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The Process of Music Production

Allison McGehee

Waxahachie Global High School

Capstone Proposal


Purpose and Benefits of the Project... Page 3

Future Career..... Page 3-4

Inspiration.. Page 4-5

Audience.... Page 5

Research Topics. Page 5

PLTW Engineering and Design Process Page 5-6

Our Mentor. Page 6

Milestones... Page 6-7

Measuring Success... Page 7

Purpose and Benefits of the Project

Experience is a key element of a career. You can be taught all day long about how to do a

certain thing, but until you do it, theirs is no telling how different it could turn out for you. The

same thing goes for my project. Without being 100% positive that I want to be a music producer,

I must find out if creating music is something I enjoy, or are talented in. You wont know until

you try. In my life, there have been people who have put me in such a state of fear of everything

that Id be afraid to open my mouth. The only time I ever felt like myself and wasnt afraid was

when I was singing without people around to tell me to be quiet. When Id even think about

saying anything in class or around friends my surroundings would turn into a war zone, I would

freeze in fear, and almost cry. Music is how I get to be me, and how I get to do what Ive waited

years not to fear.

For some areas, there can only be so much preparation, like the area Im going into.

Sometimes you just must dive in and get as much experience as you can. If there is a chance that

I begin to do my project, and I find that producing music isnt necessarily my passion, then I can

move on and not waste more time on it. Whether it is successful or not, the experience is

something that is required. Before going any further into the career, I need to get the basics, and

this project benefits me in that way.

Future Career

My plan consists solely of music. Im not sure what my future holds for me, but I know

that music is at the center of that future. Therefore, my plan is going to build up my weaknesses

and reinforce my strengths in that area. The specific career that Im aiming for is a Music

Producer. The degree in that area is a Bachelors of Science in Music Production, or an

Associates in Music Production and Engineering.


I pull my inspiration from listening to music. Im almost always listening to music and

finding something new to listen to. There is something about music that brings people together

and it has such a large impact on everything

throughout life. I consider music to be an

essential part of my life, and without it life is

gray. I can see myself making music, singing,

producing, coaching, and listening to music for the rest of my life. Whenever life changes, and

circumstances get worse, music is always there. There is nothing more satisfactory than the

beautiful rhythm of the perfect bass line. I can find so much peace in how amazing harmonies

can fit together like a puzzle. Some lyrics can be encoded, others are blatant about what the

meaning of the song is, and some songs can make absolutely no sense. That is the beauty of

music. It is always changing, and is so diverse. There are so many choices, and so much freedom

involved and that is what makes it so appealing.

My entire family is involved in music somehow. My brother, Brady, plays the drums

quite fantastically and dabbles in acoustic guitar. My

other brother, Dalton, plays guitar and knows his way

around a sound board, and my mom is an amazing

piano player. My father plays bass, acoustic guitar,

electric guitar, piano, mandolin, and some violin. I play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and

the piano. Also, my parents and I sing. We have a room in our house dedicated to music thats

filled with instruments. My family is a travelling circus. Music has been around me my whole

life. I fell in love with it. Even in the hardest times, music never left me, and I still use it to take

the stress away.



The general demographic that is my audience is quite varied. Music is so universal that

anyone can be a part of the audience. Things like music and the arts are meant for all kinds of

people to see and hear. There is no specific group of people that I plan to reach with my project. I

am a firm believer in leaving groups behind and the realization that every person is different in

their own way. This means that my music cant reach everyone in a single group, or individually

either. The music will reach whoever needs to hear it.

Research Topics

a. Music and Brain Function

It is said that when one listens to music, they must use their entire brain,

rather than just one area. How does your brain act and react around music?
b. Music and Depression/Emotion
There are songs that make people feel a certain way when they are listened

to. I am looking to find the different kinds of sounds and rhythms that change

peoples mood. I can also organize my album where each song represents a different

mood each. How do different kinds of rhythms and sounds effect the mood of a

c. How music effects children in their developmental years.
There has been much controversy over whether playing classical music

around infants makes them smarter, or what the bad impact is if they listen to the

louder, more angry music. What does music do to a babys mind?

The Engineering and Design Process

1. Define a Problem:
2. Generate Concepts:
3. Develop a solution:
4. Construct the Test Prototype:
5. Evaluate Solution:

6. Present Solution:


My mentors name is Stephen Martell. He is a teacher at Global High School, but has

previous experience working as an assistant professor in Radio/TV

Production and worked in media ministry for 25+ years. He has a

Bachelors in communications from Florida State, and a Masters in

communications from Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth.

He has produced a few works in his day. I see him every Tuesday and

Thursday after school. His position is mainly meant for questions or

concerns that cannot be researched, because he has been though the process. So, when we meet

we can discuss my progress and I can ask him the questions I might have throughout the project.


Activ Predece Milestone/Task Allotted

ity ssor Time
A Brainstorm cover song ideas, graphic teaser ideas, and 5 hrs
original song lyrics
B A Master use of home recording system 6 hrs
C B Record and Edit First Cover 18 hrs
D M Publish previews of songs on portfolio/social medias 2 hrs
E A Have 3 solid ideas for album cover 2 hrs
F C Record and Edit Second Cover 18 hrs
G E Take/Pick pictures for album cover 4 hrs
H G Edit album graphic 3 hrs
I M,H Burn CDs and make copies 6 hrs

J F Record and Edit Third Cover 18 hrs

K J Record and Edit Fourth Cover 18 hrs
L A Write first original** 8 hrs
M L, K Record and Edit First Original 18 hrs
N D, I Prepare for Showcase Presentation** 8 hrs
**(hours could be split up throughout days)

Measuring Success

The success of an album, artist, or producer depends on how much the album is

popularized and Hopefully, by the end I can put the finished product on iTunes. I would like to

also make copies and sell them anywhere I can. This is all for the experience and feel of putting

music together. On the back of the album cover, I can print the URL for my online portfolio and

put a form there for feedback and reviews. I can also have a portion of my Capstone page on my

portfolio where I can release previews to songs as they are being made, and can promote the

songs through Twitter, Instagram, and other social medias.