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701 E. Apache Blvd. Apt. #K5140, Tempe, AZ 85281 | (814)470-8263 |

Skills And Qualifications

Oral and written communication
Experience communicating with the diverse ASU and Phoenix population in person and via email as
the Communications Coordinator for Project Humanities
Experience in recruitment and rallying support as President and member of different organizations

Ability to manage and balance responsibilities

Over a year of experience as an on-campus, work-study student with a mentorship in the
Educators Academy and membership in several organizations including ASUPHSI, WOW Factor,
Sun Devils are Better Together (SunDABT), among others

Professional Development
Cocchiarella, M., Harris, P., & Graham, A. (2015, October). Message to educators: Please understand our giftedness
doesn't negate our EBD. A paper presentation at the Council for Exceptional Children Teacher
Education Division, Tempe, AZ.

Cocchiarella, M., Harris, P., Hart-Barnett, J., DiFelice, M., Feise, N., Fessenden, W., Figueroa, J., Gardner, T., Graham,

A., & Noe, K. (2014, October). Effective behavioral strategies for students at risk for EBD. A paper
presentation at the Teacher Educators for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Tempe, AZ.

Relevant Coursework
Childhood and Adolescence
Literature for Young Adults
Instruction and Management in the Inclusive Classroom
Middle School Curriculum and Organization
Methods of Teaching English: Composition
Inclusion Practices at the Secondary Level
Study Abroad in Oxford, England: Shakespeare and the Age of Empire, 14th Century English Literature
Undergraduate Honors Thesis: Giftedness and EBD: How Do We Accommodate For High School and
University Students Who Have Both?
Highlights the services available to 2e students and provides effective accommodations and support

Secondary Education (English) (BAE) Graduating Fall 2017
Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, (GPA 4.0)

Online and In-Person Writing Tutor, University Academic Success Programs Fall 2016Present
Certified tutor by CRLA to conduct undergraduate and graduate writing tutoring sessions
Conducted 30-50 minute writing tutoring sessions for freshman to graduate level students across
multiple disciplines

Teaching Intern, iTeachAZ Professional Program Jan 2016Present

Co-taught middle school and high school classes (6th-12th grades) at New School for the Arts
Middle School and High School and South Mountain High School
Assisted mentor teacher with lesson planning, instruction, and classroom management

Member, Sun Devils Are Better Together Aug 2015Present


701 E. Apache Blvd. Apt. #K5140, Tempe, AZ 85281 | (814)470-8263 |

Helped facilitate cooperation and collaboration with people who have fundamental differences
such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion
Mentor, Educators Academy Aug 2015May 2016
Connected with Freshman and continuing Academy students for homework help, study strategies,
stress relief, resourcing, and other help regarding the transition to college life
Planned relevant events based on Academy student responses

President, Project Humanities Students Initiative Aug 2015May 2016

Organized of events to engage and connect with the diverse student body in educational, service,
and social events by interacting with new and current members across lines of difference

Communications Coordinator/Office Assistant, Project Humanities Aug 2014May 2016

Facilitated communication via email, Social media, and in-person interaction to recruit event
attendees, facilitators, speakers, and other individuals by interacting with the diverse population at
ASU and in the community

Volunteer, ASU organizations such as Changemaker Aug 2014May 2016

Hosted over 100 refugees from various countries for athletic and professional development
Served the homeless community by distributing donated clothing, shoes, and other products

Tutor, TLC After-School Program Fall 2013Spring 2014

Prepared daily lesson plans for study groups of K-5 students
Assisted students with homework problems and provided extra instruction in math and reading

Jessica Jones, Online Tutoring Coordinator
Arizona State University
711 E. Lemon St. #38
Tempe, AZ 85281

Dr. Martha Cocchiarella, Thesis Director

Payne Hall, Suite #203
1000 S Forest Mall
PO Box 87161
Tempe 85287-1611
(480) 727-1986

Dr. Pamela Harris, Thesis Second Chair

330-V Santa Catalina Hall
7271 E Sonoran Arroyo Mall
Mesa, AZ 85212
(480) 727-5188