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Your school is amazing

Share it with your families

Use tiqbiz to bring your school into the daily lives of the
parents and the extended family.
Fast and effective communications directly from teachers,
administration and the principal, helping parents feel fully
engaged with your schools amazing activities.

Use tiqbiz directly from the classroom

Engaging parents with your school is easy with tiqbiz.
Partnerships need communication
Building strong and effective family/school partnerships is at the core
of the tiqbiz system. Working with schools in India and around the
world, we understand the positive impact parent partnerships have on
student success.
Weve designed tiqbiz to be fast and easy-to-use with many automated
processes that reduce your workload while making sure vital information
flows seamlessly to exactly who its meant for.
Tiqbiz is a sophisticated system thats also used by Government of Australia,
business and sporting associations for delivering relevant information to
the community in a safe and private way.

Administrator driven communications 30pm today

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Tiqbiz puts the controls into your hands to manage all your gi
messaging and notifications: tin

Allocate messaging rights to teachers and other staff

Control what is sent
Nominate who receives it
Regulate replies
Collate responses
Deliver time-sensitive announcements
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Request feedback from specific parents ptemb Re
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Schedule push notifications e so
Manage response forms su
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Select your audience

Send messages to thousands of people, smaller groups or an individual.

Everybody in your school

Any number of year levels

Send private messages

to individuals
Active notification technology
Weve developed a comprehensive suite of messaging and notification tools
to make it easy for you to deliver your information and make sure its read.
Set scheduled release dates
Set repeating reminders
Expire messages automatically
Pin important messages
Link to events
Multiple pushes
Multi-channel message delivery option

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one2one private messaging

A unique tool that replaces costly SMS and lets you send instant messages
to individual parents. Its so easy to use. You send a message from the admin
area to a parent, and they receive a push notification directly
to their phone, tablet or computer. Teachers can use one2one to send
private messages to parents of their class directly from their phone.

Calendar messaging integration

The tiqbiz calendar works quietly in the background pushing event
information notification alerts into the tiqbiz newsfeed.
Multiple reminders of events
Adds events to the newsfeed when they need to be seen
Alerts when events are due
Integrates with your Google calendar
Move events to your personal calendar
Language translation
The tiqbiz language translation tool helps people for whom English
is a second language to read and understand your messages.
They simply set their preferred language in preferences, then everything
is received translated.

Teacher to parent messaging

Tiqbiz enables teachers to have fast and controlled
messaging to the parents of their class.
Without using phone numbers or emails they can share
the classroom daily activities, photos, meeting times and
A safe, private platform.
Remind parents of up coming events.
Reach one or more parents or the whole class.
Send behaviour reports home.
The teacher maintains control over all conversations.
Advance planning with scheduled posts.

Digital Forms for the whole school

A fully integrated digital forms platform for schools who
require real-time information from parents. Its used
extensively with digital signature for absence, volunteers
and excursion permissions.
tiqbiz FORMS empowers staff to complete school
administration forms on or off the school grounds.
Its fast and easy to use.
Combined with the tiqbiz messaging system, it becomes
a powerful tool for the school to rapidly seek responses
and compile in an orderly format.

Enhancing Communication
Tiqbiz lets school send their information to the same or different groups of parents to
enhance the communication experience. By sending homeworks, event calendar,
activity related information, etc. through tiqbiz, school can reduce the weight of
almanac and other worksheets upto 1 kg from the bag of student.

Home Event
Notice Activities
Work Calendar

deliver your
your message

Australia: P: (03) 9800 1489 E:

New Zealand P: 0274 707 112 E:
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