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Production Group: Adam, Chris, Leah

Production Title (Working Title): Sugar Rush


Barbara Interview Full Interview with Barbara 10 min y

16 sec
Ian interview Full Interview with Ian 14 min y
24 sec
00115 Barbara w/ customer 1min y
00117 Panning shot of lolipops 03secs n

00116 Barbara w/ sweets 5mins y

00114 Voxpop 22 mins n
53 secs
00113 Sweeping establishing shot 20secs NS

Still establishing shot 45secs NS

00138 Cut-away of sweets 1 08secs y

00137 Cut-away of sweets 2 06secs y

00141 Cut-away of sweets in hand 16secs y

00120 Cut-away of sweets 3 02secs NS

00121 Cut away of sweets 4 04secs y

00122 Cut away of sweets 5 03secs y

00125 Panning shot of stall 07secs n

00127 Panning shot of stall sign 22secs NS

00132 Cut-away of pic and mix panning 08secs Y

00134 Cut-away of pic and mix panning 2 06secs Y

00136 Cut-away of pic and mix panning 3 13secs NS

00135 Cut-away of pic and mix panning 4 07secs n

00139 Cutway of chocolate (not relevant) 18secs NS

00143 Establishing shot of Pic and Mix shop 18secs y

00140 Cut away of pic and mix still 05secs y

00139 Shot of mic and mix chocolate 18secs y

Christine Full interview with Mr Simms Worker 5mins y
Interview 37secs
00001 Fudge cutaway 15secs y

00002 Cutaway of counter and Jars at back 20 secs y

00003 cutaway pan of counter and pic and mix 12secs y

00004 cutaway Pan of back Jars 54secs y

00005 cutaway Pan of front window from inside 17secs y

00006 cutaway of walled sweets 22secs y

00007 Pan of shop ft. worker preparing sweets 13secs y

00008 Pan of worker and sweet close up 29secs y

00009 Close up of worker placing sticker of product 20secs y

00010 Pan of pic and mix 7 secs y

00011 Pan of pic and mix slower 17secs y

00012 Customer buying lolipop, no sound 31secs y

00013 Shot of sherbet jars 10secs y

00014 Customer buying fudge no sound 13secs y

00015 too fast rising shot of jars 6secs n

00016 pan of jars slightly too fast 15secs NS

00017 pan of Mr Simms sign 45secs y

00018 Establishing shot of Mr Simms store 38secs y

00019 Establishing shot of Mr Simms store down 13secs y

00020 Establishing pan shot (woman in Way) 20secs NS

00021 Long Establishing shot (too fast, may be able 1min NS

to be saved) 17secs
00023 establishing shot ft. shaky camera 5secs n

00024 establishing shot with column in the way 17secs n

00026 Customer buys lolipop (with sound) 33secs y

Becky Interview Full interview with dietitian 6mins y

00028 Best establishing shot of LHCH entrance 9secs y

00029 same as above but close up of sign 13secs y

00030 Swipe of main entrance 1min y

00167 Shot of people in the liverpool market 2mins 20 y

00168 pan of people in markets 7secs y

00169 Father Christmas on bus 20secs y

00070 Voxpop of favourite sweets 10mins y

00071 Voxpop of favourite sweets 2 16mins y
00072 Voxpop of favourite sweets 3(5.20) 15mins y
00075 Establishing shot of pic and mix stall at 1min y
Xmas markets 37secs
00076 Child filling pick and mix 16secs y

00177 Handheld shot of children filling pic and mix 1min y

00178 pan of stall (too fast) 15secs NS

00179 Pan of stall 2 (too fast) 20secs

Gale Interview Full interview with amazing cakes owner 6mins y

00182 Jolly rancher (as mentioned in interview) 5secs y

00183 pan of sweets inc jolly rancher 15secs y

00184 wider pan of sweets on trolly 20secs y

00185 still shot of skittles 7secs y

00186 pan of sweets slower 10secs y

00187 shot of poptarts 4secs y

00189 Shaking jolly rancher packet 43secs n

00188 Shot of trolly of sweets 15secs y

00190 Shots of trollies 6mins y

00191 Voxpop of trying sweets 16mins y
00192 voxpop of trying sweets 4mins y
00193 voxpop of trying sweets 7mins y
00194 shot of outside Mr Simms 15secs y

Angela Boscarino Full interview 7mins y

Interview 30secs
00264 cutaway of Grandad pouring sweets 4secs y

00263 Mixture of cutaways with sweets on table ft. 8mins y

close up eating 34secs
00262 Possible cutaways while Grandad goes 5mins y
through sweets 36secs
Grandad part of Grandad interview 1min y
Interview extra bit 56secs
00260 Cutaway of sweets in Grandads hand 3secs y

00259 Similar to above (prefered) 3secs y

00258 Different sweet same shot 2secs y

Grandad Grandad Full interview 11mins y

Interview 25secs
Lea Interview Full interview with Lea Green 10mins y
Interview with Interview with Christmas Market stall owner 4mins y
Christmas Market 16secs
stall owner
00245 Cutaways of stall roof 1min y
00277 Buying sweets from the stall (zoom in) 16secs y

00243 Shots of fudge and stall 52secs y

00242 Shots of pic and mix 4mins y

00241 Cutaway of mic and pic (extremely short) 2secs NS

00240 Shot of sweet strings 27secs y

00238 panning shot of whole stall (deffo use) 29secs y

0-0239 cutaway of popcorn 18secs y

00247 Vozpop of student trying sweets outside 1min y

college 10secs
00246 Voxpop of student trying sweets outside 17secs y
college (2)
00212 Voxpop of trying sweets (good framing) 21secs y

00213 Voxpop of kids trying sweets (3 sisters) 1min y

00214 Voxpop of kids trying sweets (family of 5 3mins y
kids) 33secs
00210 Establishing shot of dreamshakes 1min y

00211 Action shot of ice cream in blender 33secs y

00209 Close-up of Chris having milkshake 39secs y

00208 Customer getting served 1min y

00205 Shots of another milkshake shack 2mins NS