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Future priorities of nursing service

Nursing Indonesia is still in the process of realizing nursing as a

profession, which is a long-term process aimed at meeting the demands
and needs of Indonesian people gradually and continuously. Nursing in
Indonesia puts efforts to develop itself in all fields of nursing, that will be
covering the areas of services, education and professional life, this is done
in order to achieve the professionalism.

Nursing in indonesia in the future will be always growing and needed in

the recent government health care system (BPJS). Therefore, the role of
nurse in participation in the public health problems that occur in the
present and the future will be further increased not only on curative and
rehabilitative but also in curative and preventive, because it always keep
pace with changes in society.

The changes that can be seen from society which includes the following:

The growth of population is so fast in every area, including changes

in the age composition, distribution, and population density in cities
and rural areas.
The Changes in patterns of disease (disease transition), disease
patterns are now changing from infectious diseases to degenerative
diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, mental depression
and anxiety, increase in accidents, alcoholism, and drug abuse.
The development of industrialization and rapid changes in social
conditions leads to changes in attitudes, values, lifestyles,
environmental conditions, groups of the new society, the problems
of individuals, families, between individuals and society.
Increased public knowledge as service receiver will leads to
increased expectations of the quality from nursing services and
health care,
Increasing scientific knowledge, especially in biomedical, and
medical technology leads to new improvement in nursing methods
to deal with the disease
The development of the medical profession and the growing
membership of health professionals and nursing and the emergence
of new categories of health personnel (Such as master degrees for
The new pattern of health services to support the new goverment
insurance program (BPJS)
Lack of certain medical personnel will led to new responsibility /
authority to nurses and other health personnel
People have become partners to work and support public health
services. Many health services are performed outside the hospital,
for example in drug rehabilitation, mental health, etc.

Because of these changes, the roles of which can be done by nurses are
getting bigger to address the nursing problem that can be cause of
negligence, ignorance and the ability of individuals, families, groups and
communities. Thus the role of nurses for the past to present and future
are increasingly important in improving public health.

Advances in science and technology in all fields, including health,

increasing economic status, increased attention to human rights,
awareness of the health needs of every people will lead to increased
people awareness of the importance of healthy living and increasing the
demand for quality health care. Because of these technological shift and
advances, nursing service will be shifted from skill based nursing service
to the professional nursing service which is based on the mastery of
science and technology in nursing education also specialization in nursing
services. The role and functions of the nurse also will be shifted of from
the role of the curative aspects into preventive and promotive aspects
without leaving the role of curative and rehabilitative.

These conditions require the effort from nursing profession, these efforts
includes improvement of nursing services and optimization of the nursing
process, especially in the nurse education itself, the process itself includes
Development and Planning Nursing Education

Increased demand for professional nursing services, has made the

nurse to continue to develop themselves in various fields, especially in
nursing education, and new fields such as nursing management,
maternity nursing, community nursing. mental health nursing and
surgical nursing.

Nursing education, will remain oriented towards the development of

knowledge and technology, which means good learning experience in
classroom, practice in laboratory and field while, still follow the progress
of science and technology in nursing education and take advantage of all
the resources that enables the mastery of science and technology.
Which is expected to improve nursing services and global competition.

Development of Nursing Services

Changes in the professional services will be a new focus on nursing

care with preventive and promotive role without forgetting the role of
curative and rehabilitative services should be supported because of
increase in human resources in the field of nursing. So that the
implementation of nursing care can be efficient, effective and quality.

Furthermore, today has developed various models of professional

nursing practices, such as, nursing practice in hospital and health
facilities, nursing practice at home (home care services) Nursing practice
groups (nursing home, private clinics , and individual nursing practice.

for conclusion it can be said that the trend or development of nursing

Indonesia in the future are influenced by the increasing public demand for
professional nursing services, because of these demands, nursing
profession need continue to develop in various fields.