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Unit 1 and 2 Review

For each of the following sentences, choose either "used to" or "would". If both are
possible, use "would".

1. Do you remember how your Uncle David __________ sit in that chair and smoke those
disgusting cigars?

2. Your mother __________ have a Yorkshire Terrier when she was a young girl, didn't she?

3. For years, they __________ go on holiday to the Rockies, but then it became very
fashionable and, hence, expensive.

4. Years ago, I __________ write a diary every day but then I got bored with doing it and I
stopped. Maybe it was my life that was boring!

5. At the start of their marriage, they __________ be very happy - but then it all went wrong!

6. You __________ spell so well. Whatever happened?

7. When I was five, I __________ be able to do incredible gymnastics. Now I can't even touch
my toes.

8. Before getting my driving licence, I __________ ride a bicycle everywhere.

9. On Sundays, after his football match, Bob __________ often come home exhausted.

10. You__________ like him... Yes, but now I hate him !

11. She __________ live in London before the war, then she moved to New York.

12. I remember we __________ go fishing every morning when I was a child. It was great.
Now, I am an accountant and I don't have any free time.

13. The children__________ often help me to make a cake. They still do sometimes.

14. He __________ be a very good tennis player, until he broke his ankle.

15. My grandfather __________ swim in this river. Unfortunately, now it's forbidden.

Future tenses:

1. This time next week we (ski) in the French Alps.

2. Jill has accepted a job abroad. This time next month she (work) in Paris.
3. I cant work out this maths problem. I (help) you with it.

4. Greg is taking a year off to travel. By the end of next year he (visit) seven

5. What will you be doing this time tomorrow? I (take) my English exam.

6. Its very cold in here. Yes, youre right. I (close) the window.

7. Why are you wearing a tracksuit? I (play) tennis in the park with David.

8. Dont come round at six oclock. I (still / do) my homework. If you want to
come round at seven, you can. I (finish) it by then.

9. Next year, I (live) in this house for ten years.

10. Ive decided to go to university. Really? Which subject you


11. Do you think that computers (control) our lives in the future? No, of
course not!

12. That woman looks very pale. Yes, I think she (faint).

13. Why are you turning on the radio? I (listen) to the news.

Complete the text. Use the correct form of the future perfect simple or future continuous.

What 1 we (do) in a hundred years time? According to NASA

Scientists we 2 (travel) in outer space. By the twenty-second century man
(develop) a quick way of getting to the stars, and the first long-distance
spaceships 4 (leave) Earth.

However, these spaceships wont be the first to explore outer space. Other spaceships
(already / voyage) into the unknown. In fact, the first unmanned ship, Pioneer
10, was launched in 1972. Pioneer 10 will be in space for thousands of years, and in 32,000
years time it will pass a star called Ross 248. By the time Pioneer 10 gets there, man
(already / reach) Ross 248 and 7 (colonize) the planets around
it. What 8 these humans (do) when Pioneer 10 passes by? Will
they remember that it was the first spaceship to venture into outer space?