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AIS Womens Network College

2015 Annual Report




Eleanor Loiacono

AISWN Co-Founding Chair (July 2013-June 2015)

Deb Armstrong
Annemieke Craig

AISWN Co-Chair (July 2015-June 2017)

with the assistance of

AISWN advisors and officers

February 10, 2016

AISWN 2015 REPORT Founding Co-Chairs
Eleanor Loiacono, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Cathy Urquhart, Manchester Metropolitan
( University

AISWN is a College affiliated with the Association for Current Chair

Information Systems (AIS). The College was approved Deb Armstrong, Florida State University
by the AIS council in December of 2014 and was the first Annemieke Craig, Deakin University
College of the AIS.
Future Co-Chairs
1. MISSION & TOPICS Not applicable yet.

The AIS Womens Network is a college of the Immediate Past Co-Chairs

Association for Information Systems (AIS). The purpose Eleanor Loiacono, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
of the College is to promote a network for supporting Cathy Urquhart, Manchester Metropolitan
women scholars in information systems and to enables University
mentorship relationships that are crucial to speed the
success of women in the information systems field. Treasurer/Funding Chair
Lakshmi Iyer, University of North Carolina at
AISWNs mission is to: Greensboro

Providing a forum for discourse between those Ph.D. Representative

interested in furthering the accomplishments, Camille Grange, HEC Montral
contributions, and careers of women scholars in
information systems. Newsletter Editor
Providing a forum for a discourse between those Upasna Bhandari, National University of Singapore
in the AIS Womens Network and members of
the broader IS scholarly discipline. ACIS Networking Event Chair
Facilitating mentorship relationships that Annemieke Craig, Deakin University
support the activities of women scholars in
information systems AMCIS Networking Event Chair
Lakshmi Iyer, University of North Carolina at
To fulfill our mission, AISWN is involved in several Greensboro
conferences and workshops. In the one year and one Eleanor Loiacono, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
month AISWN has organized events at several
conferences and two pre-ICIS workshop on Advancing ECIS Networking Event Chair
Women in IS Academia (ICIS 2014 and ICIS 2015). Elena Gorbacheva, University of Munster

HICSS Networking Event Chair

2. OFFICERS, GOVERNANCE, AND BYLAWS Cindy Riemenschneider, Baylor University
The officers serving from July 2015 to June 2017 were as ICIS Networking Event Chair
follows: Deb Armstrong, Florida State University
Annemieke Craig, Deakin University
Advisory Board
Cynthea Beath, University of Texas at Austin PACIS Networking Event Chair
Diane Cyr, Simon Fraser University TBD, TBD
Jane Fedorowicz, Bentley University
Helmut Krcmar, Technische Universitt Mnchen Webmaster/Social Media/Listserv Manager
Eleanor Loiacono, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Eleanor Loiacono, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Diane Strong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Jason Thatcher, Clemson University 3. ACTIVITIES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Cathy Urquhart, Manchester Metropolitan
University AISWN has received a high level of interest and support
Doug Vogel, Harbin Institute of Technology from enthusiastic members at all levels within academia,
including Ph.D. students, untenured faculty members,
mid-career faculty, and senior scholars. With the hard
work of the organizing team, AISWN continues to
support its members in multiple ways. In this limited
space, we report the activities and accomplishments over
the past one-year and one-month (December 2014 to
December 2015). Table 1. Summary of Meetings

