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December 2001


Greenville Fly In A Success

Greenville Fly In The ISPA has expressed their de- we were scanning for it and
The 28 annual International light, dependency and high grati-
Seaplane Pilots Association tude on many occasions and con-
Greenville Fly In went very well sider us a part of their association
and was a success. This was family. We are an important part
Maine Wing CAP’s 8th straight of their planning and operation of
year of being integrally involved this event. With all the squadrons,
with the association and working both cadets and seniors, joining in
the Fly In. We had as many as one combined team effort, we
24 cadets and 18 senior members have successfully completed an-
other year of service to the ISPA turned out to be a power loss
and this fine event. All present emergency landing of a small
worked hard and learned a lot. aircraft in a field some 6 miles
The experiences of aircraft mar- east of the airport. The pilot and
shalling, traffic control, crowd aircraft are both survivors.
control, promotion and recruit- Through two very warm days,
ment and the fundraising opportu- some very busy times, some sat-
nities of the sale of bottled water, isfactorily handled adversities
who came from squadrons all and can and bottle redemption and a lot of hard work and fun,
over the state. The Waterville collection are a value added ex- all of you who participated de-
Squadron originally initiated our perience for all. This year we had serve much thanks and gratitude.
involvement with this premier members Ltc. Lamontagne, Lt By all teaming together and sel-
event. Machias Valley quickly Ken Knightly, Lt Merrie fishlessly working towards a
came on board and joined in a Knightly, Lt Wayne Merritt, Lt common set of goals we can
partnership to serve the associa- Roberts and Lt Dennis Murray achieve much. Thank you all
tion, the town of Greenville and who very successfully completed very much.
the Ramp Boss 101 Academy. Major Mike Pellerin, Project Officer
the general public in making this
event a safer and smoother op- The AFRCC and Bangor Flight
eration. Since that time all the Service even threw in a prelimi-
squadrons in Maine Wing have nary ELT scan request of the sea
participated from year to year. base and airport to add to our en-
joyment. That went negative as

and very forthright Maine Wing Hurricane Mel Causes Ex-
USAF & CAP-IG Inspection staffers, I feel as confident now as tensive Damage in Maine,
A highly professional six- man I did when the team arrived that New Hampshire and Ve r-
USAF and CAP-IG inspection they will go away convinced that mont
team arrived in Augusta recently Maine delivers a quality program This could have been the headline
to initiate a new program of three- in a highly efficient manner had the recent Civil Air Patrol
year, in-depth inspections of CAP across the board. Right now, Evaluation had been a real inc i-
activities in the Wing. Maine though I want to thank the follow- dent. Cadets and Senior Members
Wing is the first unit to be in- ing Maine Wing staff members from all over Maine traveled to
spected under the new process. for an excellent job of turning out Greenville, Maine to take part in
We found the new format both proud and telling the story of your the Air Force Annual Evaluation
refreshing and helpful. The team program. You were asked to come of the Civil Air Patrol, Maine
finished its interviews early Sun- prepared and you did. You didn't Wing. Evals, as they are called by
day evening. They worked at know what to expect, but you the Civil Air Patrol, are set up
Wing HQ Monday preparing their handled yourself with dignity and once each year by the Air Force to
report. An outbrief to the Vice professional calm. I was very determine how well trained the
Cmdr, the Admin. Assistant, proud of you all. cadets and seniors are if a disaster
Chief Porter and me took place Aircraft Maintenance - Maj. Bill were to occur. Upon arrival all ca-
early Tuesday, after which the Hawksley, Transportation - LTC dets and seniors were signed in
team moved to the Rhode Island Rich Grover, LTC Lester Prue, and assigned various jobs, which
Wing and started all over again. 1LT Cindy Greer, Supply - LTC were to take place on Saturday.
