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August, 2016 Mrs. McDermott spoke with Paul Battles
from the Georgia House of
Representatives about being a guest
September, 2016 Mrs. McDermott spoke with Bruce
Thompson, State Senator about being a
guest speaker.
Mr. Turner spoke to Alec Aguilar from
Flexicrew Staffing. He is the HR
representative for Cold Storage and is
interested in hiring some of our
students for Work based learning.
Mrs. Livsey reviewed the membership
roster for our Chamber of Commerce to
identify potential guest speakers and
advisory committee members.
October, 2016 Mrs. McDermott contacted Chick-Fil-A
marketing department to request a
speaker. We are currently working on
setting a date for them to come.

Leslie McMillan from Lake Point spoke to

the students about updates on the
project, economic impact, and career

Mrs. McDermott contact Lara Jeanneret,

Graphic Designer and owner of Laraj
Designs, to set up a time to talk to the
Digital Design students about logo
creation, brochures, and other
promotional materials to help them with
the Long Term group project.

November, 2016 Mrs. McDermott sent out an invitation

for all members to attend the advisory
committee scheduled for December 8,

Mrs. Livsey volunteered at Feed the

Community and supervised the FBLA
students. She met with Janet Queen, a
member of the Chamber of Commerce,
who works for Georgia Power, and
asked her to serve on our Advisory
Committee. Ms. Queen agreed to be a
part of our committee.

Mrs. McDermott emailed Senator Bruce

Thompson to set up a day to be a guest
speaker. He is scheduled to speak on
Monday, December 12th.

Mr. Turner contacted Shaw (Human

Resources Cathy Blackburn, Plant #13
and Mary Stapleton, Corporate Training
Specialist) concerning WBL positions
and serving on our Advisory Committee.

Shaw Plant #13 requested two

additional WBL students. This is part of
the GA Great Promise Partnership.

Mr. Turner attended the Region Meeting

for Work Based Learning held at Lake

December, 2016 We planned an advisory meeting but

there were so many members who
indicated they would not be able to
attend. We will reschedule in February.

Senator Bruce Thompson was a guest

speaker for all business classes. He
spoke about his experience and the
many companies he owns. He talked
about his political career and the
committees he serves on. He
emphasized to the students that they
need to get all the computer and
technical skills they can because there
is going to a huge demand for
employees in the Cybersecurity field.
He is on the committee and said there
are plans to build a Cybertech Academy
in Atlanta in the next few years.

January, 2017 All business teachers participated in the

Business After Hours event sponsored
by the Bartow County College and
Career Academy and the Chamber of
Commerce. It was a networking event
for business people and educators to
get together. Career Tech teachers
from all Bartow County high schools set
up a table with display boards and
distributed brochures or answered
questions about their pathways.

Hannah Riley from Chick- Fil-A was a

guest speaker. She talked about
marketing, advertising, and customer

Nathan Underwood from Cybertech

Caf and Piratica was a guest speaker.
He discussed work habits, soft skills,
careers in technology, social media,
and protecting yourself online.
Mr. Turner recommended students to be
interviewed for an internship at Shaw
Industries. One of our students was
hired by them.
February 2017 Mr. Turner arranged for a guest speaker,
Mr. Jim Biggs to speak to our classes
about Entrepreneurship. He currently
owns PF Harris Manufacturing Company.
He has owned and sold other
businesses in the past.
March 2017 Advisory committee meeting