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SLII Goals Worksheet

Goal Setting

1. Think of an individual you lead who has the potential to develop.

2. Identify three goals or key tasks that you would like this person to accomplish.
3. Write each goal or task in terms of a what needs to be done, when statement.
Examples of SMART Goals
To win approval for the higher standards on To increase the number of positive customer
the new building design within the next two comments by 30% over the next six months, from
months an average of 3 per employee to 3.9 per employee
To design a fix for the engineering design To organize a workshop to orient and mentor new
flaw on the new building by May so that all of engineers within the next three months
the environmental standards are achieved To organize four forums over the next year to
To submit accurate and timely financials on a promote sharing of best practices across the
bimonthly basis for the next 12 months company

Goals for

Goal or Task Goal or Task Goal or Task

What needs to be done, when? What needs to be done, when? What needs to be done, when?
To go through all the relevant To create an effective training To schedule all the activities
guidance documents for all plan for all the opertors witihn within one month that needs
the process and/or one month to make them to be done this year and
equipment we use in next understand what the ellocate budget/recources for
two months, to make sure all significance of their work and that.
the processes are complient impact of it on GMP.
to recent standards.

Complete this worksheet, print it, and bring it to your Situational Leadership II learning session.

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