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BBA(H) 3rd in marketing

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. Indian company , based in Mumbai

. Deals in wide range of products : appliances ,

furniture , security solutions , health care ,

outsourcing services etc .


The GODREJ GROUR is an Indian conglomerate

headquartered in Mumbai , Maharashtra , India ,
managed and largely owned by the GODREJ
family . It was founded Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha
Burjorij in 1897 , and operates in sectors as diverse
or real estate , consumer products , industrial
engineering , appliances , furniture , security and
agriculture products . subsidiaries and affiliated
cpmpanies include GODREJ INDUSTRIES and its
subsidiares Godrej Consumer Products , Godrej
Agrovet and Godrej properties , as well as the
private holding company Godrej & Boyce .



GODREJ furniture a south asia based company was
founded in 1986
our ethos is built upon providing tailor made
business furniture solutions that exceeds our
clients unique needs and expectations wfilst
remaing cost competitive .
we specalize in the supply of office furniture,
namely desk, sofa , chairs , storage cabinets ,
boardroom furniture etc . The founding member ,
shiran Ramprasad , has 28 years experience in all
areas of the officefurniture industry .
Vision Business Furniture C.C is 85% BEE complaint
and is a level 3 contributer.
our client base include some major corporations as
well as the municipalties , universities , just to
mention a few.
we strongly believe in superior customer service
competitive prices and diliver on our promises .

GODREJ furniture company is a furniture company
which supplies and provides retail stores across
south asis with the most qualitative furniturefrom
numerous manufactures .
The comapny constantly follows the latest trend in
the furniture industry and introduces to the
slovenian market nwe , intersting and
competitively advanced products .
The company is trying to gurantee a wide offer to
furniture products in different materials ,
dimensions and colors for almost every room of
your home .
It fulfills its social duties by fitting in the local
enivironment as a sponser and offers to all
employes a relaxed working environment .

* To study the market of " GODREJ FURNITURE ".
* TO understand the position of the brand "
GODREJ " in the market .

* TO evaluate and measures of the brand GODREJ

competitors and rank the brands accordingly .

* To ascertain the position and scope in the market

in FURNITURE on the basis of pie charts and bar
charts and idebtifying and appointing probable
reasons for its postion .
* To suggest areas of impovement and way to
improve the performance of the brand ' GODREJ ' in
the areas where the project and the related and
the related survey for the fulfilment of the project
was done .

I conduct the study on Godrej Furniture in some
area like : city centre , Bidhan Nagar , Benachity ,
Arah , Muchipara at Durgapur .

Expect City Centre , other areas are semi

development area . People of those places mainly
Bidgan Nagar ar EX : service man of business
man . As these areas as developing area & rapid
development is happening over there , so , i have
selected this area .

There are lots of company in India deals in
producing " GODREJ FURNITURE" and the each
competitors have their own competence for keep
existence in the market . There ar companies like :
DELUX , DAMRO ....................................... etc .
They have products according to customer
approaches & acceptance regarding price ,
features etc . In india generally people buys a high
quality product for thr fulfillment of their long time
willingness . So they buy to achive their
satisfraction on that product . Hence , ompanies
make thaie product according to their willingness &
aslo maintain a competition to lead the customer


Shorts term demand for household furniture is
driven by disposable income , intrest rates , and
employment levels , while housing starts and
income growth drive mid to long term demand .
Pine ridge and sourrounding communities will grow
quickly due to the opening of a new plant . The
plant will generate 600 new jobs in the area which
has resulted in housing starts well above the
povincial and national averages . The local
Economic Development Office predicts that this
trend will continue for 3 to 5 more year and then
stabilize . As a result the demand for furniture will
remain strong in he area . Currentlly there are not
enough furniture retailers and manufactures in the
area to satisfy demand and our comapny is in an

excellant position to capatalize on this
opportunity .


While there are two competitive furniture
manufactures in British Columbia who produce pine
product lines similar to ours, neither distribite
product in the pine ridge area . Our competitive
advantages include our unique furniture design and
quality , a competitive pricing strategy , strong
market demand , and a strategy location close to
supplies , distributors and customer . Competitive
producation advantages include our flexible
manufacturing system which enables us to cost
effectively shorterm production runs and the

increased productivity which result from the
purchase of the new drilling machine . The close
proximity of our wood suppliers also gives us better
control our inventory of raw matrials and reduces
the risk of supply shortages .
Marketing Strategy Household furniture is sold to
consumers through retail outlets .Our companys
promotional strategy targets both potential retail
outlets and potential consumers . We hae produced
a catalogue featuring our product lines and
samples of our wood finishes that are distribited to
targetred retailers .
Retailers can use the catalogue to show potential
customers any products not displayed in their
showroom and to order additional product . A
brochure has been developed on each product line
that is distrbuted to intrested consumers through
the retailers . The wood finish samples show
customers the actul finishes and strains available
with our products lines .
our products are priced competitively and taje into
account production cost , competitive pricing
strategies and consumer price sensitively . Our
companys goal is to provide good quality furniture
for a reasonable price while still maintaining

healthy profit margins .
Summary of Financial Projections with the purchase
of a new drilling machine , our expanded product
line and distribution , we project our revenues will
be RS . 396,000 in 1997 increasing to RS .584,100
in 1999 . Direct cost of sales will average 59% of
gross sales , including production wages at 33%
and goods and materials at 25% .
we project that our net income will increase from
RS 38 , 645 in 1997 to RS 75 , 779 by 1999 .


Pine of the times furniture is a pine furniture
manufacturing campany located in pine Ridge ,
British columbia . The company origianaly
specialized in "made-to-order" pine furniture but

we have recently developed a unique line of brand
name living room and dining room furniture to be
sold through localand regional retail outlets. While
we currently manufacture and sell dining room
tables , cofffee tables and end tables , our product
line will be expended to include bookcashes , wall
units , buffets , hutches and cabinets for
entertainmaent centers .
The design and style of our product line is unique.
we offer superior quality and design at competitive
prices. our affordable design are a modern version
of popular antique pine furniture , scaled down in
size to fit into today's homes, apartments, and
condominiums. Our products areavailabel in a
variety of resilent finishes and colours so that
customers have the flexibility to customizeour
furniture to their individual testes. We also use
superior quality hardware in a variety of popular
faux antique finishes. Our furniture is made from
solid Lodge Pole Pine or Western White Pine and no
components parts , veneers or particle board are
used . We will continue to expand and develop our
existing product product line and add new product
lines such as bedroom furniture . It is our gold to
design and introduce 2 to 3 new product per year.

Pine of the Times Furniture was incorporated under
the laws of british columbia in 1993 and is
owned and operated by two partners , Marle Maple
and Barry Birch . Both partners are equally
involved in its operations and management and
have extensive experience in the household
furniture industry . For the past 50 years , Barry
Birchs family has owned a large upholstered
furniture manufacturing plant in London , ontario.
Mr.Birch trained and worked at the company for 15
He also worked for a small wooden furniture
manufacture in Quebec for 5 years where he
instrumental in growing the business from 3
employees and Rs.300,000 in sales to 10
employees. Marla Maple worked as a production
manager for 8 years for a wooden furniture
manufacturer in Laval, Quebec. She also worked for
5 years at a large national furniture retail chain as
a purchaser.