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F13 March 09, 2017

Macaranas, Falea D. Th/F 2:30-4:00pm

BSN3A Dr. Leonila Castro


Rizal has contributed much to our country without shedding any blood. Unlike the
other heroes, we had, Rizal fought the invaders not by harsh means but in a way that he
can easily seep through the soul of the Filipinos as well as the Spanish. He was chosen
as the national hero because he showed the Filipinos that we can fight for what we
believe in without using those deadly weapons. Also he had contributed much to our
countries in terms of his wisdom and knowledge. Rizal proved that the pen is mightier
than the sword. he did not invoke the revolution thru bloody means. He awakened the
Filipinos' fighting heart thru books and stories he made. Because his novel lead to the
Philippine Revolution against Spain and he was executed as a result. He was a martyr
and was at the beginning of Filipino nationalism.