Obviously, I do not know what Rich Grover, LT Mona Grover The Air Force Evaluation team
the outcome of their report on Real Property - LTC Rich Grover, was on hand to witness the whole
Maine will be. From my observa- LT Mona Grover, Inspector Gen- process from the beginning to end.
tions during the last two days, and eral - Col. Craig Treadwell, Per- The final result of the two-day ex-
listening to exchanges between sonnel - 1LT Wayne McKinney ercise was a rating of Out-
genuinely interested interviewers Professional Development - 1LT standing” and “The Best in the
Cindy Greer, Administration - Region.” Congratulations to
1LT Wayne McKinney, Chap- Maine Wing and all who partici-
Maine Wing Over lain - LTC Stewart Price, Aero- pated in the Eval. One of the
Wing Commander space Education - LTC Christie & searches we participated in was to
Col James F. Linker Capt. Gamache, Drug Demand find a downed pilot “General Fos-
Vice Commander Reduction Lt Dick Hunter, Cadet ter” who was actually an Air
Capt Mitch Sammons Programs - Col. Craig Treadwell Force Eval Team Member.
Newsletter Editor Communications - Maj. Mike Pel- The picture shows a Senior and
Lt Dennis Murray lerin, Finance - Maj. Joe Quinn
Headquarters Operations - Maj. Larry Woods
Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol StandEval - Maj. John Bartosen-
PO Box 5006
Augusta Maine, 04332-5006 ski, Emergency Services - Maj.
Scott Higgins, Public Affairs -
Editorial Office: 207/767-1874
Headquarters: 207/626-7830 Capt. Chris Hayden, and Counter
Drug - Maj. Fred Crowley.
The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter
published quarterly in the interest of members of the Thanks for a job well done.
Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opinions Col. James F. Linker, Maine Wing
either expressed or inferred by the writers herein are Commander, CAP
their own and are not to be considered official ex-
pression by the Civil Air Patrol or the Department of (Continued on page 3)
the Air Force.

Maine Wing Cadets and Seniors at Stobie Seaplane Base on Moosehead Lake, Maine move a Cessna 182 seaplane from the water ramp to land parking. Maine
(Continued from page 2) Eval Report
Wing Cadet Activities gov and access the EAGLE fund
Wing has supported the International Pilots association Fly-in for the past seven years. Photo Courtesy of Mike Lange, Moosehead Messenger.
Cadet performing lifesaving pro- I am in the final stages of scheduling and print the form and mail it to
cedures while awaiting the arrival next year's wing cadet activities. I need
some input on an idea I have. What do make a credit card donation.
of the ambulance and State Police.
you think about combining the cadet Forms are being mailed to each
All participants learned a lot about
competition with the Airman / Honor CAP unit in the October mass
Search and Rescue, First Aid, map Guard Academies? I am thinking the mail out. Participants in the
reading and teamwork. academies end at noon on Saturday so Civil Air Patrol EAGLE fund
the competition could run from Saturday
afternoon through Sunday afternoon. will be provided a gift receipt
Encampment 2001 This would allow cadets to participate in for tax records and will be ap-
(Continued on page 8) propriately recognized in The
Civil Air Patrol News.
For questions about the fund,
MAXWELL AFB, ALA.- Civil please contact George Freeman,
Air Patrol National Commander Chief Advancement Officer,
Brig. Gen. Richard L. Bowling Philanthropy and Endowments,
has established the EAGLE Fund 334-953-2617.
(Extending A Gift of Love and Civil Air Patrol, the official Air
Empathy) to receive donations Force Auxiliary, is a nonprofit
from CAP members, employees organization. It performs more
and other interested parties. The than 85 percent of inland search
To all cadets interested in apply- funds will be used to provide both and rescue missions in the conti-
ing for Maine Wing Encampment short-term and long-term disaster nental United States as tasked
2002 staff, Next years Encamp- relief to the victims and survivors by the Air Force Rescue
ment is expected to be very cha l- of the terrorist attack upon the Coordination Center. Volunteers
lenging and exciting. One of the Pentagon on September 11. also take a leading role in aero-
key challenges will be the work The EAGLE fund specifically space education and serve as
that all staff are expected to put in provides the support of long-term mentors to America's youths
as preparation before encampment educational, health and rehabilita- through CAP cadet programs.
starts. If you are considering ap- tion, grief counseling, and general For more information about
plying for staff, also take these ex- support needs of the individuals Civil Air Patrol programs, call
pectations into consideration: and families affected in metro- 1-800-FLY-2338.
