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Paper No-101

Practicum Work / Work Experience

Development and Administration of
Psychological Test
Area of Psychological Test- Adjustment

Topic- Official Adjustment Test for Working


Submitted To:
Submitted By:
Dr. Punita Maheshwari
Dr. Vandana Saxena
Name-Sapna Tyagi (Faculty of Education)
Class-B.Ed. (I) Sec- B
R.B.S College, Agra
Roll No- 26
Mark the appropriate answer (Yes/ No) as per your choice.
Below given questions are to measure the adjustment level only,
feel free to mark your answer. There is no time limit given but
try to complete in appropriate time.
This information will not be shared with anyone.

Adjustment inventory for Company Employees

Company Name:

Adjustment with colleagues & workplace:

1. Do you like your workplace environment? Yes/No

2. Are your colleagues your friends also? Yes/No
3. Do you share your secrets with them? Yes/No
4. Do you feel comfortable with your colleagues? Yes/No
5. Do you feel lonely at your workplace? Yes/No
6. Do your colleagues help you to solve your problems?

7. Do you invite your colleagues in family functions?
8. Do you feel safe at your work place? Yes/No
9. Are you satisfied with your position at your
workplace? Yes/No
10. Do you like to go to office? Yes/No
11. Have you ever been unfairly dismissed from your
job? Yes/No


12. Are you satisfied with the remuneration which you

are getting? Yes/No
13. Has the amount of control you have over your
financial situation? Yes/No
14. Do you give loans to your office staff on your own
accord? Yes/No
15. Do you save money for bad days? Yes/No


16. Do you wake up early in the morning? Yes/No

17. Do you exercise daily? Yes/No
18. Do you take your breakfast regularly? Yes/No
19. Do you follow a balanced diet? Yes/No
20. Do you go for regular health checkup? Yes/No
21. Have you ever been unfairly denied health care or
treatment? Yes/No

Adjustment with Family:

22. Are your family members conservative in their

approach? Yes/No
23. Most of the time your home is a complete mess.
24. Do you have time for your family? Yes/No

25. Do your family members support you to manage
your home and office? Yes/No
26. Do you face problems in managing your home and
workplace? Yes/No
27. Do you always receive adequate appreciation for
providing help in your family? Yes/No
28. Do you go for leisure trips with your family
occasionally? Yes/No
29. Do you postponed your leisure trips with family or
friends due to office work? Yes/No
30. Do you go with your spouse for business trips?

Social Adjustment:

31. Do you feel that you are popular among your

colleagues? Yes/No
32. For you, being organized is very important. Yes/No
33. Do you carry out your obligations to the best of
your ability? Yes/No
34. Are you optimistic about your future? Yes/No
35. Are you in tune with the people around you?
36. Do you feel helpless in dealing with the problems of
life? Yes/No
37. Do you gossip about your colleagues? Yes/No
38. Do you enjoy yourself in office parties or
gatherings? Yes/No


39. Do you feel frustrated? Yes/No

40. Do you feel stressed? Yes/No
41. Do your work is appreciated by your seniors? Yes/No

42. Do you feel jealous with the other employees when
they are appreciated by seniors but you are not
appreciated? Yes/No
43. Do you commit mistakes and did not accept it?
44. Do you give your work to your juniors to reduce
your workload and did not do anything on your own
except observing it? Yes/No
45. Are you rude to your junior staff? Yes/No
46. Do you help your colleagues at your work place to
complete their task? Yes/No
47. Do you feel your management gives you freedom to
complete your tasks? Yes/No
48. Do your colleagues also appreciate your work?
49. Do your colleagues have positive attitude towards
you? Yes/No
50. Are you feel motivated when you are recognized by
your boss for your work? Yes/No