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On educators
focus on educators is an award winning publication of the Pittsburg Education Association/CTA/NEA

California Teachers Association

Statement of Mission
The California Teachers Association exists to protect and promote the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of
teaching and learning; to advance the cause of free, universal, and quality public education; to ensure that the human dignity and civil
rights of all children and youth are protected; and to secure a more just, equitable, and democratic society.
Are you getting what you need from income areas. Teachers want to
MARCH 2017 the Wednesday staff meetings to
grow in your profession? Are you
teach with low class sizes to ensure
that they are better able to assist and
building your skill set when you deliver effective curriculum. When
Volume XXV, Number 7 attend staff development days? we have no class size limits in our
secondary schools this is a disservice
After youve answered those
to our students. When special
questions, think about how the
education classes do not have firm
district has refused to allow
caps of class size this limits more
Dear PEA Members, teachers/unit members determine
time and opportunity for growth of
their own needs for collaboration and
We are currently at impasse in our our students.
effective professional development
contract negotiations. Youve heard for Wednesdays during these past Other districts have caps and
from your Reps and seen written bargaining sessions. Ponder how understand why class size really
communications to the fact that this surveys show that teacher-driven matters. Why not here!
was declared by the district. Here are professional development is more
3. We are not at the top of the salary
some things to keep in mind as you successfully applied than the sit and
schedule for our area. In the past we
work with your fellow educators to get sessions.
answer the call to action in getting a had fully paid benefits. California,
fair contract. Then there is a disparity in which along with the rest of the nation, has
sites do have collaboration time and an educator shortage. Less and less
1. Members are dealing every day how it is structured. As the people are going into the education
with students in one fashion or the educational expert we should be field. Districts around us have better
other. Did anyone of us learn all trusted to have time to collaborate benefit and salary packages. There
we needed to know in our college with colleagues and prompt are many places to choose from to
classes before becoming an topics/training for Wednesday work. We need to attract and retain
educator? No we didnt. That is meetings. quality teachers! A well paid
why there are pieces of contract professionally developed educator is
language specifically created, so Other districts believe in their
the best thing for students.
you would have the opportunities to employees and encourage them in
build upon what youve learned. their professional growth. Why not Other districts are offering more in
here! pay and benefits so they can retain
Your professional growth is and attract caliber educators. Why
important in how you excel in your 2. It has been shown in many studies
not here!
daily work. The strategies and that class size truly matters. Smaller
skills you obtain will help your class sizes have been proven to Lets work together to make it HERE!!!
students be more successful. increase student achievement. This
In Solidarity,
is imperative for the students of low-
Tammy Carr, PEA President
PEA Leadership 2016-2017 Rep. Council Meeting Calendar (Tuesdays)
President March 21
Tammy Carr April 25
PEA Office
May 16
Elementary Vice President
School Board Meeting Calendar
Michell Redfoot
Willow Cove March 8 & 22
Secondary Vice President April 12 & 26
Irwin Manangkil May 10 & 24
Black Diamond June 14 & 28
Nicole Glassel
Los Medanos
Are You Getting Your PEA Information?
Treasurer Having our Site Reps collect your input, attend the monthly Rep

Bruce Giron meeting and then report back to you is vital in the

Black Diamond communication chain of our Association.

Roll call at last February 21st Rep Council Meeting:
Committee Chairs:
Grievance Committee Adult Ed. present MLK Jr. absent
John Kleinjans Pittsburg High
Black Diamond present North Campus absent
Chris Coan Willow Cove
Foothill present Parkside present
Negotiations Team
Heights present PHS - present
Mark Maselli Chair - Hillview
Political Action Committee Chairs Highlands present Rancho Medanos present
Chris Coan Willow Cove Hillview - present Stoneman absent
Jim Vaughan Black Diamond Los Medanos present Willow Cove present
Elections Chair
Marina Vista present
Ruth Foster - Foothill
Human Rights Chair
Yvonne Burton - Foothill
Womens Issues Chairs
Alicia Puzak Pittsburg High
O-Team Chair
Laura Silva - Parkside
CTA State Council Representatives
Mark Maselli Hillview
Arthur Pruyn (Alt.) Pittsburg High PEA Scholarships
Membership Chair
Lisa Gunderson Los Medanos PEA Scholarship applications are available for
Special Education Chairs graduating high school seniors who will be attending an
Michell Redfoot Willow Cove institution of higher learning in the fall of 2017.
Melonie Sauceda-Flemming - Hillview Applicants must be the son or daughter of a parent who
Technical Editor is a current member of the PEA/CTA/NEA. You may
Susan Harrison PEA Office Administrator request a scholarship application form from the PEA
Focus on Educators is a publication of the
office at 432-0199 or email
Pittsburg Education Association CTA/NEA
159 East 4th Street, Pittsburg, CA 94565
Scholarship forms must be returned to the PEA Office
Phone: (925) 432-0199 email:
(159 East 4th Street)
no later than Monday, April 10, 2017 by 4 p.m.