3.1. Identity and Community Building Executive Meetings

Date: January 19, 2015
In keeping with its mission, AISWN continues to Duration: One hour
advance the goal of promote a network for supporting
Annual General Meeting
women scholars in information systems and to enable
mentorship relationships that are crucial to speed the Date: December 14, 2015
success of women in the information systems field. Our Duration: Two hours
membership roster has over 300 members, though not all ACIS 2014 Womens Networking Event, Auckland,
are AIS members. Since we have just been established as New Zealand
a college, we have had none AIS members join our social Date: December 8, 2014
media sites. The AISWN will be working with AIS on Format: Reception (2 hours)
integrating membership and setting up the website Chairs: Annemieke Craig
connections to AIS. AISWN members represent Participants: 88
academic (faculty and doctoral students) and a variety of
Guest Speakers: Liz Gosling (CIO Auckland
industry and service sectors. The membership has a
University of Technology NZ)
global impact representing over 30 countries and six
Phirley Gregor (Australian national
continents. We have both a LinkedIn (344 members) and
University, Australia)
Facebook (73 members) presence since 2011. We have a
discussion listserv on AIS groups with 172 members Pre-ICIS 2014, Auckland, New Zealand*
currently. Date: December 13, 2014
Format: Workshop (1 day)
3.2. Communications and Outreach Chairs: Eleanor Loiacono, &
Lakshmi Iyer
In the past year, we have continued to promote the Research Deb Armstrong, (Florida State
awareness of AISWN. Now that we have been Panelists: University, USA),
established as the first AIS College, we are stepping up Jenine Beekhuyzen, (Griffith
our interaction with the AIS community and building University, Australia), Annemieke
broader representation in the community in hopes of Craig (Deakin University,
promoting greater participation and dialog with members Australia)
and other groups, such as SIGs and Colleges. These Editor Panelists: Paul Goes, (Editor of MISQ),
activities were carried out using four levels of Richard Baskerville, (Editor of
communications: College-wide communication, EJIS),
promotion of AISWN in the MIS community, dialog with Chris Sauer, (Editor of ISJ),
other Women associations, and connections with Roger Debreceny (Editor of JIS)
industry, such as IBM. Participants: 27
Stipends: 9
3.3. AISWN Sponsored Workshops, Conferences, & Special Events: Networking breakfast & lunch,
Meetings research & editorial panels.
ICIS 2014 Womens Networking Event, Auckland,
AISWN has established, sponsored, and organized the New Zealand
annual, Pre-ICIS Workshop on Advancing Women in IS.
Date: December 15, 2014
AISWN also participates in the following conferences:
AMCIS (Americas Conference on Information Systems), Format: Reception (2 hours)
ECIS (European Conference on Information Systems), Deb Armstrong &
HICSS (Hawaiian International Conference on System Chairs: Annemieke Craig
Sciences), ACIS (Australasian Conference on Participants: 96
Information Systems) and other conferences attended by Guest Speakers: Iris Junglas (Florida State
its members. University, USA)
Yeliz Eseryel (University of
Table 1 summarizes these conferences/meetings. Groningen, NL), &
Marta Indulska (University of
Queensland, Australia)

ICIS 2015 Womens Networking Event, Fort Worth,
HICSS 2015 Kauai, Hawaii Texas
Unaffiliated Womens Social. Date: December 15, 2015
AMCIS 2015 Networking Event, Puerto Rico Format: Reception (2 hours)
Date: August 13, 2015 Chairs: Deb Armstrong &
Annemieke Craig
Format: Reception (1 hour.5 hours)
Participants: 122
Chairs: Lakshmi Iyer and &
Guest speakers: Olivera Marjanovic (University of
Eleanor Loiacono
Sydney, Australia)
Participants: 75
Dubravka Cecez - Kecmanovic
Guest Speakers: Networking event with updates from (UNSW, Australia)
co-chairs. Romelia Flores, (IBM)
ECIS 2015, IS Women's Networking Event,
Mnster, Germany * Sponsored by Elsevier Foundation.
Date: May 27, 2015 Note: All activities are open to AIS members.
Format: Reception (1.5 hours)
Chairs: Elena Gorbacheva 3.4. Special Issues of Refereed Academic Journals
Participants: 65
Guest Speakers: Jenine Beekhuyzen (Griffith We have not yet established or sponsored any special
University, Australia) issues related to women or gender studies within IS, but
ACIS 2015 Womens Networking Event, Adelaide, hope to do so in the future. Research has been
Australia undertaken through an Elsevier Foundation sponsored
Date: December 2, 2015 survey (2014-2015). A paper reporting on this work and
Format: Reception (2.5 hours) the efforts to support female academics in the discipline
of Information Systems (IS) over recent years is
Chairs: Annemieke Craig
forthcoming in CAIS1. A previous paper2 was also
Participants: 113 published in CAIS reporting on the 2013 ICIS Womens
Guest Speakers: Caroline Chan (RMIT University, Breakfast Panel, which discussed the need to continue
Australia) the ICIS Womens Breakfast in some form. Future
John Lamp, (Deakin University, research to gain an understanding of the low numbers of
Australia) women in IT academic roles is underway as well.
Pre-ICIS 2015, Fort Worth, Texas*
Date: December 12, 2015 3.5. AISWN Annual Election

