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The EDMI range of innovative products
Advanced Three Phase
includes digital meters, advanced
infrastructure and energy
Electronic Meter with
management systems. Disconnect and
With over 30 years industry experience,
we ensure all of our products are
Reconnect Feature
technologically proven and
manufactured to the highest quality. Atlas Series Class 1 and Class 2
The entire EDMI product range is
reliable, upgradable and accurate.

The EDMI Atlas platform forms the core

of each of the products in the EDMI
smart metering system. Designed
around a low power, yet powerful and
exible metering engine, all of the
products share the same robust logging
and communications functionality.

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Advanced Three Phase 292.5

Electronic Meter with

Disconnect and
Reconnect Feature 158.5

Atlas Series Class 1 and Class 2

Measurement Power Quality Indication Load Survey/Profile Time of Use Communications

Class 1 and Class 2 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) AMI Ready Up to eight rates plus unied Three independently working
(MID Class B and Class A) Unbalance (sequence 2.1 megabytes of non-volatile rate communication ports
Compliance with IEC 62052-11, components) memory Up to 32 separate import and Option for DLMS COSEM
62053-21, 62053-23 Waveform download Over 7200 days (20 years) export registers (IEC 62056)
Compliance with AS 62052.11, storage (two channels, 30- Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Optical port: FLAG (IEC 62056-
62053.21, 62053.23 SAG/SWELL minute intervals) and special 21) or ANSI Type 2 (ANSI C12.18)
Three phase four wire with 120A Up to 32 channels Up to 200 programmable special RS-232 with modem power
disconnect switch Five cycle resolution Intervals programmable from days supply (2G/3G supported)
Records time/date/phase/ one to 60 minutes Up to 61 billing periods plus RS-485 multi-drop (two or four
Voltage and Power Supply duration/average and worst Two independent surveys billing totals wire RJ45 or two wire Screw
excursion Energy, instantaneous readings, Block or rolling maximum terminal)
Nominal voltage: 220V 240V Programmable trigger levels pulsing inputs as channel demand UDP/IP/PPP/GPRS capable
Operating range: 176V 276V sources Energy, pulsing inputs Compatible with ZigBee SEP 1.x.
Withstand: 0 - 290V Inputs/Outputs Configuration Ability to store Time of maximum demand
Burden: <10VA/phase @ Vn average/minimum/maximum Software
(Three Phase) Standard top row I/O values for interval duration Security
Frequency range: 45Hz 65Hz Up to four I/O total, EDMI EziView software available
independent with 4kV isolation Physical Dimensions Multi-level security (username for meter programming and
Current Options include: passive/active and password including reading (Windows
inputs, S0/BOSFET/relay Standard version: approx. encrypted log-in) Vista/XP/2000)
WC range: 10/100A outputs 292.5mm (H) x 175mm (W) x Up to seven independent EDMI MultiDrive software
Overcurrent: 30 times Imax for Passive input voltage: 5V, 12V, 95mm (D) security levels available for large scale AMI and
0.5 cycles 48V, 110V, 240V Weight: approx. 2.5 kg Up to six individual users AMR Solutions (Windows Vista/
Burden: <0.5VA/phase Active input voltage: 12V AES128 bit encryption XP/2000)
Disconnect Relay: 120A BOSFET output: 240V, 2A Time Clock And Calendar Supported by many popular
Disconnect Rating: IEC62055-31 S0 Output: 27V, 27mA Tamper Detection and Alarms third-party multi-vendor AMR
UC3@Imax, 264.5 VAC maximum Accuracy (internal) within systems
Relay output: 240V, 2A 15 seconds per month Provision for sealing with
Measured Energy Values Programmable output pulse Backup time of 10 years without conventional wire or plastic seals
width: 1ms to 100ms power (lithium battery) Bypassing current and reverse
Three element four quadrant Supports Daylight Saving Time current
Import/Export Wh, varh and VAh Environmental Supports Gregorian or Advanced tamper detection and
Per quadrant Wh, varh and VAh Persian calendars logging
Absolute Wh, varh and VAh Operating range: -25C to 60C Pre-programmed alarms for
Phase A,B,C and total Limit range: -40C to 70C Large LCD Display meter self-check
Storage range: -40C to 80C Alarms trigger LEDs,
Other Measured and Displayed Relative humidity: Up to Large seven segment display enunciators, relay outputs or
Values 75% mean, 95% non- Display digit size: 10.7mm (H) communications event
condensing for 30 days Up to 60 user-dened screens of Alarms are stored in event logs
Power: W, var, VA, VRMS, IRMS Ingress protection: any meter parameter
Power factor, frequency, phasor IP54, UL50 (3R) Denable enunciators
angles Salt spray resistant Display available even without
(IEC 60068-2-11) mains power

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