1. The privilege of serving as staff politan Washington, DC.
at this encampment is not an op- Donations are tax-exempt to the
portunity to be used as a means of extent allowed by law and 100
glorifying yourself, instead, it is percent of all contributions will
an opportunity to learn and to ex- go to supporting those most af-
perience the self- gratification that fected by this national tragedy.
seeing someone you are leading A special post office box and ac-
learn and grow through your influ- count has been established to re-
ence. ceive and process each gift.
2. You will work throughout the Checks may be mailed to:
beginning of next year to prepare Civil Air Patrol Eagle Fund
yourself for the obstacles that be- Department 3139, P. O. Box 2153
ing a leader will afford. This will Birmingham, AL 35287-3139
Or you may go to www.capnhq.
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Pinetree Senior Squadron Bangor-Brewer Composite
Augusta-Gardiner Composite
We all mourn the death of LTC Walter
Sundown Composite L. Anderson, CAP. A member for over
Squadron 49 years, he was a great gentleman and
Cumberland County a fine aviator. Maine Wing, and the
Composite Squadron The events of September 11, 2001 Bangor-Brewer Squadron especially,
were a shock to everyone. Sundown well surely feel the loss of a good
Squadron has offered their services as friend and guiding light. You may wis h
Downeast Patrol a Color Guard in three events, one of to send his widow a card. Her Address:
Composite Squadron them only four days after the event. Lillian Anderson (wife)
Four cadets and one senior member P.O. Box 2081
participated in a parade on the 15th of Bangor, ME 04401
Machias Valley September for the Firemen's Conven-
tion. The cadets were Lt. Colonel
Composite Squadron Thomas Imlay (Rifle bearer for the
American Flag), Master Sgt. Ashton St Croix Composite
The Machias Valley home page has a McLaughlin (American Flag), Airman Squadron
few updates, check it out. Joshua Baldwin (Squadron Flag) and Airman Jason Baldwin (Rifle bearer The St Croix Composite Squadron, is
for the Squadron Flag. Senior me m- pleased to announce the following pro-
ber Captain Richard Doughty drove motions for the last quarter: Cadet
the van. The cadets received a First John Murray to Cadet Chief Master
Place trophy for the Non-fire Depart- Sergeant, Cadet Tyler Croman to Ca-
ment Color Guard. On the 9th and det Staff Sergeant, Cadet Brian White
12th of November, five cadets and one to Cadet Senior Airman, Cadet
senior member worked with Mountain Stephen Lincoln Jr. to Cadet Airman
Valley High School and local veterans 1st class, Cadet Derek Farquharson and
for two Veterans' Day ceremo - Cadet John Chambers to Cadet Air-
nies. The five cadets were 2nd Lieu- man . We are also please to welcome
tenant Ryan Dennett (Rifle bearer), the following new Cadets for the last
Senior Master Sgt. Ashton McLaugh- quarter: Derek Farquharson and John
lin (POW MIA flag), 2nd Lieutenant Chambers. You will see all of these
The Machias Valley Composite Squad- cadets at future meetings. Take the
ron had a recent change of command Daniel Ferguson (Maine State Flag),
2nd Lieutenant Stephen Dow time to welcome them aboard. The last
ceremony for the cadet commander. C/ quarter was busy for the squadron as
Major Abby Renzullo passed the torch (American Flag) and Lt. Colonel Tho-
mas Imlay (Rifle Bearer). 1st Lieuten- we participated in many events includ-
to her sister, Cadet Chief Master Ser- ing the Greenville Fly In, the St Croix
geant Joanna Bergonzi in September. ant Mary Eastman helped with the co-
ordinating. The ceremonies honored Composite Squadron Fly In, SAR
The two flight commanders of C/ Training Mission in Bar Harbor and
