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MNGT 22 Human Behavior in Organization

Name: Vergara, Sohfia Jesse N. Program/Year/Section: BS ACC 2-1

Date Submitted: October 25, 2016

Enrichment Activity 4
Case: The Bone of Contention

Answers to the questions:

1. Bella was demotivated because she knew that Patty receives more salary than her despite
she's been with the company for 3 years. Patty was new to the industry and just a new
comer but still she receives more that of Bella, these are the things that demotivates

Yes, because she felt that there is somewhat unfairness on the part of the management.
and on the basis of their salaries, what a person earns does have an effect on the way
he/she lives.

2. At first, Bella was friendly to Patty but after some time friendliness was transformed into
a mere civilized co-existence without the latters knowledge the reason why. Then, upon
knowing of the reassignment of Bella, their relationship somehow improved. I describe
this as a frictional and situational relationship people tend to change moods based on their
external environments and situations.

People tend to react negatively whenever they felt that they are being treated unfairly but
the key there to resolve things is so simple just communicate with each other, taking time
to hear both parties concern and grievances.

3. Immediate Problems
Low self-esteem of Employees
Bad working habits (absenteeism, late, etc.)
Work quality is hindered
Working without a sense of worthiness

Long-Term Problems
Employees perception of discrimination
High Rate of Employee Turn-Over (Rate of resignation)
Low level of Employee Enthusiasm
Unfavorable working environment
Damaged company reputation

4. Solutions to immediate problems

Talk to them and be an inspiration
Do something creative and review your plan and goals
Anticipate challenges and plan for them
Manage your workforce, but avoid micromanaging
Show compassion toward yourself

Solutions to long-term problems

Discuss the problem and dont be biased
Keep compensation and benefits current, and encourage generosity and gratitude
Give them inspiring purpose and acknowledge their work
Quit fighting the symptoms, go for the cause. It depends on how you view it and
what youre willing to do about it.
Assess the damage, calculate your level of control and think big picture.