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Reg.: Seeding of Aadhaar Number in Bank Account

1. Background

1.1. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been created with an
objective is to issue a unique identification number (UIDAI) to each and every resident
of India that can be verified and authenticated in an online, cost-effective manner, which
is robust enough to eliminate duplicate and fake identities.
1.2. Aadhaar has been identified as a potent tool to facilitate various services based
on biometric authentication of the person/citizen having Aadhaar number from UIDAI
data base. However, from banks perspective transaction of customer in bank account is
one of the pivotal uses of Aadhaar.

1.3. Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS) and Aadhaar Enable Payment System
(AEPS) are two products currently available for credit and basic transaction in aadhaar
enabled bank accounts. Aadhaar platform facilitate all types of transactions e.g. credit,
debit and transfer as individual credit or in bulk mode also. As per procedural guidelines
released by NPCI/IBA related to Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AEPS) will be
used to empower the customer to use Aadhaar number to access his/her account and
perform banking transactions i.e. Balance Enquiry, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal and
Fund Transfer within and in between the banks.The objective of the said payment
system is to promote electronification of retail paymentand will also support
disbursement of payments by way of credit through APBS related to various
government schemes like MGNREGA, Social Security Pension and Handicapped Old
Age Pension, DBT schemes etc.

1.4. Govt. of India has approved various schemes and subsidy has to be credited to
the beneficiary accounts using Aadhaar number through Aadhaar Payment Bridge
System. Also, our bank has recently made e- life certificate (JeevanPraman) live using
Aadhaar number through all the bank branches. Therefore, Aadhaar offer a list of facility
in day to day basis.

2. Need for Aadhaar Seeding

To avail financial services through AEPS channel and to receive various

DBT/DBTL subsidies, customer should have the Aadhaar number and same should
also be available in our CBS system. Hence, it is decided to start capturing the UIDAI
number of the customer in their bank account.

3. Process of Aadhaar Seeding

3.1. Aadhaar seeding is a process of linking Aadhaar number with primary bank
account number. In view of implementation of Prime Minister Jan DhanYojana
(PMJDY), Aadhaar seeding has become more important and is a part of account
opening process for customers having Aadhaar Numbers so as to enable them to
operate their accounts through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS).Besides
direct credit of various types of Govt. subsidies including LPG Subsidy,Department of
Financial Services (DFS), Ministry of Finance is monitoring the status of Aadhaar
seeding under PMJDY, on daily basis.

3.2. HO: ITD has issued various circular vide circular no. ITD/CBS/23/2012,
ITD/CBS/44/2012, ITD/CBS/08/2013 on Aadhaar seeding vide which it was
communicated that to capture the Aadhaar number and link customer account number,
a new menu option named as UIDNUM has been customized in the CBS system.
Subsequently, HO: ITD issued another Circular no.: ITD/CBS/56/2013 dated 05/08/2013
vides which operational guidelines on Addition of new functionalities in UIDNUM and
UIDUPL menu options have been communicated to the field. These circulars may be
referred for operational purpose.

3.3. Govt. Department/agencies may contact our bank branches/circle offices for bulk
seeding of Aadhaar numbers. In that case UIDUPL menu option is used for bulk
seeding. Tool for bulk seeding is available as Download Aadhaar Code at CBS
Homepage under Form Download.

4. Channels for receiving request of the customer for Aadhaar Seeding

4.1. Initially Bank had provided the facility for linking of Aadhaar number with account
number in CBS through branches. Now this facility has been extended through other
alternate delivery channels also: i.e. through ATM, IBS and SMS Banking. Using these
channels our Bank customer can link his account number with Aadhaar number as

4.1.1. Registration through Branches

Customer has to approach branch along with his/her Aadhaar number along with
request letter so that Aadhaar number could be seeded to his account number. Request
received at branches are seeded in the bank account using UIDNUM/UIDUPL menu
option under maker checker mode.
4.1.2. Registration through ATM
Customer can enter his/her Aadhaar number through link provided at ATMs.

4.1.3. Registration through IBS

A new option is provided to customer to link his Aadhaar number with the operative
account number by entering his Aadhaar number through IBS channel.

4.1.4. Registration through the SMS Banking

Customer can send SMS to 5607640 with the key word AADHAR<space><Aadhar

The genuineness of request for Aadhaar seeding received at branches is verified by

branch officials. In order to verify the genuineness of demographic details the Aadhaar
number captured through all the alternate delivery channels are sent to UIDAI for
demographic authorization. UIDAI sends back success and failure files. These success
and failure files are uploaded automatically in Finacle. For success files, Aadhaar
number is seeded with the account number and linking of Aadhaar number is confirmed
to the customer through SMS. For failure files, system triggers SMS to customers that
their request for registration of Aadhaar number has been declined due to data
mismatch. In case of failure of Aadhaar seeding due to name mismatch the customer
may approach the branch with his Aadhaar card. The branch may then seed his/her
Aadhaar number through maker checker mode provided he/she satisfies other matches
like photo etc. and the mismatch of name is of acceptable nature.

Also, bank is in the process to extend the service of Aadhaar seeding from BC

5. Benefits associated with Aadhaar Seeding:

5.1. Source of non-interest income on DBT/DBTL credit

5.2. No need to bank own database of biometric

5.3. Interoperability

5.4. More scope for float in DBT/DBTL accounts

6. All concerned are requested to ensure seeding of Aadhaar Numbers while

opening of accounts under PMJDY. While issuing RuPay cards to customers,
mandate for seeding of Aadhaar number be taken from customers and seeding be
done on daily basis.

(V P Jain)
General Manager