SMSgt Shelby Bright and C/SMSgt the veterans of the past but time was
taken out for all those who risked their three real missions where the Squadron
Trey Reeves had great teams built
when news that Joanna was leaving the lives in trying to save someone else's (Continued on page 5)
area for the winter was announced. during the terrorist attacks of Septem-
Without breaking up the evenly match ber 11, 2001. After all three events,
duo of the two flight leaders, C/2Lt. firemen thanked the members of Sun-
down Squadron across the state of
John Look agreed to step in as acting Croix
Cadet Commander. John was very ac- Maine and all the veterans. They were
happy to see people take time out of Has
tive years ago and earned his Mitchell
award at the age of 14. Machias had their lives to show that they care. Their
seven cadet officers at that time and C/SMSgt. Ashton McLaughlin, Ca- Own
John was interested in Basketball so Fly In
turned down his turn as cadet com-
mander. After graduating from high
(Continued on page 5)
Waterville Composite

(Continued from page 4) Corporate Learning Course you for your attention to this im-
recorded their first “Find.” Hats off to all Attention Seniors portant training announcement.
cadets and seniors for participating in the M. P. Sammons CAPT. CAP
various events. We are looking forward to CLC Director
next quarter. As you should know, the date of
the Maine Wing CLC had to be
2Lt Judy Murray, PAO
changed. The new dates for the
training are 26, 27, of January,
2002. Facilities have been secured Maine Wing Cadet Helps in
Curt LaFond to National at Camp Keyes in Augusta, for Auto Accident.
Headquarters, CAP classrooms for these dates as well Waterville, ME. We all think of our
as accommodations for those CAP training as necessary for that
Congratulations to Curt LaFond, wishing to stay overnight. Over- time we are calle d out on a SAR or
formally of New Hampshire Wing to night accommodations at Camp DR mission. In fact our training
his new job at National HQ. He is Keyes are barracks-style, one can be very useful outside of CAP
now the Assistant Curriculum Direc- and at anytime.
tor of Cadet Programs. A Spaatz building for female, one building
A case in point occurred on the
Cadet and a friend of Maine Wing. for males, and are available Fri-
night of Wednesday October 31st,
His number at NHQ is: 334-953- day night, the 25th of January as
4304 and his email is:
when Cadet 2 Lt Randy Marshall
well as the 26th and 27th of Janu- of Waterville Squadron in Maine
CLaFond@c ary. If you are interested in at- drove passed an accident just after
tending what is shaping up to be it had happen nearby his home. Ca-
an very worthwhile learning ex- det Marshall saw two young men
perience, please submit a staggering along the road, covered
CAPF17 to your Squadron in blood. The two young men were
Commander for his signature of in such a state of shock they did not
approval and be sure to send the know where they had abandoned
completed CAPF17 to Headquar- their crashed car. After local police
ters - Maine Wing, Attention: 1Lt arrived, Cadet Marshall, who is
C. Greer, Professional also a member of the Waterville
Development Officer, by Decem- Fire Department, headed in the di-
ber 10, 2001. Class space is lim- rection the two young men had
ited to a maximum of 25 students come from, and found their car
These are the four cadets from Sun-
down squadron who won the first place so please submit your application over a steep embankment. Inside
trophy in the Firemen's Convention Pa- the car, Cadet Marshall found two
within this timeframe in order to
rade. L to R: C/SMSgt. Ashton more young men quite badly hurt.
