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TESOL Certificate Programs

Rubric for Written Assignments V4

Student Name: Ye, Wenjia Date: 3/20/17 Instructor Name: Erin Butler Class: T
ESOL Portfolio Assignment: Philosophy of Teaching

Item No relevant evidence Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
(0 59%) (60% - 69 %) (70% - 79%) (80 89%) (90% - 100%)
Content & The assignment was not Ideas are not well developed Ideas are somewhat developed, and Ideas are developed, and Ideas are fully developed, and
Ideas submitted, or the or may fail to demonstrate demonstrate some understanding of demonstrate an accurate demonstrate a significant and
submitted assignment an understanding of the task. the task. Main point(s) and understanding of the task. Main accurate understanding of the task.
__57_/70 was not relevant to the Main ideas, or examples/details may be included but point(s) and supporting Main point(s) and examples/ details
task at hand. examples/details, may be not well integrated. examples/details are clear and are identifiable, clear, and engaging
obscure or missing. easily identifiable. for the reader.

Evidence & The assignment was not When required, outside When required, outside evidence When required, relevant outside When required, compelling outside
APA Format submitted, or the evidence may be missing or may be minimal or may not fully evidence is included. It supports evidence is included; it is
submitted assignment may fail to support claims. support claims. Paper may not follow claims. Paper follows APA format seamlessly integrated into the paper
lacked evidence from Paper may not meet basic APA format entirely or may have with few errors in citation/style. to support claims. Paper follows
_8___/ 10 outside sources and requirements for APA errors in citation/style. APA format with no errors in
APA formatting. format. citation or style.

Organization The assignment was not The organization is not The organization is somewhat The organization is effective for The organization is highly effective
& Standards submitted, or the effective for the task, or effective for the task, although it may the task. The organization is for the task. Organization skillfully
submitted assignment there is a lack of be loose or unclear. There may be clear and logical. Transitions and and logically builds support for the
organized in an organization. Errors with some errors with transitions and connectors are used thesis. Transitions and connectors
__8.5__/ 10 appropriate or effective transitions and connectors connectors. Paper may not meet all appropriately. Paper meets most are used appropriately and
way given the task at interfere with requirements for title, word count, requirements for title, word seamlessly Paper meets
hand. comprehensibility. Paper spacing, etc. count, spacing, etc. requirements for title, word count,
may not meet basic spacing, etc.
requirements for title, word
count, spacing, etc.
Usage & The assignment was not Linguistic features of the Linguistic features of the writing Linguistic features of the writing Linguistic features of the writing
Mechanics submitted, or the writing (syntax, usage, word (syntax, usage, word form, (syntax, usage, word form, (syntax, usage, word form,
submitted assignment form, tone/register, spelling, tone/register, spelling, capitalization, tone/register, spelling, tone/register, spelling,
was not relevant to the capitalization, punctuation, punctuation, etc.) are somewhat capitalization, punctuation, etc.) capitalization, punctuation, etc.) are
__8.5__/ 10 task at hand. etc.) are not effective. effective. The errors may be are effective. There may be a few highly effective. There are no
Errors are very distracting distracting and/or interfere with the errors, but they do not interfere apparent errors. The writing is very
and/or interfere greatly with comprehensibility of the message. with the comprehensibility of the professional and academic.
the comprehensibility of the The writing may not be professional message. The writing is generally
message. The writing is not or academic. professional/academic.
professional or academic.

Score: ______82____/100 Letter Grade: ________B_________

TESOL Certificate Programs
Rubric for Written Assignments V4


Dear Wenjia,

Overall this is a good Philosophy of Teaching statement. You have a clear thesis that focuses on affective factors- creating a safe classroom environment.

The paper begins with you stating the reasons you believe impact learning- including confidence and the Chinese educational environment that results at times
in a lack of interaction. This is a good way to start, and shows good organization- to provide some background into the context.

You describe the kind of environment you want to create- welcoming, and friendly and describe how you will connect with students in order to encourage
learning. In this section your sources are fine, but examples are very simplistic in building general rapport. Can you think of how this is connected to language

In the next section you describe how you would implement a lesson- both in planning and delivery (PPP and Simple Six). Again, the descriptions are general-
and it would be good to provide more specific examples of reference to TESOL methodology (theory) as part of your approach towards teaching. You need to
include more evidence to support this part.

Overall good statement.

Very best wishes on your future teaching!

Erin Butler, MATESOL
UCR Extension TESOL Trainer