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She struggled to hold back her tears.

She wanted to tell him but pride held her back.

She struggled to keep back her tears.

I got the feeling he was keeping something back.

It took 3 strong men to hold him down.

We aim to hold down prices.

We need to keep costs down.

Keep your voice down.

She had to hold in her anger.

She was kept in for breaking the window.

Theres a crowd of reporters, Ill try to hold them off.

Keep off fatty foods.

Hold on Ill just get my coat.

Keep on trying.

I dont know how much longer I can hold out.

Water supplies wont hold out much longer.

The sunlight was kept out by the trees.

Sorry Im late I was held up at work.

Two armed men held up a downtown shop.

They kept up the pressure on the Serbs.

Employees need to keep up with the latest technical developments.

He did not hold to the traditional view of God.

Keep to the speed limit!

control emotions


control emotions


make sth/sb stay

prevent the level of sth from increasing

make less noise

prevent the level of sth from increasing


make sb stay indoors as punishment

keep at a distance

stay away from





exclude sth/sb

follow exactly

to do what is demanded by law



continue to be informed

stay at the same level