better assure your selection for
McLaughlin, C/AMN Jason Baldwin, He stabilized them as he had been
C/AMN Joshua Baldwin and C/LtCol this training. The applicant is re- taught, through his Fire Department
Thomas Imlay. sponsible for ensuring that the training, before Life Flight came in
CAPF17 is sent to Wing to take a least one of the victims to
(Continued from page 4) Machias Valley Sq. Headquarters in time for consid- hospital. When asked why he im-
school he studied photography for a year eration. PLEASE NOTE - IF mediately took action to help, Ca-
and landed a great job as a photographer YOU HAD SUBMITTED A det Marshall replied; “ My leader-
for Glamour magazine and did some CAPF17 FOR THE CLC ship training through CAP gave me
freelance for other noncompetitive
magazines such as Golf. John will con- THAT HAD BEEN SCHED- the confidence get out there and do
vert to a senior member when he reaches ULED FOR 10 and 11, NO- all I could to help.”
21 in May. John has returned to Maine VEMBER, YOU MUST SUB- Capt Chris Hayden, PAO, Maine
and is opening a studio in Columbia MIT A NEW APPLICATION Wing, CAP
Falls, John is eager to hold the position FOR THIS NEW DATE! Thank
and help out the squadron.
Are You Mission Ready?

Editorial from a Romanian spirit turned them into a choir. (Continued from page 3) Encampment 2001
newspaper. Actually, choir is not the word. include training through leader-
An ode to America. Why are What you could hear was the ship material and applying it at
Americans so united? They don't heavy artillery of the American your home units.
resemble one another even if you soul. What neither George W. 3. You will prepare specific sec-
paint them! They speak all the Bush, nor Bill Clinton, nor Colin tions of the basic curriculum to
languages of the world and form Powell could say without facing ensure the successful training of
an astonishing mixture of civiliza- the risk of stumbling over words cadets. The higher the position
tions. Some of them are nearly ex- and sounds, was being heard in a you are applying for the more
tinct, others are incompatible with great and unmistakable way in you will have to prepare.
one another, and in matters of reli- this charity concert. I don't know These are requirements that will
gious beliefs, not even God can how it happened that all this ob- be held to all applicants, and will
count how many they are. Still, sessive singing of America didn't be use in the selection process
the American tragedy turned three sound croaky, nationalist, or os- throughout next year. If you are
hundred million people into a tentatious! It made you green with not willing to work to make this
hand put on the heart. Nobody envy because you weren't able to encampment a success, then you
rushed to accuse the White House, sing for your country without run- will not be considered for staff.
the army, the secret services that ning the risk of being considered For those applying for the posi-
they are only a bunch of losers. chauvinist, ridiculous, or sus- tions of Cadet Deputy Co m-
Nobody rushed to empty their pected of who-knows-what mean mander or Cadet Executive
bank accounts. Nobody rushed on interests. I watched the live Officer, have your application in
the streets nearby to gape about. broadcast and the rerun of its re- no later then 31 Dec 2001. There
The Americans volunteered to do- run for hours listening to the story will be interviews held for these
nate blood and to give a helping of the guy who went down one positions at the Maine Wing Ca-
hand. After the first moments of hundred floors with a woman in a det Review Board in Augusta 12
panic, they raised the flag on the wheelchair without knowing who January 2002 at 1000. All other
smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, she was, or of the Californian applications are due 1 March
caps and ties in the colors of the hockey player, who fought with 2002. Send application and re-
national flag. They placed flags on the terrorists and prevented the sume' to:
buildings and cars as if in every plane from hitting a target that Col Craig R. Treadwell Director
place and on every car a minister> would have killed other hundreds Cadet Programs, Maine Wing
or the president was passing. On or thousands of people. How on Civil Air Patrol, 6 Sara Ln, Port-
every occasion they started sing- earth were they able to bow be- land, ME 04103-3623
ing their traditional song: "God fore a fellow human? Impercepti- Anyone receiving this letter,
Bless America!". Silent as a rock, bly, with every word and musical please pass it's information
I watched the charity concert note, the memory of some turned throughout your squadron.
