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March 18, 2017

Kathleen Kearnan
116 Montclair Ave.
West Roxbury, MA 02132
To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Aleesha Jules.
Aleesha is my colleague at the Kilmer Elementary School. I had the pleasure of
being her New Teacher Developer last year and was able to see first hand what a
wonderful teacher she is. Aleesha has been at the Kilmer School in a few different
roles. She did her student teaching at our school and worked in a long-term sub
position in the K1 classroom before becoming the 2nd grade teacher last year. This
year she made what seemed like a seamless transition to 3rd grade classroom teacher.
I have been impressed with her dedication from the beginning of her time at the
Kilmer. Most days, Aleesha is the first teacher at school and the last to leave. She is
eager and able to adapt the curriculum in creative ways to meet the needs of all of
her students. The classroom environment is always welcoming and it is obvious that
students are engaged in a variety of learning projects and activities.
As Aleeshas new teacher developer, I met with her weekly and observed her
teaching. Aleesha thoughtfully and successfully implemented all of the necessary
components of the second grade curriculum which include Wilson Fundations
phonics, Readers Workshop, Writers Workshop using Calkins Writing Units, TERC
Investigations Math, Social Studies and Odyssey of the Mind (an experiential
learning project). She consistently prepared thorough, detailed lesson plans and
skillfully accommodated the needs of her diverse group of learners. She continues to
do these things as the 3rd grade teacher. She has formed positive relationships with
students and families and communicates regularly with them.
Aleesha has demonstrated many strengths as an educator. She has a strong work
ethic and sense of responsibility and a natural ability and confidence when working
with children. She has thorough knowledge of educational practices and the ability
to critically reflect on lessons she has taught. Her conscientious approach to teaching
enables her to differentiate instruction in order for all students to be successful. I
have no doubt that Aleesha will continue to excel and make valuable contributions to
any school community. It is with great confidence that I recommend her for a
teaching position.


Kathleen Kearnan