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1 During cyclic control in a Fore and Aft (pitching) movement, state what happens;

2 When moving the cyclic stick, the servo jack stops carry out what function;

3 When determining Autorotative rpm from the manufacturers charts, the density
altitude section will compensate for what;

4 After an engine failure in flight, a helicopter can enter Autorotation due to the:

5 The main function of the tension-torsion strap assemblies that attach the grip to the
yoke of a semi-rigid main rotor head is to do what:

6 Swashplate friction checks are carried out using what:

7 As the main rotor blade tips reach Sonic, or Supersonic speeds, the disc will:

8 As the tail rotor increases its power output the fuselage will tend to:

9 A typical steel tail rotor blade construction is:

10 As the advancing blade flaps down, its angle of attack will:

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11 On some helicopters with the cyclic stick in neutral, the main rotor disc is seen to be
tilted to one side. This is to do what;

12 Tail rotor drift is corrected by:

13 Artificial feel may be incorporated into helicopter flying control systems by use of:

14 Increasing Collective pitch will:

15 The ground cushion will be stronger when the helicopter is hovering:

16 Helicopter main rotor blades have wash-out to:

17 During power-off flight (Autorotation), the fuselage will tend to rotate:

18 Dynamic balancing of the main and tail rotor assemblies is achieved by:

19 Main rotor transmission lubrication systems are generally:

20 Low main rotor gear box oil pressure could be the result of blocked;

21 When closed, the thermal by-pass on a main rotor gear box oil cooler will allow:

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22 Main rotor gear box oil pressure is transmitted from a point:

23 The main advantage of an internal freewheel is:

24 Draining the oil from a tail rotor gear box through the chip detector housing is
accomplished by:

25 A constant volume pump is used in the lubrication system of a main rotor gear box,
the operating pressure is maintained by incorporating :

26 The oil cooler within the lubrication system of a main transmission is generally

27 The main rotor transmission system indicates high oil pressure and temperature, a
likely cause could be:

28 Following the rejection of the main transmission for metal contamination, the:

29 Flexible drive shaft couplings are designed to:

30 Tail rotor control inputs are transmitted:

31 One advantage of using a sun and planet type reduction gear is;

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32 Following a Heavy landing, the most crucial area of inspection on the fuselage is:

33 While storing a laminated glass panel, the thicker glass ply should be kept:

34 The 'Safe Life' of a structure or component is usually calculated by applying the


35 The tail boom of a helicopter is generally considered to be what type of


36 The load paths from the main rotor head of a helicopter generally pass to the
undercarriage through a box construction, this section on most helicopters is the:

37 When sealing a riveted repair in an aircraft fuel tank, the components are wet
assembled. The purpose of the barrier coat is to:

38 Placing a helicopter in the rigging position is generally achieved by:

39 Principal Structural Elements are components which are:

40 The cold air supply of a helicopter environmental control system is generally

41 A combustion heater system utilises:

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42 A typical environmental system will supply:

43 In an air conditioning system incorporating a bootstrap compressor, the:

a Turbine rpm is governed by the airflow through the compressor.
b Turbine drive the compressor and is controlled by a wastegate.
c Air through the heat exchangers will pass through the turbine then to the compressor.

44 Should the temperature of the air in the ducting between the engine(s) and mixing
chamber be above specified limits, a temperature sensor will:

45 When an aircraft is on the ground, a pressure setting scale of QFE will result in an
instrument reading of:

46 Absolute altitude is found by:

47 On a standard altimeter if the ambient temperature:

48 The slot cut in the sector gear of an air speed indicator is:

49 A helicopter uses an instantaneous vertical speed indicator, state where:

50 An electrically operated erection cut -out circuit has two pairs of liquid-level
switches set at an angle to each other. This is to do what;

51 The style of Turn and Slip indicator scale often varies, but the standard calibration
will always show when relevant:
a A rate one turn at 360 per minute.
b 360 per minute as a rate 3 turn.
c A rate two turn at 360 per minute.

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52 Fig 1 shows a turn and slip indication of:


53 When checking a direct reading compass, deviation is the difference between:

54 The spider, in a compass detector unit, operates electrically to give:

55 Very High Frequency (VHF) communications. provides:

56 The priorities used in a typical passenger address system means;

57 The radio altimeter is what type of system;

58 The airspeed indicator displays and shows what;

59 Thermal runaway in Nicad batteries:

60 The voltage sensing and voltage control elements of a voltage regulator of a

generator are connected in:

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61 Current is flowing through the series coil of a differential cut out in opposition to the
shunt coil. This indicates:

62 A shunt wound dc generator off load experiences output regulation failure. The
result would ;

63 The output windings in a TRU are:

64 The point of regulation on a generator system is connected as close:

65 The windings of the interpoles in a generator are in:

66 Generator overheat warning sensors are normally fitted:

67 To power up a failed ac busbar in the helicopter twin inverter system, one must
carry out what operation;

68 If the common winding of a step-down autotransformer goes open circuit:

69 A very low resistance develops between A and C phase of the exciter rotor in a 200
volts brushless ac generator. The resultant voltage and frequency output would
initially show what;

70 In a generator taking too much reactive load, the mutual reactor will cause the
voltage regulator to sense what;

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71 Initial output excitation in a helicopter Starter/ Generator is normally provided by:

