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F13 March 02, 2017

Macaranas, Falea D. ThF/ 2:30-4:00 pm

BSN-3A Dr. Leonila Castro

Special Assignment

1. In what particular ways are the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo similar and
different from each other?

Similarities: Satirical novels written by Dr. Jose Rizal when he was in Spain. Both
were written in Spanish. Both depict the abuses of Spanish officials and friars. Both
novels incited Filipinos to rise up in arms against the Spanish oppressors. They
both about how the Spaniards abused the Filipinos, the abuse of church of their
power, and the discrimination of Filipinos.

Differences: Noli Me Tangere describes resurgence in thought long dead.

Meanwhile the El Filibusterismo describes the pain of society today. El
Filibusterismo- a political novel, dedicated to GOMBURZA. Noli Me Tangere work of
the heart while El Filibusterismo work of the head. Noli Me Tangere Book of
feeling while El Filibusterismo Book of thought. Noli Me Tangere has freshness,
color,humor, lightness and wit whike El Filibusterismo has bitterness, hatred, pain
violence and sorrow.

2. Based on the novel El Filibusterismo, identify the following:

Rizals view on independence

Rizals messages in the novel

Rizal's message in El Filibusterismo is very clear; that the present system of
government in the Philippines through corrupt officials, dominated by the friars can
lead to the downfall of Spain. This point was stressed by Simoun in the novel,
when he said, "what is a man to do when he is denied justice? Take the law into
his own hands or wait for Spain to give him rights" From the foregoing, Rizal was
very certain that because of the nature and operation of the government, those
who are intelligent, generous, hard-working, courageous and loyal citizens were
driven into opposition, crime and subversion. The Spanish colonial government for
Rizal was arbitrary, cruel, lacking in a sense of justice and responsibility, without
interest in the people under its tutelage
Characters in El Filibusterismo