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Writing Task 1

The pie charts illustrate information about the

consumption of energy in Florida in 2007 and the
prediction in 2017. The energy is divided into some
different types according to fuel sources.

Overall, it can be seen that there are two fuel types

which are predicted to rise in the 2017; natural gas
and nuclear. It means that the consumptions of both
non fossil energy will be consider in the future
because they can produce much energy by using
fewer amount of energy.

In 2007 and 2017, the most noticeable pattern is

shown by natural gas. There was a major proportion
of natural gas in 2007, which was 38.8 %, and it is
estimated that the proportion will rise to 54.4 % in
2017. The same pattern is also shown by nuclear. It is
predicted that the consumption of nuclear will be rise
about 4% in 2017, after 11.9% of nuclear used in
2007. By contrast, the consumption of oil, renewable
energy, coal, and other fuel types is expected to fall
in 2017. The consumption of oil in 2007 was 6.7%
and it will drop to 1.1 % and will be the most
unpopular fuel in 2017. The similar pattern is also
given by renewable energy. Even though it is
predicted to be more popular than oil in 2017, the
proportion of renewable energy will fall to 1.5%.
Writing Task 2

The birth rate in most developed countries is

predicted to begin to fall over the next 50
years. By 2030 it is estimated that over one
third of the population in most developed
countries will be aged 65 and over.

What effects will these predictions have on

countries if they prove true? What can be done
now to deal with the situation?

Nowadays, most people worry about over-population

and living in the crowded cities. However, it is
prediction that in the next 50 years, the birth rate in
most developed countries will fall and it is estimated
that there are 30% of the population will be aged 65
and over.

If the predictions prove true, the number of older

people in the developed countries will be bigger than
younger people. It means we will find fewer people
who productive to work. As the result, the number of
tax payer will fall in the future. Governments may
think to increase the official retirement age to 70 and
even over. Government will need to make sure that
the older people are healthy and fit enough to handle
their work.


Theme: Friendship

1. Tell me about your friends.

I have a close friend that I always communicate
with him intensively. His name is Fidel. He is a
lecturer in our university. He is a smart person
who always shares knowledge that he has. He is
a calm person but sometimes he like to tell jokes
and make many people laugh. He is really
passionate to continue his study and implements
his knowledge to grow up our country. I feel really
blessed to be his friend.

2. How do you think your friends see you?

I think my friends feel comfortable with me. I am
a loyal friend. I am a good listener and I can keep
safely their secret. They are proud of me because
I am keen on literature and love writing poem
and short story.

3. It is impossible to make loyal and sincere

friends on social networking sites on
internet? Why? Why not?
In my view, I am doubt that we can make loyal
friends on social media such as Facebook or
Twitter. In social media people tend to mask their
real characters. They may show a good attitude
when they communicate with us, but we can see
directly their expression or gestures, so we
cannot judge objectively the people.