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I am a software engineer with a great passion for
iOS Engineer | Zalando Payments
technology. For +6 years, I have been engaged
A small bank & fintech subsidiary of Zalando (Europes biggest
in all aspects of mobile industry: UX/UI design,
fashion retailer) doing financial transactions processing.
architecture, implementation, testing, project
2016 - present (Dortmund - Germany)
& product management. I worked in startups &
Working in a demanding PCI-compliant, radically
corporates developing apps & SDKs for contrasting
agile environment on a brand new team/product.
domains like media, shopping, developer tools,
Documenting & kick-started teams scrum, code,
banking, & currently financial technology.
source control, review, and release processes.
Developing a pure-Swift payment SDK that
supports +15 payment methods like credit cards.
+ EDUCATION Modeled UML architectures rigorously employing
design patterns and OOP/DDD/SOLID principles.
Bachelor of Science, Computer Maintaining 100% behavioral, UI, &
Science | Modern Academy in Maadi integration test coverage.
200 6 - 2010 Implemented continuous integration and delivery.
Received two partial scholarships Designing beautiful public APIs for the
for academic excellence. iOS/Android SDKs along with UX/UI.
Graduated with honors.
Graduation project: M 7, graded excellent. Senior iOS Engineer | Instabug
Egypts #1 startup (Forbes) providing in-app feedback for +700
million end users with clients like PayPal, Buzzfeed, & Yahoo!
201 5 - 2016 (Cairo - Egypt)
+ SKILLS Worked on v3.0 with brand new UI/
UX, crash reporter, caching manager,
iOS (Swift, Objective-C, C) bug reporter with multiple attachments,
Windows Phone, Silverlight, & WPF voice notes, & several major refactors.
Participated in designing the public
API as well as UI & UX for the SDK.
Architecture (OOP, FP, DDD, SOLID, UML)
Testing (TDD, BDD, UI Testing)
Senior iOS Engineer &
Scrum Master | Zoboon
CI/CD, Source Control, & Automation Egypts top rewards program while also
Product (Lean, Monetization, A/B Testing) providing shopping and lifestyle advice.
201 4 - 201 5 (C airo - Egypt )
UX & UI Design (Adobe Suite, Sketch)
Project (Agile, Scrum, Kanban) Lead iOS Engineer &
Product/Project Manager | Nazzelha
A software house focused on providing solutions to
top Arab media clients with +1 mill ion end users.
+ Projects 2010 - 201 4 (C airo - Egypt )
Self-taught iOS development.
Zalando Payments SDK Led the iOS team and mentored less experienced
Instabug SDK developers in areas like agile, code design,
Zoboon unit testing, etc. to finish +10 apps.
Arab African International Bank WPF Developer & UX/UI Designer | M7
Youm7 200 9 - 2010
Ethical Hacker & UI Designer | Freelance
+10 more 2004 - 2007