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Stephanie Maulolo 02/15/2017 ACT Central Texas

Summative Assessment for First Grade Science

Parts of a plant

TEKS Standard(s):
Science 1.2A, 1.2D, 1.2D
2) Scientific investigation and reasoning. The student develops abilities to ask
questions and seek answers in classroom and outdoor investigations. The student is
expected to:
(A) ask questions about organisms, objects, and events observed in the natural
(D) record and organize data using pictures, numbers, and words; and
(E) communicate observations and provide reasons for explanations using student-
generated data from simple descriptive investigations.
Performance indicator
Create a visual, such as a picture or a fold book, identifying the parts of plants,
including roots, stems, and leaves. Label the parts of the plants. AND
Observe several different plants to compare the parts. Record and organize data,
including measurements and observations, using pictures, numbers, and words.
Communicate the information by creating a poster to share with others.