PEA Member Meet your PEA Secretary
Spotlight Nicole Glassel
Hello PEA Members!
This new column will be a place to hear from our
members who have answered the question of the month. Im thrilled to be your Union Secretary for the 2016-2017
school year! I am making sure all your thoughts being
passed to your reps are heard and efficiently recorded on a
The question for March is:
monthly basis! Heres a little bit more about me (in case you
didnt know or were doing a diary entry tonight).
What is your best way to de-stress?
This is my 15th year at Los Medanos Elementary where I
started as a 1st grade teacher, but am currently teaching 2nd
To de-stress, I like to laugh with my daughter and dance grade. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the
with my hlau Hula (dance group/school). University of Oregon and returned to California where I
attended Chapman University for my Teaching Credential
and Masters of Education in Curriculum & Instruction. In
Janette Jones, PHS & Heights, Psychologist
addition, I will be receiving an Administrative Credential this

Prior to going into education, I worked in Hollywood at a

Praying and reading the Bible, reflecting on Gods post- production facility and in San Francisco at an
goodness and His promises. advertising agency. I have loved it all, but know my heart is
truly in education.
Martin Santiago, PILC
As educators (and union members), we are the voices who
advocate for our students every day, but we must remember
to speak up for ourselves, as well. For this reason, I wanted
Without a doubt, my way to de-stress is fishing, which I do to become more involved with our union (not just when its
every day after work. contract negotiation time) and hope you will too! Please
read your contract, be aware and informed, and know your
Alex Weber, Parkside, Speech Language Pathologist rights!

Nicole Glassel
There simply is no better way to de-stress than to be in
the garden! I am grateful that God invented dirt. It keeps ***************************************************************************
me totally in the moment when I am working the soil
containing our plethora of coveted flowers and succulents.
I am constantly entertained in our little slice of Heaven!

Ann Miani, Stoneman, 3rd Grade Teacher

On Wednesday, March 8, PEA members joined outside the District office for a tailgate and rally event before the school board
meeting. The rally attendees then filled the board room during the meeting with signs. Speakers touched on the big issues of
importance. Thank you for all your active participation and support to our PEA Bargaining Team! You truly make a difference!

PEA was excited to celebrate Read Across Pittsburg (our spin on NEA/CTAs Read Across America) with an event we started two
years ago. We invited special guest readers to our classrooms at Heights, Highlands, and Parkside! It was a lot of fun for the guests
and the kids! PEA would like to give a special thank you to Superintendent Schulze for supporting this event.
Thank you to the community members and district office staff who volunteered their time to read and to make this a successful
literacy event!
Pictured left to right, top to bottom, CTA President Eric Heins, CTA Board Member for District C Terri Jackson, Pittsburg Chief of
Police Brian Addington, PUSD Superintendent Janet Schulze, Firefighter of Station 85, PEA School Board Member DeShawn
Woolridge, Pittsburg Mayor Merl Craft, and Pittsburg City Treasurer Nancy Parent.

