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Chapter 11 section 3: France and

Photo Tour
Lesson Objectives: The objective of this lesson is for students to attain a solid understanding of

French History during the 1900s. The students will be shown several pictures as primary

documents in order for them to see several images of France during the 19th century, this will

connect their knowledge from the previous lesson and from the homework in order to help them

achieve an understanding of the social and political situation in the section we are discussing.

(what will the pictures be of?)

School learning Targets:

1. I can identify the causes and effects of the revolutions in the Balkans, France, Austria,

Russia and Germany and analyze the effects of nationalism or liberalism in these

2. I can describe the growth and advancement of democracy in Britain and France.

Pre-instructional activities: For the beginning of the class period, the activity is a photo tour. I

will give the students 10 minutes to stand up and walk around the room, looking at different

photographs taped on the wall throughout the room. Students will be asked to carry a notebook

with them and note down what they think the photographs are pictures of. The photographs will

be of different instances of French history that were covered on the previous day of class. After

this activity, I will have students go back to their seats and I will walk through each of the

photographs with the students and we will discuss their importance.

Instructional Phase: This lesson will focus heavily on the Dreyfus affair and its influence in
France and on the greater Jewish community. I plan to begin this portion of the class with a video

about the Dreyfus Affair. After the video I will give a short lecture about the Dreyfus affair and

its importance in the world during this time period. The Dreyfus affair was an important event in

Jewish history and is a devastating example of the effects of anti-semitism, which was a

sweeping movement in Europe. After this phase, I will complete my lecture on France and we

will begin a photo tour.

Guided Practice: Following the instructional phase of the class period, I will organize the

students into groups and send each group to one station in the room where I will have posters set

up on the wall. Students will be able to write on these posters. Each poster will have a picture of

an event that was covered during the lesson. Students will be instructed to walk to each station in

their groups, discuss the photographs, and talk about how they relate to the lessons. This will

serve as a review for the assessment that is the following day of class.
Closing: For the closure of this class period, I will give students a Graphic organizer comparing

the 19th century in Britain and France. Students will have access to their notes for this

assignment. The goal of this is to prepare students for the following class day when they have

their Summative assessment for the unit.

Differentiating Instruction: The notes will be posted online for students who miss any

information in class. This will be especially helpful for ell students who need to go back and

learn new words. It is also helpful for students who may need extended time and were not able to

complete the notes in class. Students who are low achieving or English Language Learners will

be paired with academically gifted students so that they will be able to help students who have a

hard time with the assignment.


Video about the Dreyfus Affair:


Course Textbook: Prentice hall, World History from 1500 to Present.