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assessment diagnosis scientific explanation planning nursing intervention rationale evaluation

Subjective: Spiritual Spiritual distress is Goal: after 2-4 Assess what spiritual Evaluates after 2-4 of
pagtapos ng Distress an experience of hours of nursing practices have neglected areas in nursing
nangyare saken related to life profound intervention the offered comfort and the persons life intervention
parang ayoko na changes as disharmony in the patient will be able meaning to the that, if the patient
mabuhayas evidenced by persons belief or to: clients life when not reactivated, might was able to:
verbalized by the Expresses value system ill. add comfort and
patient. lack of hope, objectives: meaning during objectives:
meaning, or short term: a painful Short term
objective: purpose in depression
Threatens the
life, After 8 hours of Patient was
in behavior meaning of his or
forgiveness of her life. nursing Note recent changes able to feel
self, intervention, the pt in behavior Helpful in the
will be able to: determining connectedness
meaning of
severity and with others to
suffering; During spiritual Short term
alteration / duration of share
distress the patient thoughts,
mood loses hope, Patient will feel the situation and
Expresses connectedness possible need for feelings, and
questions his or her beliefs
concern belief system, or with others to additional referrals
Determine support
with feels separated from share thoughts, systems available to
meaning of his or her personal feelings, and client and how they
life source of comfort beliefs are used Provides insight to Patient stated
and strength. clients willingness that he/she
to pursue outside feels a sense
Pain, chronic or Patient will state resources of forgiveness
terminal illness, Identify
that he/she feels a inappropriate coping
impending surgery, sense of
and the death or behaviors currently
forgiveness being used and Recognizing Long term
illness of loved ones
are crises associated negative Patient was
consequences of
That may cause Long term consequences actions may able to
spiritual; distress. enhance desire to discussed with
Patient will discuss change nurse two
with nurse two things that
things that gave Ascertain past
coping behaviors gave his or her
his or her life life meaning in
meaning in the To determine
approaches used the past within
past within 3 days 3 days
previously that
may be more
Assist pt to develop effective in
goal for dealing with dealing with
life/illness situations current situation

commitment to
Assist in developing goal optimizing
coping skills outcomes

To deal with
stressors of illness
or necessary
changes in life