likely toarise in normal Zone 2 Gc or Gb or Ga Denmark UL/Demko
operation, or if it does, will
gasoline, ethylene glycol > 200 C ... < 300 C T3 200 C T3 to T6 Finland VTT
persist for a short time only
n-hexane hydrogen
sulphide dusts is present in the form of a Zone 20 Da
cloud continuously, or for Germany BV, DEKRA EXAM, IBExU, PTB, TV NORD,
acetaldehyde ethyl-ether > 135 C ... < 200 C T4 135 C T4 to T6 long periods or frequently TV, Rheinland, TV SD PS, ZELM
> 100 C ... < 135 C T5 100 C T5 to T6 Hungary BKI
occasionally develops Zone 21 Db or Da
sulphide of into a cloud during Italy CESI, EUROFINS, TECH, IMQ
> 085 C ... < 100 C T6 85 C T6 normal operation
Japan TIIS
is not likely to develop into Zone 22 Dc or Db or Da
a cloud during normal operation,
or if it does, for a short time only Netherlands DEKRA KEMA, KIWA

methane operation where there is - Ma Norway Presafe

carbon dust a risk of explosion Poland KDB
Explosion groups
IIA IIB IIC disconnection where there - Mb or Ma
Slovenia SIQ
is a risk of explosion
Permissible equipment groups South Africa MASC
Switzerland Electrosiusse

Gas Ex de IIB T4 Gb IECEx ExCB 11.1234 X

Dust Ex tb IIIB T120 C Db IECEx ExCB 11.1234 X
Types of protection Use of equipment

Applications Flammable materials Protection principle Type of protection Symbols Marking in accordance with the equipment protection level Norm Marking Conditions
a = very high level of protection b = high level of protection c = enhanced level of protection without equipment can be used without restriction

all equipments gases, vapours and dusts - general requirements - - - IEC 60079-0 X special conditions of use

control stations, motors, fuses, gases and vapours (G) propagation of an explosion flameproof enclosure - Ex d Ex db* - IEC 60079-1 U components with partial certificate,
switchgear, power electronics inside to the outside is excluded conformity is certified when it is installed
into a complete equipment

junction and connection boxes, gases and vapours (G) avoidance of arcs, sparks and increased safety - Ex e Ex eb* Ex ec IEC 60079-7
enclosures, motors, lights, terminals excessive temperature

Ignition temperature of dust

junction and connection boxes, dusts (D) explosive atmosphere protection by enclosure Ex ta Ex tb Ex tc IEC 60079-31
enclosures, motors, lights, switch keeped at distance permissible temperature of the layer Tadm. C = T 5 mm C - 75 K
and control cabinets, plugs from the ignition source
permissible temperature of the cloud Tadm. nuage = 2/3 Tnuage
max. permissible surface Tadm. C > Tadm. < Tadm. nuage
measurement and gases and vapours (G) limitation of energy of intrinsic safety Ex ia Ex ib Ex ic IEC 60079-11 temperature of the equipment
control technology, dusts (D) arcs and temperature IEC 60079-25**
automation technology, IEC 60079-27***
sensors, actuators

switch and control stations, gases and vapours (G) explosive atmosphere pressurization - Ex px Ex pxb* Ex pz Ex pzc* IEC 60079-2
motors, analyzers, computers dusts (D) keeped at distance Ex py Ex pyb*
Groups of dust
from the ignition source
Dusts Divisions Permissible
equipment group
coils of motors or relays, gases and vapours (G) explosive atmosphere encapsulation Ex ma Ex mb Ex mc IEC 60079-18
solenoid valves, dusts (D) keeped at distance combustible flyings IIIA IIIA, IIIB, IIIC
connection systems from the ignition source
non-conductive dust IIIB IIIB, IIIC

conductive dust IIIC IIIC

transformers, relays, gases and vapours (G) explosive atmosphere oil immersion - Ex o Ex ob* - IEC 60079-6
control stations, keeped at distance
magnetic contactors from the ignition source

capacitors, transformers, relays gases and vapours (G) propagation powder filling - Ex q Ex qb* - IEC 60079-5
of an explosion
inside to the outside
is excluded

all applications gases and vapours (G) all protection principles n type of protection - - Ex nA IEC 60079-15
for zone 2 for zone 2 Ex nC
Ex nR

* Alternative Ex protection type

Application in hazardous area
** Intrinsically safe systems
*** FISCO intrinsically safe field bus systems Zone 0, Zone 20 Zone 1, Zone 21 Zone 2, Zone 22

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