Format: Workshop (1 day) In May 2015, Eleanor Loiacono administered the annual
Chairs: Eleanor Loiacono & election for the position of SIG Co-Chair-Elects.
Lakshmi Iyer Annemieke Craig and Deb Armstrong were nominated,
Participants: 45 and the election was completed on June 12, 2015.
Stipends: 6 Annemieke Craig and Deb Armstrong were elected as
Co-Chair, effective July 1, 2015.
Panelists Manju Ahuja (University of
Louisville, USA),
3.6. Awards
Claudia Loebbecke (University of
Cologne, Germany)
Service awards were presented to those helping with the
Carol Saunders (University of
Pre-ICIS 2015 Workshop. They include: Manju Ahuja,
Central Florida, USA)
Claudia Loebbecke, Carol Saunders, Upsana Bhandani,
Breakout Upasna Bhandani (National
Camille Grange, and Sandra Richardson.
Session University of Singapore)
Leaders: Camille Grange (HEC Montral)
Sandra Richardson (University of
Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Suarez, Professional
Negotiator 1 Loiacono, E., Iyer, L. Armstrong, D., Beekhuyzen, J., and Craig, A.
AIS Womens Network: Advancing Women in IS Academia
Communications of the AIS, forthcoming.
2 Loiacono, E., Urquhart, C., Beath, C., Craig, A., Thatcher, J., Vogel,
D., and Zigurs, I. Thirty Years and Counting: Do We Still Need the
ICIS Womens Breakfast? Communications of the AIS, 2013, Volume
33, Article 6, pp. 81-96.
AISWN provides a range of services to its members (see Carolina at Greensboro. The ICIS 2015 Womens
AISWN website,, for these services). Networking Event was sponsored by the IBM Academic
The AISWN website has information about every aspect Initiative and Florida State University.
of AISWN, including the mission, bylaws, membership,
listserv, conferences, newsletters, photo gallery, and Minimal dues of $10 have been established.
AISWN officers and contact information.
It has only been one year and one month since the
5. FINANCIAL MATTERS establishment of AISWN and we have been busy
establishing processes and growing awareness of the
AIS maintains the accounting records for AISWN. group. We would like to thank everyone who has
Currently, we have approximately $200, but are working contributed to AISWN in various ways, including those
to obtain more funding. Eleanor Loiacono obtained a on AIS Council for their support. AISWN has made
two-year, $67,000 grant from the Elsevier Foundation, significant progress through the support of its advisors,
and along with Lakshmi Iyer, they developed and sponsor, officers, and members, who continue to lend
delivered the 2014 and 2015 Pre-ICIS Workshop on their creative and diligent efforts to make AISWN a
Advancing Women in IS Academia held in Auckland, success.
New Zealand in 2014 and Fort Worth, Texas in 2015.
Companies and universities have been very supportive of Given the strong efforts of all involved, AISWN
AISWN. The ICIS 2014 Womens Networking Event continues to evolve and grow to meet the needs of its
was sponsored by Florida State University. The AMCIS members. I am confident that under the leadership of
2015 social event was sponsored by AIS, Worcester Deb Armstrong and Annemieke Craig, AISWN will
Polytechnic Institute, and the University of North continue to flourish and provide even better services to
its members.