72 A three phase TRU often features, state what;

73 In a helicopter inverter system under normal operation:

a The inverters are run in parallel.
b Are operated independently until one fails then the other takes over its loads automatically.
c Are operated independently until one fails and an emergency standby inverter takes over

74 Emergency ac supplies on a helicopter will:

75 A low frequency, lateral, vibration could be the result of what:

76 One advantage of Flag tracking is that:

77 Dynamic balancing of tail rotor drive shafts is achieved by:

78 Tail rotor hub assembly counter weights are:

79 State what a system allowing more than one extinguisher to be discharged into a
power plant is called;

80 Before installing cartridge units to extinguishers, one must;

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81 A fire or overheat detection system component:

82 The fully charged weight of an extinguisher should be checked:

83 During a water/ sediment check on a helicopter Before flight (B/F), it is found that
there is a small quantity of water in the fuel tank. State what action should be
carried out to establish serviceability?

84 State the correct sequence of events when refuelling a helicopter;

85 During engine shut down it is noticed that the Main Rotor rpm and the Engine rpm
needles do not SPLIT. State a possible cause for this condition;

86 State what initial movement of the controls within a powered control system will

87 When hydraulic pressure is lost within a powered control system that allows manual
reversion, the tail servo jack will do what;

88 Case pressure is maintained in a Spur gear hydraulic pump to achieve what;

a prevent air ingress in case of seal failure

89 In a high pressure hydraulic system, O ring seals are normally fitted:

With a back up ring

90 State where a suction filter used in a hydraulic system is located:

In the return line

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91 When working with strobe lighting:
a Do not approach within 10 metres whilst in use.
b Red and white strobes can be operated on the ground.
c The minimum of 5 minutes must elapse after power is disconnected before the strobe system
can be disturbed or touched.

92 On the initial installation of an Anti-collision lamp assembly:

a Screened cable must be used to ensure failsafe operation.
b The control switch must be independent of the position light switch.
c The lamp must be connected to the primary busbar.

93 In a rotating reflector anti collision light, the rotating unit has what:
a only one reflector giving a low light intensity of light with a spread of 30 above and below the

94 Whilst carrying out engine ground running an air leak is felt from the ground cart
service connector. State what this is caused by;
Check valve leaking

95 State which type of gauge Electrically signalled hydraulic pressure systems send
signals to;
Direct reading

96 Which type of hydraulic system does NOT use an off-load valve;

Non self idling

97 Thermal relief valves are provided in hydraulic systems to carry out what function/s;
Relieve pressure when no other form of pressure relief

98 When airborne water particles are large and the air temperature is very low, state
what could occur;
Glace/ runback icing

99 State what Engine intake cowlings will generally be heated by;


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100 Before replacing an electrically heated windshield, state what one must do;
Check p/No , check connectors are clean, no paint sealant etc (affect resistance)

101 Pitot probe heating is achieved by what:

2 electric heating elemants

102 With a windscreen heating system switched ON, the:

a Pilot may turn the system ON and pre-select the temperature range.
b System operates automatically when the OAT sensor detects a low temperature.
c Windscreen sensors feedback to the controllers that cycle the system ON and OFF.

103 Following a heavy landing, state the main area of concern on the cross-tube and leg
assembly of a fixed skid undercarriage;
Deflection, bowing measured from centerline, cracking near attachment points

104 State where damage to the skid type undercarriage leg is most critical;
Attachment points

105 When fitting a tubeless tyre to a wheel, the balance mark on the tyre should be
positioned where:
Adjacent to the valve

106 When assessing the condition of a helicopter wheel brake, that is not provided with
wear indicator pins, the wear condition is normally assessed by what means:
Apply parking brake and measure the distance between the disc and housing

107 State what white streaking on a helicopter landing lamp indicates;

Leaking glass

108 By fitting a load carrying boom assembly to the main rotor gearbox:
a There is little or no effect on the centre of gravity of the helicopter.
b The movement arm, about which the load force reduces the feedback to the helicopter, is
c The load is allowed to swing laterally depending on the attitude of the helicopter.

109 An approved Life Jacket would have the following equipment fitted:
Whistle ,light, inflation tube, auto inflation cartridge

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110 In a flotation bag inflation system, using frangible discs, the discs are ruptured by
what means:
Explosive cartridge (squib)

111 When operated in flight, the inflation of the flotation bags takes place within 5
seconds and has what effect;
Not adverse or dangerous effects on aircraft handling

112 When checking for small pneumatic leaks, state what action one should take;
Swabbing with neutral soapy water solution

113 In a variable volume hydraulic pump, if the stroke piston spring breaks, the pump
will; go to min delivery

114 Following a hydraulic pump replacement on a helicopter, state ones actions;

115 To prevent Automatic Cut-out valve (ACOV) hammer in a non-self-idling system,

state what is used;

116 Helicopter standby hydraulic systems usually; complete the statement:

Its own reservoir and pump

117 State what the Delta Three system of stabilisation consists of;

118 State what factors limit the maximum forward speed of a helicopter;

119 State what will happen to the Service ceiling of a helicopter if outside air
temperature decreases;

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120 When flying at high altitude the sensitivity of the helicopter flight controls is
effected, state how;

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