broadcast on Saturday once twice, into a modern myth of tragic he- Cadet Major Abby S. Renzullo, CAP
three times, on different TV cha n- roes. And with every phone call, Maine Wing Encampment 2002, Ca-
det Commander.
nels. There were Clint Eastwood, millions and millions of dollars
Willie Nelson, Robert de Niro, were put in a collection aimed at
Julia Roberts, Cassius Clay, Jack rewarding not a man or a family,
Nicholson, Bruce Springsteen, but a spirit which nothing can Color
Silvester Stalone, James Wood, buy. What on earth can unite the Guard
and many others whom no film or Americans in such a way? Their Encamp-
producers could ever bring to- ment
gether. The American's solidarity (Continued on page 7) 2001

cluding his wife, Lillian; two
(Continued from page 6) Editorial his life with the Civil Air Patrol,
sons, Douglas Anderson and his
land? Their galloping history? Their where he held the rank of Colo-
wife, Sandra, Walter Anderson
economic power? Money? I tried nel. He is survived by his com-
Jr. and his wife, Mercedes, all of
for hours to find an answer, hum- panion, Beverly Loiselle of
Florida; two daughters, Cheryl
ming songs and murmuring phrases Rockwood, the mother of his
Foster and her husband, George
which risk of sounding like com- children, Lillian Winter of Anna-
of Brunswick and Mary Crocker
monplaces. I thought things over, polis, Md.; three sons, Eric Lee
and her husband, Kevin of Al-
but I reached only one conclusion. Winter and William Charles
ton; three stepsons, Stanley
Only freedom can work such mira- Winter, both of Annapolis, Md.,
Gomm and his wife, Janice,
cles! Bryan Mark Winter of Rego
Stephen and his wife, Janet, and
Park, N.Y.; two daughters, Cyn-
Sterling Gomm, all of Old
thia Lee Haywood and Kathleen
Town; 19 grandchildren, 10
TAPS great-grandchildren, special
friends, the Charles Dauphinee
Ann Winter, both of Annapolis,
Md.; one half brother, Carl Ul-
rich of Alexandria, Va.; an aunt,
family. He was predeceased by
Walter L. Anderson his parents; and a brother, Louis
Dell Bullock of Kissimmee, Fla.;
five grandchildren. Those who
"Ski" Anderson. "Blessed be the
wish may make memorial contri-
day when we are together
butions to the American Heart
ALTON and BANGOR - Walter again". Burial with full military
Association, Maine Affiliate Inc.,
Leroy Anderson Sr., 76, passed honors was at Mount Hope
P.O. Box 346,
away unexpectedly, but peace- Cemetery, Bangor. Memorial
Augusta, ME 04330-0346.
fully, Oct. 5, 2001. He went to be contributions may be made to a
with our Lord, loved ones, and Flight Scholarship for the
friends who have gone before Bangor/Brewer 035 Squadron Don Strout
him. He was born April 1, 1925, Civil Air Patrol, care of Msgt.
in Bangor, a son of John L. and Kevin Crocker, 10 Jeff St., Al- It is with deep regret that the
Alice S. (Kenney) Anderson. ton, ME 04468. Bangor-Brewer Squadron an-
Walter loved his country and nounces the passing of yet an-
served in the U.S. Navy during other member of our squadron,
World War II and was an active Lt Col Don Strout. Don was a
member of the Civil Air Patrol J. Lee Winter pioneer in aviation in the State of
for more than 50 years. He Maine having received his mili-
proudly marched in many local WINTER, J. Lee, 65 ROCK-
WOOD - J. Lee Winter, 65, died tary flying wings on December 6,
parades. After his retirement from 1941 just one day before the at-
Bangor & Aroostook Railroad af- Oct. 9, 2001, at a Greenville
hospital. He was born July 11, tack on Pearl Harbor. Don was a
ter 39 years of service, he enjoyed previous safety officer at the
many activities including fairs, 1936, in Coral Gables, Fla., the
son of Charles W. and Dorothy Bangor squadron and was able to
yard sales, bingo, air shows, and keep a bunch of restless pilots
camping. At the time of his pass- (Lee) Winter. He was a retired
carpenter and had recently riveted to their seats with his fa-
ing, he was enjoying his annual mous flying stories as well as his
trip to the Fryeburg Fair with his worked as a railroad car inspec-
tor at the U.S. Canadian border. seemingly unlimited knowledge
wife, Lillian; and grandson, of anything related to aviation.
