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the method resembles that of the diplomat, and tact, finesse,

and subtle insinuation are the forms of the operation. In
this form of Suggestion, which is far more common than is
generally imagined, diplomats, women, and others having fine
perceptions and instinctive delicacy of mental touch, excel.
The lift of an eyebrow; the shrug of a shoulder; the carefully
shaded accent all these are phases of this form of Suggestion.
And many little tricks of manner, gesture, etc., are likewise.
So common is the use of Suggestion in these times, that an
acquaintance with the subject is almost absolutely necessary
to every one.
Another form of Suggestion that has sprung into prominence
in late years, is that of Therapeutic Suggestion, by which term
is meant the employment of Direct Suggestion for the purpose
of causing the mind to exert its inherent power to regulate the
functions of the body, by means of the involuntary nervous
system, etc. Therapeutic Suggestion has reached an important
place in the method of combating disease and ill-health, and
is now taught in all the principal medical colleges, although
until recently regarded by them with disfavor. It also covers
and explains many of the various forms of healing by various
mental and so-called spiritual methods, which, under various
guises and names, have grown so rapidly in popular favor during
the past decade. A portion of this book shall be devoted to this
branch of the subject.
Another important branch of the general subject of
Suggestion is found in what is known as Auto-Suggestion,
which is Self-Suggestion, or Suggestion given by oneself, to
oneself, according to certain methods and principles, and
which method is also in great favor at the present time, under
one name or another, and under one theory or another.
Auto-Suggestion may be, and is, advantageously employed
along therapeutic lines, and many cases of healing by many
supposed methods, are really the result of the auto-suggestion
of the patient, aroused in various ways. Auto-Suggestion is also
Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion