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In 2015

88 Manila Water

Cubao ES Dela Paz ES Highway Hills Karangalan ES Parang ES Project 6 ES San Jose ES Tipas ES

8 Public Elementary Schools

21 Sections / 813 students
To instill the value of environmental protection to
elementary students
To develop employees as Environmental Champions through
their engagement in the companys environmental IEC
(Information, Education Campaign)
To provide venues for students & employee volunteers in
becoming Environmental Ambassadors

4 4
In-school Proposal and Inter-school
Envi Learning Implementation Envi Projects
Sessions of Envi Projects Competition
in Schools
(Aug - Oct 2016) (Nov 2016-Jan 2017) (Feb 2017)
Environmental Education
Whats the Bin? Relay Game
Puppet Show: Si Rungis at Si Linis
Jumbled Word Game
Panunumpa Para Sa Kalikasan
Panunumpa Para Sa Kalikasan
Set-up of Puppet Show 30 minutes
Session 1 1 hour and 30 mins
Session 2 1 hour and 30 mins
Post-training evaluation with teachers 15 minutes

Note: Session 1 and Session 2 can be combined if room can accommodate 2 sections

15 15
Introduction 5 minutes
(Story Telling) Fantastik 4 15 minutes
(Relay Game) 10 minutes
Saan, saan ang tamang basurahan?
(Puppet Show) Si Rungis at si Linis: 15 minutes
Kwento ng Dalawang Patak ng Tubig
(Jumbled Word Game) 10 minutes
Sakto, sakto Wag Malilito!
Panunumpa Para sa Kaliksasan 5 minutes
Gift giving 10 minutes
Evaluation 10 minutes

Cembo Elementary School: 22 September (Thursday)

16 16
School Environmental
Post Training Environmental Project:
Objective: To apply what the students have learned in a project that
will have a positive impact to the environment and students

Each section will have a Science/Environmental project

Projects should be related to
Reduce, Reuse, Recycling
Proper solid waste management/ proper trash segregation and
Used water treatment

The best project will represent the school in the Inter-school

Science/Environmental Project Competition.

18 18
2015 Sample Projects

19 19
Manila Water volunteers will guide/assist and
monitor the school in the development of
environmental project.

Implementation Write-up for the

Envi Project Concept
2nd wk Nov- poster/exhibit
1st wk Nov 2016
2nd wk Jan 3rd wk Jan- 4th wk Jan

20 20
Interschool Competition
Inter-school Competition
Objective: To have a sharing of environmental
projects from the participating schools

1 best project per school

8 Projects from 8 schools in 8 Business Areas
February 2017, 1:00 pm 5:00 pm
Manila Water, Balara, Quezon City
Judges: representatives of DEPED, DENR, and Manila Water

22 22
Criteria Definition Percentage
Relevance The project is relevant to the needs of the 20%
school/ community and related to solid waste
management/ used water management.
Impact There is a significant transformation to the way 25%
the students think and do things; there are
savings/proceeds incurred ; there are positive
impacts to the environment and to the
Creativity/innovation The project demonstrates originality, 20%
resourcefulness, creativity, innovation and
Participatory Involvement of students, parents, teachers, 25%
communities, etc.
Sustainability There are plans to continue the initiatives or 10%
institutionalize it in the school
TOTAL 100%

23 23
Materials for the Inter-School Competition
Poster/Exhibit containing the following:
Title of the Project
Purpose of the Project
Activities (i.e. photos)
Impact of the Project (i.e. qualitative and quantified
Future activities/ future plans
Sample materials of the project, if applicable
Presentation Material (Powerpoint, Video, etc.)
3 students representing the team will be able to discuss the project
to the panel of judges

24 24
Inter-school Competition

Prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers:

1 Mind Museum ticket for each student from the winning

section of the school + 10 tickets for the teachers

25 25
School Counterpart
2 Sections in Grade 4
1 School Coordinator
1 enclosed room that can accommodate 1 to 2
sections at a time and the puppet show
Sound system with 2 microphones, if available
Best environment project for the Inter-school

26 26