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Music and Arts Office,

MMHC Formation House,

Silay City,
Deocesis Bacolodensis
November 22, 2016
I do not know how to start a palanca letter for someone that is so jolly
and vibrant like you. Nakulbaan ako nga basi pati sa palanca mo, manunlog
lang ko. Hehehe. You know naman si kuya diba?
I guess my message for you is to seek God in everything. That is a
part of my living philosophy that would always remind me to look at the
bright side in everyone I meet and in every circumstance that I am in.
Because, as we all know, at times we would tend to become very cynical not
just with what is happening around, or how the world would treat us. It might
also be on how we picture ourselves. We become easily disappointed with
the things that we do and failed to do.
But that is not the wisdom of God. In the first place, he saw the world
as in chaos and void then suddenly light came. I couldnt even understand
how tolerant he is with us. We are just but a drop in an endless ocean of his
love. Diba ang galing? Yet he never turned his back from us. He always seek
that spark of hope within us kag dapat kita man. Patience lang with others
and with yourself.
It is also good to remind ourselves to dig deeper. Dig deeper when it
comes to our faith, our love for God (our Divine portrait of Him), and
ourselves. Kilalanin mo yung Kristo na nasa sarili mo. Kilalanin mo ang Kristo
na Diyos ng simbahan mo. It is a constant act that should never stop even
until you die. Testing waters are good, but very dangerous. Its good to
venture when it comes with your faith, but you must see to it that you are
well-founded not only in doctrines but also with your conviction. Acceptance
of Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior is just a part of the whole; it is
never the whole. So, we must toil and act, not only believe. Lets not just
look Jesus as our personal Savior for he is more than that. He opened the
gates but never force us to enter. Personal salvation will always be our
decision to cooperate with Gods loving grace
Lastly, be open to be tested. Life never promised you a smooth-sailing
journey. It will always be your struggle and openness that would dictate if
you really are well-disposed in life. Always remember that wisdom is never
acquired when you are in the state of hatred. Oks? Gets?
Please pray for me as I ceaselessly pray for you.
Br. Damien John Dave Ma. A. Abao,
cutest brother.EVER.