To see more photos, go to or our website

7. Promote support for the Bargaining Team among the
PEA Executive Officers Job Descriptions
President 8. Be aware of the status of grievances at the
The President shall be the chief executive office of the elementary sites and support the successful resolution
Association and its policy leader. of same
9. Support the Representatives in carrying out their
The President shall: duties at the elementary sites as it relates to assisting
members who have been accused of violations by the
1. Preside at all meetings of the Association, the administration and reporting violations of the contract
Representative Council and Executive Board; by the administration
2. Prepare the agenda for the meetings of the Association, 10. Support the Representative's efforts to foster a
the Representative Council and the Executive Board; positive attitude about the union and participation in
3. Be the official spokesperson for the Association; the functions of the union at the elementary sites
4. Be familiar with the governance documents of the 11. Represent the union in a professional manner at all
Association, CTA, and NEA; times
5. Appoint all chairpersons and members of committees, 12. Be a resource for all members of information,
and of the bargaining team, with the approval of the position/policy of the association and event schedules
Executive Board by the beginning of each school year; 13. Plan and Organize Community Outreach Events:
6. Propose the procedures for grievance processing for Farmers Market Table; Sock Drive; Read Across
ratification by the Executive Board and the Pittsburg; and Pittsburg Health & Safety Fair
Representative Council; 14. To perform all other appropriate duties as assigned by
7. Suggest policies, plans and activities for the Association the President
and be held responsible for the progress and work of the Secretary
Duties include the following:
8. Attend meetings of the Service Center Council of which
the Association is a part; and
1. Keep a careful and accurate record of the
9. Attend other CTA/NEA meetings as directed by the
proceedings of each meeting, regular or special, of
Representative Council.
the Association, Representative Council, and the
Executive Board;
Vice President, Elementary 2. Be responsible for the distribution of minutes, notice
The most important duty of the Vice President, Elementary, of meetings, and agendas for all meetings to
shall be to carry the message of the President to all members of the Representative Council and
Elementary School members in order to activate the Executive Board; and to the membership when
members to participate positively in the association. appropriate;
3. Keep an accurate roster of the membership of the
To do this, it shall be considered necessary for the Vice PEA Association and of all committees and this
President, Elementary, to perform the following tasks: information to the office secretary;
1. Actively attend all Executive Board meetings 4. Carry on the correspondence pertaining to the
2. Actively attend all Representative Council meetings affairs of the Association as directed by the
3. Perform the duties of chairman at any Executive President;
Board or Representative Council meetings that the 5. Keep the PEA Office calendar up-to-date with
President is unable to attend events and meetings related to PEA.
4. Actively attend meetings of the School Board when
requested by the President State Council Representative
5. Coordinate and assist the Representatives of the
PEAs State Council Representative will represent Pittsburg
elementary schools to assist them in conducting Ten
Education Association members in CTAs highest governing
Minute meetings at their sites with all their members
body, the State Council of Education. State Council sets
6. Recruit members to participate in the activities of the
policy for the organization, adopts the budget, determines
union at the elementary sites such as
dues, recommends expenditures to the board, elects the
Representatives, Executive Board members,
executive officers and other members of the board of
Bargaining Team members, Organizing Team
directors and performs other similar duties.
members and other committees established by the
It is expected that PEAs State Council representative will:

1. Travel to Los Angeles for meetings four weekends per

year (usually October, January, March, and June)
2. Actively attend all Executive Board meetings
3. Actively attend all Representative Council meetings
4. Report out and seek input from members in order to best
represent PEA at State Council Assemblies
5. Write an article for the FOCUS newsletter quarterly

***The runner-up in the election of the State Council

Representative will become the State Council
Representative Alternate.

The Declaration of Candidacy forms are available from your
site reps as of March 21, 2017. These are due to the PEA
office no later than 4:00 p.m. on April 25, 2017.

There will be a General Membership meeting for all PEA

members on April 25 from 3:454:00 p.m. at the PEA office.
At this time, any nominations can be taken from the floor and
candidates can give a speech if they so desire. After this
meeting, all candidates names and statements will be
printed on a ballot.

The PEA Elections of Officers and Local State Council ***************************************************************************

Representative Ballot will be distributed to all the school sites
on May 2 and members will have from May 2 through May 16
until 3:00 p.m. to cast their vote.

Ballots must be turned into the PEA office no later than

4:00 p.m. on May 16, 2017.

The final results will be sent to site reps on May 31 via email. ***************************************************************************
They will also be posted on our website:
and sent via email to all members. SCHOOL BOARD BREAKFAST
February 25, 2017
PEA is a democratic association and relies on your
participation to be governed. Thank you for your support!

Duane Smith, Lisa Gunderson, Michell Redfoot,

Tammy Carr, Elza Hess

March 2017
1 Ash Wednesday
2 Read Across Pittsburg 3:30-4:00 PM
7 PEA Executive Board PEA Office 159 East 4th St. 4:00 PM
8 PUSD School Board Meeting 2000 Railroad Ave. 6:30 PM
12 Daylight Savings Time begins
17 St. Patricks Day
20 Spring begins
21 PEA Rep Council PEA Office 159 East 4th St. 4:00 PM
22 PUSD School Board Meeting 2000 Railroad Ave. 6:30 PM
31 Caesar Chavez Day No school

April 2017
1 April Fools Day
4 PEA Executive Board PEA Office 159 East 4th St. 4:00 PM
9 Palm Sunday
10 Passover begins at Sundown
12 PUSD School Board Meeting 2000 Railroad Ave. 6:30 PM
14 Good Friday No school
16 Easter
17-21 Spring Break
22 Earth Day
25 PEA Rep Council PEA Office 159 East 4th St. 4:00 PM
26 PUSD School Board Meeting 2000 Railroad Ave. 6:30 PM

Next Deadline for Articles is Monday, April 10, 2017