Robert Crocker. He will be dearly A U.S. Navy veteran, Lee was
an avid outdoorsman and excel- He was a true friend as well as a
missed and fondly remembered mentor to many in the squadron.
by many family and friends, in- lent marksman. He loved to fly
and was very active throughout He will be sorely missed.
Larry Brown

Wings was not adopted. We have had a dis- and breakfast for those interested and an ex-
appointing response a number of invited tended breakfast for everyone else. The facil-
Military Ball and 60th Annive r- guests. Perhaps this is because of the time of ity is top notch and I believe the experience
year and the demands that the national crisis for our members will be unsurpassed. Start
sary Celebration Cancelled has placed on many of these officials. Some planning and saving for it now. Again, for
have mentioned that the cost of the ball, com- those who helped plan and arrange for this
I deeply regret that I must make the call to ing fairly close to the Holidays, as a factor. years dinner and celebration, as well as those
cancel the Military Ball and 60th Anniver- While this is a loss to the comrade and good who have committed to coming as well as
sary Celebration scheduled for December 1, fellowship we have enjoyed for the Dining those who planned to attend, I regret it must
2001 in Bangor. There are a number of Out=s and Military Balls of past years, I pro- be cancelled. Checks that were forwarded
reasons for this. To date only 34 confirmed pose that we apply the best of our efforts here have not been deposited and will be returned.
reservations have been made. Experience to having an extraordinary Wing Conference Col. James Linker, Commander, Maine
from previous events indicates that 20 to 25 in May, incorporating the 60th celebration. Wing, CAP
reservations will come in at the last minute. Sundown Squadron, our hosts for the 2002
That number is still below the number we conference (5,6,7 May), has struck an excel-
need to break even on the event. The na- lent deal with the beautiful and historic Be-
tional alert has rendered the free lodging at thel Inn, which includes very favorable rates.
the Horizon Inn unavailable to us this year We are planning now to have an impressive
because of the needs of the National Guard. list of invited guests and national CAP fig- (Continued from page 3) Wing Cadet Activities
This means there is little alternative to driv- ures. Where we normally have a informal
both activities and also allow more effi-
ing late at night in December for guests gathering on the Friday night before the con-
traveling great distances. If the weather ference, I would like to see a more structured cient use of the guard cooks. Let me
turns bad, this could be a serious conse- (casual dress) social hour and dinner, perhaps know ASAP what your thoughts are on
quence to vans full of seniors and cadets. with a light-hearted speaker. On the day of this as I need to send my list of dates to
National HQ support for the 60th Anniver- the conference, I would like to see our nor- the Chief so he can request the needed
sary celebration has been under whelming. mally excellent (formal dress) banquet be resources. Watch the listserve for more
Proposed videos involving the President even better, with interesting speakers and a info on the 2002 Maine Wing Cadet
and other national figures has not material- focus on the 60th Anniversary year and ac- activities. Coming SOON more info!
ized and the suggestion by Capt. Hayden complishments of CAP. This will be fol- Col Craig R Treadwell, Director Cadet
that a video of the National Commander be lowed by dancing for those who wish to ex- Programs
taken for use in the celebrations by the tend the evening. On the following Sunday
morning, they will be a Commanders Call

Headquarters NONPROFIT ORG.

Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing U.S. POSTAGE
PO Box 5006
Augusta, ME 04332-5006 PAID