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Creating Lean Champions

Recognizing the Benefits and Creating Buy-in

Expand lean throughout the organization
Committed resources within departments
Timely implementation
Expertise within departments
Professional development opportunities for individuals

Types of Lean Champions

High level leaders
Reporting Structure

Identify Roles for Champions

Provide service and training of Lean tools to departments, individuals, and locations
Assist leadership to identify projects
Coordinate projects: scheduling, order materials, conduct up-front meetings with staff
to collect data and outline project scope/goals.
Lead/Facilitate trainings & events
Act as a liaison between departments
Monitor progress and track outcomes
Maintain open communications between work teams, managers, and other
teams/departments to ensure success of lean implementation efforts

Identify Criteria for Champions

Facilitation skills
Lean knowledge
Problem solving skills
Technology skills
People skills
Culture fit

Bonnie Slykhuis & Emily Betz

Des Moines Area Community College
Creating Lean Champions
Training Champions
Fill skill gaps
i. Attend Lean certification programs
ii. Observe area company Kaizen/Lean events
iii. Hire/Partner with a consultant
iv. Participate in consortium or networking groups
v. Collaborate with others doing the same work
Choose a curriculum that fits the culture
Follow a structured program, be consistent
Give opportunities to practice
Give quality feedback on performance
Provide regular opportunity to use skills
Provide encouragement and freedom to try new things (continuous improvement!)

Curriculum Options
i. Vendors
ii. Other colleges
2. LHE conference friends
iii. Other industries
Purchase & Modify
Free Internet Materials & Modify
ii. YouTube
Develop in-house
Hire Curriculum Developer

Please contact us with any questions training your lean champions or beginning your lean journey.
We like to help!

Bonnie Slykhuis 515-238-3485

Emily Betz 515-229-9718

Bonnie Slykhuis & Emily Betz

Des Moines Area Community College