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The American Society for Nondestructive Testing

ASNT Central
Certification Program
ASNT Representatives
Joaquin Gutierrez -Regional Director
Danny Keck -Past Board Member, CMC
John T. Iman -Current Board Member
Dave Bajula -Secretary/ Treasurer & CMC

Special Thanks to LLOG, Jose Luis Lara and YOU!

What is ACCP?
ASNT Central Certification Program (ACCP) is a
third-party central certification program.

Created to meet the needs of Industry where 3rd

party certification is required.
Developed by ASNT to:

Meet industry needs

Establish standard levels of competency
Provide independent third party personnel
Meet or exceed international requirements and
currently under revision to meet ISO-9712
ACCP Key Elements
Performance based certification program
designed to improve NDT reliability
Contains written & hands-on performance demonstration
Provides consistency in testing performance requirements
when employer based programs cannot.

Psychometric principles applied to assure

integrity & professional recognition
ACCP Key Elements
General Exams
Specific Exams
Technique Specific Practical Exams
(includes preparation of instruction)
may include industry sector exams like
API, owner/user, etc.
ACCP Key Elements
Magnetic Particle Testing - Practical's

Liquid Penetrant Testing - Practical's

Water Washable
Solvent Removable

Visual Testing - Practical's

ACCP Key Elements
Radiographic Testing
Gamma (RAM) w/film interpretation
X-ray w/film interpretation
Combo (Gamma & X-ray) w/film interpretation

Ultrasonic Testing
Straight & Angle Beam (welds)
Straight & Angle Beam (castings & Forgings)

Note: specific UT thickness (corrosion) type exams can also

be implemented.
ACCP Key Elements
General Industry (GI)
Intended for personnel working to multiple industry
codes, standards & specification for general construction

Pressure Equipment (PE)

Intended to address the needs of the Power Generation
and Oil & Gas industries (Vessels & Piping)
Designed for those working to ANSI/ASME B&PV Code,
B31.1 & B31.3 Codes Etc.
Sample Card
ACCP Key Elements
Authorized Examination Centers (AECs)
In key locations throughout the world

Web-based written examinations at AECs

Other Venues under development including professional computer
based testing centers throughout the world.

Future Test Center Options constantly under review

and will be considered with high priority to meet
industry, owner/user, service providers, etc. needs.
Accreditation of Exam Centers

AECs must meet Quality Systems and are audited.

Selection is based on the regional market need and
the qualifications of the applying organization.
In addition to AECs examinations can be performed
at locations under single or multiple authorizations
as SESs (special exam session); ASNT local
sections, other gatherings such as API & AWS
conferences or meetings.
Details include scheduling, cost of transportation of materials, test pieces and oversight by CMC
Moving Forward
ACCP has yet to be embraced which is due to
industry and regulatory bodies not mandating; ASNT
TC-1A still appeals to industry as the most cost
effective approach.
Multiple certification schemes rarely benefit industry

Limited workforce; NO consistency between the

trained/qualified technicians.
Industry will have to be the driving force
Consistent and standardized testing is a MUST.
Moving Forward
Different DNA & Management at ASNT
Motivated board, volunteers and leaders to be solution for
standardized certification and world acceptance.
Well funded.1M, 2M, whatever it takes to get samples and
programs in place to service industry & members.
Current AWS reciprocal agreement
Current RESNET MOU in place
Currently working on MOU with API

How can we work together with others?

Partner with API, ASME, ANDE ?.
Joint Opportunities
Examination Delivery
Established Test Centers

Potential Targets (embrace your full needs)

UTT for Corrosion/Pitting

OPENING DOORS Lets work together

Creating a safer world

What Can ASNT do for you,
Mexico & Industry?

Creating a safer world